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Social Media Mesurement & ROI for Health Care
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Social Media Mesurement & ROI for Health Care


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Measurement and ROI for Social Media for the Health Care Industry

Measurement and ROI for Social Media for the Health Care Industry

Published in: Business

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  • The healthcare industry is perfectly suited to leverage social media.Opportunities for education & participationSurvey - are seeking information online.Healthcare providers are encouraging their patients to become better informed about their healthcare.Insurance companies & the new HSA’s encourage people to be more responsible for keeping spend down.
  • The CDC has been using social media for the past 3 1/2 – 4 years. & JohnsonJ&J useblogging, video, Facebook and Twitter along with their main websites to engage and contribute to the conversations. J&J also has a successful social community for it’s Diabetes Institute.Pfizer – Twitter, YouTube & Facebook
  • Recommendations by Phil Bauman
  • Monitor ailment discussions and treatment (providers & pharma)
  • Not just an experiment anymoreHigher Conversion Rates – warm leadsLower Acquisition Costs – reduce cold callsShorter Sales Cycle
  • Use Google Analytics
  • Engage & (Amplify ? )Legacy Links, breadcrumbs - tactic - Think like a customer – publish across the shareable sites -- syndicate
  • Metrics are Based on Objectivesprovide items from the KPI list 1. benchmarkCompare against that (what other items can be measured? … I have a list in the PR paperBased on Objectives
  • Facebook and social networks have brought a new dimension to how we interactFlattened the world
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media Measurement & ROI for HealthCare
      Pkids Webinar
      Connie Bensen
      March 22, 2011
    • 2. Agenda
      Healthcare IS Social
      Social Media Challenges
      The Business Case
      Social Media Strategy
      Calculating ROI in 5 Steps
      Case Study
    • 3. Healthcare is social
      National Research Corporation
      23,000 Americans were surveyed in February of 2011
      1 in 4 saytheinfois ‘likely’ or ‘verylikely’ toinfluencethem
      20 % use social media sites to make healthcare decisions
      32 % had a ‘veryhigh’ trust in social media
      Only 7 % had ‘verylow’ trust
      Demographics: Avgage = 41; Household income of $75,000 or more were more likely to use social media sites
    • 4. Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2008
      75% with chronic condition turned to the internet
      75-80% of U.S. adult Internet users sought health information online
      59% of newly diagnosed search the internet
      57% of newly diagnosed are eager to share
      31% know someone that was helped by internet info
      60% agree "The internet is full of misinformation and propaganda that too many voters believe is accurate."
    • 5. Mapping Engagement & Investment by Condition
    • 6.
    • 7. Examples of Health Organizations Using Social Media
    • 8. Objections by C Suite
      Waste of time
      Can't measure return
      How to Overcome:
      • Speak their language
      • 9. Inventory of communication assets
      • 10. What behavior change is needed of the culture?
      Ie: what’s the point?
      (hat tip to Phil Baumann)
    • 11. The Business Case for Social
    • 12. Set Goals to Measure
      Increase brand visibility
      • Increase patient loyalty
      • 13. Increase effectiveness of marketing campaigns
      • 14. Improve public relations effectiveness
      • 15. Ensure core competency of hospital/services is aligned with ailment conversations (geography specific)
      • 16. Increase customer satisfaction
      Pharma specific
      • Document problems with drugs
      • 17. Improve product success ratios
      Tip – Choose 1 or 2 to start with
    • 18. A Prescription for Measuring Social Success
      Measure & Report
    • 19. 1. Plan Based on Objective(s)
      Choose One that Meets your Business Goals
      % Increase in New Patients
      % Increase in Brand Visibility
      % Reduced spend on PR, Marketing & Advertising
      % Increase in Leads from Campaign
      % Reduction in Customer Complaints
      % Increased SEO Presence
      Note that the objectives drive
      the metrics which need to be
    • 20. 2. Listen to the Social Web
      Choose tools
      Google Alerts
      HootSuite, Tweetdeck
      Paid (aggregate results and
      Alterian SM2
      Decide on keywords
    • 21. Google Alerts
      Set up searches
      Search for:
      Organization name, acronym
      Prominent staff
      Create a rule in email to
      corral them
    • 22. Hootsuite is a dashboard that simplifies using Twitter
      Sign up for an Account at
    • 23. Setting up HootSuite
      Createcolumns to filter topics.
      Tabs can be set up to organize the columns
      Ability to post to monitor & post to multiple platforms
    • 24. Everything is
    • 25. Wikis
      Message Boards
      Your Site
      Web Analytics
    • 26. Collect
      Alterian SM2 indexes the entire social media universe, across the globe and across all platforms.
      Alterian’sSocial Media WarehouseSM, created in 2007, contains over 5 billion social media mentions, blogs, tweets, posts, images and conversations.
      An incredibly powerful and intuitive tool, the AlterianSM2 User Interface enables clients to visualize, analyze, communicate and share findings. Turn content into actionable insight.
      The SM2 Technology Components
      Over 5 Billion Results
    • 27. Daily Volume
      How much are
      people talking
      about your
      Since 3/1/2010
      14888 mentions
      Trending avg: 149/day
    • 28. Volume: Social Channels
      Where are they talking?
    • 29. Where are conversations taking place online?
      Focus on places consumers are most active.
      Plan your strategy.
    • 30. Where does your audience reside?
      Identify new stakeholder groups. Grow membership base.
    • 31. How do consumers feel about your brand?
      Find out what they do or don’t like...
      and who’s letting you know.
    • 32. Listen to Find Communities
    • 33. Tips for Tracking Social Media Campaigns
      Monitoring a brand or campaign is sometimes challenging
      Tips to make tracking easier
      Use a hash tag
      Use a tag line
      Use links
      Use shorter Tweets so that they can easily be retweeted
      • Tips for making measuring easier
      Isolate your social campaign so response can be measured
      Create a microlanding page
      Don’t run another campaign concurrently
    • 34. 3. Engaging is like a Transfusion
      Social Web offers opportunity to:
      Infuse new life into content
      Spread healthy content
      Encourage sharing
    • 35. Build a holistic online presence
      Slide Share
      Corp blog
      Ybc/VIP Player
    • 36. Write Once - Publish many times
      Tweet key takeaways
      Repackage as presentation
      Start a discussion
      Add voice for video
      Chop into episodic blog posts
      Deploy as formal release
      Repurposing content opens new points of distribution and has a compounding effect on reach
    • 37. Best Practices
      Participate in social networks
      Build relationships on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn groups
      Comment on blogs and contribute links to your content
      Content Marketing
      Create content that is educational & provides value
      Remember that people learn in different ways so use a variety of formats: blog post, pdf, slide decks, podcasts, videos
      Place on shareable sites such as YouTube, Slideshare
      Syndicate to LinkedIn, Facebook
      Share on Twitter
      Remember to set information free. The desired behavior will happen after the trust and relationship is built.
    • 38. 4. Measure what makes sense for the Objective:
      % Increase in New Patients
      Survey incoming: How did you hear about us?
      • % % Increase in Brand Visibility
      Amount of increased conversation
      • % Reduced spend on PR, Marketing & Advertising
      Compare previous quarter to present
      % Increase in Leads from Campaigns
      Count number of leads (track social campaign separtely)
      % Reduction in Customer Complaints
      Compare previous quarter to present
      Increased customer satisfaction - qualitative
      % Increased SEO Presence
      Google your brand/product!
    • 39. Items to Measure
      Activity and Engagement (remember! % increase)
      Members, number of followers
      Number of mentions
      Number of comments (ratio of comments to post)
      Tags, votes, bookmarks
      Inbound links
      number of views on YouTube, Slideshare, Flickr, etc
      Number of retweets
    • 40. Calculating ROI
      Decide on the objective (it needs to be measurable).
      2. What is the % increase or decrease change in behavior that is wanted. (Need to know the value of increment)
      3. Measure the baseline.
      After a given period (or campaign time)
      take the measurement
      Calculate the ROI based on the cost
      * Remember! It’s about building relationships.
    • 41. Monthly Reporting
      Report on Objectives
      established from goals of the position
      Qualitative (Intangible)
      Trends in topics, sentiment, insight & specific quotes. discovery of new communities
      Quantitative (Linked to Objectives)
      Benchmark based on previous report
      Daily Volume (% increase or decrease)
      Share of Voice – Brand across channels
      Share of Voice for Brand & Competitors
      Compare Dates – (% increase or decrease)
      Web Analytics
      Based on interactions with customers
    • 42. 5. Refine & Repeat
      Fail Fast
      Learn from Mistakes
      Build on What Worked
      Grow the Engagement
      Get More Teams Involved
      Train Willing Teams
    • 43. Case Study - Increasing Customer Engagement by Listening
      9 sites across Texas
      18,000 staff, 90,000 patients
      Started monitoring in 2007 using free tools
      Monitored online conversations about:
      Cancer experiences
      Online discussion of their treatment
      Their brand and cancer related topics
      The communications they were creating
    • 44. ROI of Patient Referral at MD Anderson
      Campaign goal:
      To increase the number of doctors who registered with the hospital’s online electronic medical records system and in turn increase the number of patients referred.
      Tracked spread of campaign using SM2 and web analytics
      “This was a real eye-opener to how social media could
      benefit the business,” Texada said. “We could see which
      activity made most impact and which spread fastest.”
      Noted a 9.5% increase in patient referrals in 3 months
    • 45. Evaluating Public Education
      Strategy planning
      Used SM2 to review historical data
      Decided to not run the same Prostate Cancer Awareness program
      They ran a more general campaign on men’s health
      Healthy eating
      Eating on a budget
      Resulted in significantly more traffic
    • 46. Resources
      Series of 10 white papers on Social Media ROI
      Healthcare Wiki, case studies
      Beth Kanter, social media for non-profits
      Phil Baumann
      Albert Maruggi
    • 47. Thank you!
      Connie Bensen
      Director of Social Media & Community Strategy, Alterian