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Redefine Customer Communication

Redefine Customer Communication



This presentation provides a framework for how social media can be adopted in business and the strategies that will help you to effectively connect with your customers in a direct and cost efficient ...

This presentation provides a framework for how social media can be adopted in business and the strategies that will help you to effectively connect with your customers in a direct and cost efficient way. (It was a half day workshop at Enterprise 2.0).
Are you Ready to Redefine Customer Communication? Customer engagement is being revolutionized by new tools and methodologies in social media. Leading enterprises which embrace the adoption of social media are experiencing profound improvements in how they engage with customers, whether in marketing, product development, sales or customer service. Online consumer conversations offer companies the opportunity to realize increased customer satisfaction & loyalty, shortened sales & product development cycles, expanded markets, competitive insight & more.



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  • NPS -- Ask - “Would you recommend product to your friends?” on a scale of 1-10.Then subtract the people who answer low (either 1-3 or 1-5), from the people who answer high (9-10) that yes, they definitely would recommend [Company] to their friends.More info: http://www.netpromoter.com/calculate/nps.phpTrends are useful to report on & can be quantifiedX% suggested widget A; Y% suggested widget B
  • Katie Paine suggests asking yourself ‘what keeps your boss up at night?’. Sidenote: other meanings for the acronym ROI Return on Influence; Return on Interaction
  • Marketing - Number of brand mentions in conversationsProduct Research – shorten the development cycle gather customer input on new features evaluation of existing features
  • Choose 1 from each area so you don’t get overwhelmed

Redefine Customer Communication Redefine Customer Communication Presentation Transcript

  • < redefine > Customer Communication A Framework for Social Media Success
    Connie Bensen, Techrigy
    Enterprise 2.0, 2009
  • Connect < with > Customers
    Lead Generation
    Customer Acquisition
    Satisfaction Trust
    Word of Mouth
    Brand Awareness
  • Your Online Community (an untapped channel)
  • Three premises:
    Talk with your customers not AT them
    Connect with them in a social setting
    Community is a long term commitment
    Community  Relationships
  • Groundswell by Josh Bernoff & Charlene Li
    Exploring a Social Media Strategy
  • FEAR
  • Audit of online conversations around:
    Your brand, company, key people
    Identify Business Objectives and Goals
    Plan Engagement Strategy
    Benchmark and Establish Metrics
    Engage, Evaluate, Revise and Repeat
    A Strategy in Five Steps
  • Company and Key Individual Names
    Brands and Product Names
    Industry Terms
    < You can’t afford not to >
    Listen to Online Conversations
    • Web Analytics
    • Google Analytics, StatCounter
    • Proprietary to community
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Free tools such as Google Alerts, SearchTwitter.com,
    • Tweetbeep
    • Professional tools such as Techrigy, Radian6, TruCast
    • Social Search Tools – Delver, WhosTalkin?, Samepoint, Socialmention, Serph, OneRiot
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    • Survey tool used to measure sentiment about the brand
    • http://www.netpromoter.com/calculate/nps.php
    Measurement Tools
  • Conversation Analysis
    Over Time
    Textual Analysis
    Author Tags
    Sentiment and Tone
    Sources of Conversations
    By URL
    Physical Location by Geomapping
    Analysis of Content
  • Case Studies
  • Generate more word of mouth
    Increase customer loyalty
    Bring outside ideas into organization
    Increase product/brand awareness
    Improve new product success ratios
    Improve public relations effectiveness
    Reduce customer acquisition costs
    Reduce customer support costs
    Reduce market research costs
    Reduce product development costs
    Business Objective & Goals
  • Prioritize the Business Objectives in order of importance
    What keeps your boss up at night?
    What are the competitive threats?
    This identifies goals to measure
    Prioritize & Identify Goals
  • B2C
  • Who will execute?
    Where will your brand engage?
    When & with what frequency?
    What type of engagement?
    How and what types of tools will be used?
    Goal: Build relationships, identify & encourage advocates, increase word of mouth.
    Plan Engagement Strategy
  • Community ManagerAn all purpose position
    Online Marketing & Outreach
    Public Relations
    Brand Building
    Customer & Technical Support
    Product Development & QA
    Business Partnerships
    Internal Web 2.0 Ambassador
  • Humanize the Company (give it personality)
    Represent the Brand in conversations
    Build relationships and increase loyalty
    Identify and recruit brand advocates
    Bring a new perspective to the company
    Engage with new markets
    Build internal team
    Value of CM Position
  • Use:
    Prioritized goals
    Information from Listening
    Monthly Reporting:
    Benchmark and Establish Metrics
  • Choose what to Measure
    • What percentage of increase is wanted?
    • Estimate at first
    • Use to set goals
    • Translate into for business needs
    • Marketing – increased product awareness & WOM (ROI is the # of additional sales)
    • PR – improved brand sentiment (ROI = additional customer loyalty)
    • Product research (ROI = the difference in time it used to take)
    • Decreased support calls by X% (ROI = the cost savings)
  • Quantitative
    Use to calculate progress (% increase)
    Choose 1 measurement per business objective
    What are other departments measuring?
    Collaborate if others are already gathering info
    • Ongoing
    • Note & report customer requests needing immediate assistance
    • Identify topics requiring FAQ’s or blog posts
    • Monthly
    • Marketing /Public Relations
    • Feedback on connection of messaging
    • Identify sites for potential partnerships
    • Report on time periods of high traffic
    • Feedback on brand sentiment
    • Executive/Management
    • Overview of brand sentiment & competitive analysis
    • Offer insight/suggestions on future trends & key industry topics
    Identifying Trends
  • Gather testimonials
    Marketing use
    Product development & use cases
    Identify brand advocates
    Appreciation for customer service
    Document link to source for follow-up
    Qualitative Results
  • Outline the following & provide recommendations based on them:
    • Ongoing definition of objectives (established from goals of the position)
    • Interaction - Trends in members, topics, discovery of new communities
    • Qualitative Quotes - helpful for feedback & marketing
    • Recommendations - Based on interactions with the customers
    • Benchmark based on previous report
    • Web analytics (unless someone else is tracking them)
    • Social Web analytics
    Monthly Reporting
  • Review what is working
    Revise and build on success
    Drop what isn’t working
    Remember: It’s a long term commitment
    Evaluate, Revise and Repeat
  • Start with a small project
    Have executive sponsorship
    Actively interact online
    Engage with advocates & build relationships
    Incorporate ideas from the consumers
    Train and recruit other staff to participate
    Share success internally
    Tips for Success
  • CommunityStrategist.com
    Now is Gone by Brian Solis & Geoff Livingston
    Putting the Public Back in Public Relations by Brian Solis
    Groundswell by Charlene Li & Josh Bernoff
    Personality Not Included by RohitBhargava
  • Connie Bensen
    Chief Community Officer, Techrigy
    Twitter: @cbensen