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  1. 1. Saint Francis of Assisi • (born Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone; 1181/1182 – October 3, 1226)[2] • he begged with the beggars which moved him to live in poverty • In 1224, he received the stigmata • died in 1226 while preaching Psalm 141• On July 16, 1228, he was pronounced a saint by Pope Gregory IX • known as the patron saint of animals and the environment
  2. 2. Make me a channel Make me a channel of your peace. of your peace.Where there is hatred Where theres despair in life let me bring your love; let me bring hope;Where there is injury Where there is darkness, your pardon, Lord; only light;And where theres doubt And where theres sadness, true faith in you. ever joy.Oh, Master grant Make me a channel that I may never seek of your peace.So much to be consoled It is in pardoning as to console; that we are pardoned;To be understood as In giving to all men to understand; that we receive;To be loved as And in dying to love with all my soul. that were born to eternal life.
  3. 3. understanding forgiveness agreementcooperation PEACE dialoguereconciliation ceasefire No quarrels
  4. 4. • How can you be an instrument of God’s peace?• According to the prayer, what should man do as an instrument of God?• Can you explain the last four lines of the prayer?• What is the Christian concept of eternal life?
  5. 5. In Mathematics, lines are parallel ifthey lie in the same plane, and arethe same distance apart over theirentire length.
  6. 6. Parallelism is a balance of two or moresimilar words, phrases and clauses.
  7. 7. Rica bought a word pieconjunction and a word cake.
  8. 8. phrase To pursue his career conjunction Orphrase to finish his studies are options he has to choose from.
  9. 9. clause It is very hotconjunction yetclause he wears jacket.
  10. 10. To maintain parallelism, you must list items with equal grammatical structure:Sylvia asked to borrow a , , and .Sylvia needs to , , and .
  11. 11. An error occurs when the grammatical structure of one or more of the items does not match the others, like this:Sylvia asked to borrow a , , and .Sylvia needs to , , and .
  12. 12. 1. Mary owns a house and a car. (nouns)2. Her house is white, gray, and green. (adjectives)3. She takes good care of her house and of her car. (prepositional phrases)
  13. 13. 4. Her house is old but her car isnew. (independent clauses)5. I don’t know where she is or whenshe will return. (subordinate ordependent clauses)
  14. 14. 6. Everybody wants to meet him, to talk to him, and to get some money from him. (infinitive phrases)7. Playing badminton, watching movies and eating in a restaurant are what she enjoys doing. (gerund phrase)8. The man, wearing a hat and the woman, talking on the phone are Sam’s parents. (participial phrases)
  15. 15. 1.Analyze the structures.2.Make them similar.
  16. 16. Faulty parallelism: We were dirty, hungry and getting so bored. Parallel:We were dirty, hungry and bored.
  17. 17. Faulty parallelism:He is either a mad man or he is a fool. Parallel:He is either a mad man or a fool.
  18. 18. Faulty parallelism:Bruce not only enjoys singing,he enjoys playing the guitar as well. Parallel: Bruce not only enjoys singing but also playing the guitar.
  19. 19. Faulty parallelism:He liked to play basketball and riding horses. Parallel:He liked to play basketball and to ride horses.
  20. 20. Faulty parallelism:I outlined the letters slowly and with care. Parallel:I outlined the letters slowly and carefully.
  21. 21. Task No. 1 Find the other half to form parallel structures. Post it on the board side by side. First 5 pairs to post wins a prize.
  22. 22. Task No. 2 Correct faulty parallelism as fast as you can. Write the parallel structures on the manila paper provided. Post it on the board. Discuss your answers by identifying the types of structures in the series.