Dental health tips


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Let manage your smile's full potential. Call our dental office and reserve your personal consultation. For over 20 years, our dental patients have trusted us to provide leading state-of-the-art, affordable dental care. From our Wilshire Blvd. location in Los Angeles, Dr. Dennis welcome residents of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, Venice and the surrounding areas to pay us a visit and let Dr. Dennis be your life ling dentist!

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Dental health tips

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  2. 2. Looking to keep your pearly whites for a very long time? Youre not alone.When it comes to dental health, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. Prevent bad tooth health using these great tips.
  3. 3. Floss every day. Flossing is still not popular in the US,but has been shown to prevent cavities, freshen breath,and even improve a persons general health. Dontknow how to floss? Ask your local dentist to show you.Mouthwash is a must after meals. It can preventgingivitis in many cases.Although the minimum amoint of brushing that aperson should do is twice a day, most dentists considerit a smarter move to brush after every meal. Thecleaner the teeth, the healthier they are.
  4. 4. Looking to whiten your teeth? Its actually notbeneficial for your dental health to bleach your teeth,but if you are focused on a pearly white smile, its stilldoable. Tell your dentist to match the whites of yourteeth to the whites of your eyes for a natural look.Did you know that most people do not brush their teethlong enough to actually reap the full benefits ofbrushing? Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes everytime.
  5. 5. There are certain foods which are downright toxic toteeth. Super-sweet foods such as candy are well-knownto be terrible. However, a worse culprit is soda. Coca-cola can actually dissolve a tooth within days if thetooth is submerged and left in a can. Do you reallywant that stuff in your mouth?As a general rule, too much acidic food can causecanker sores, cavities, and worse. Although youshouldnt avoid all acidic food, try to balance it outwith more natural, healthy options as well.Go at least once a year to a dentist. Most insuranceoffers full coverage for preventive therapy, so youmight as well take advantage of it.
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