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The truthaboutyouthmccannworldgroup

  1. 1. TheTruthabout...YOUTH 1
  2. 2. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 2011The TruthAbout YouthWhat motivates young people around the world today? Money? Fame? Justice?What makes them different from every generation that has come before?We asked 7000 young people around the world and harnessed the collective genius ofQuantitative research conducted in US, UK, China, India, Spain, Mexicoand Brazil.Qualitative research conducted in US, UK, China, India, Spain, Mexico,Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Chile, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Korea, Japan,Australia and Philippines. 2
  3. 3. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 2011Exploringmotivations Contact The need for emotional Justice Flight Order The need for so The need to release cial or tranquillity / peace / quiet in a Muscle Commune Surge The need to exe rt Journeying The need for visceral relationships and Gauntlet Authenticity The need to see Mutiny Membership The need to compete The need to rebel The need to be in-the- and push against the Becoming Assurance The need for personal Props Cocoon The need to avoid mistakes independence an The need for personal The need for safety and a feeling 3
  4. 4. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 2011Global citizens Commune Justice the need fo r social or t ty Authentoici ed see the ne 4
  5. 5. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 20111. Technologyas a fifth sensethose aged 23-30 would give up their own sense of smell if it meant they could keep anYouth see technology as Plah-Doh – something they use in an utterly malleable anddeep relationship with technology that is shaping their attitudes towards community and 5
  6. 6. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 20112. The SocialEconomy30% How would you most like to be remembered? A. As a person who was loved by many people B. As a person who looked after their friends and family C. As a person who changed the world in a positive way25% D. As a person who made everyone laugh E. As a very generous person F.20% G. As a very powerful person H. As a very beautiful or attractive person15%10% 5% 0% A B C D E F G H
  7. 7. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 2011Experience Economyversus Social Economycapture not only the thing which consumers are placing more and more emphasis on whenThe influence of friendsFrom belonging toconnecting; redefiningfriendship in the SocialEconomy 7
  8. 8. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 2011The friends arms race To make you look more popularYour audience awaits…journey can cause anxiety because this is like being without one of your senses for
  9. 9. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 2011Pics or it didn’t happenpossible result in social media for young people is when someone else uploads a photographCreativity andcompetitionto mass self-expression and connectivity is the ability to continuously measure your own life
  10. 10. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 2011Being socially usefulThe most successful brands have a deep understanding of what being social means to young …Broadcast …Manage their …Share connections …Entertain …Beat their friends …Make new …Narrate their lives connections …Be chameleons45%40%35% Which of these values do you seek in a best friend?30%25%20%15% Approachable Open Minded10% Adventurous Spontaneous Affectionate Charismatic Motivated Generous Energetic Outgoing Talkative Credible Genuine Sociable Truthful Humble Helpful Mature Unique 5% 0% 10
  11. 11. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 20115). HUMBLE – of brands which clutter up their feeds with useless and inane information4). MATURE – they value brands that are worthy of their respect and demonstrate a compelling and3). SOCIABLE –2) GENUINE –1). TRUTHFUL – “I’m actually friends with TopShop, but I want to get rid of it as it does my head in. I did it a few years ago and they constantly send you messages and come up on your homepage” UK 11
  12. 12. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 20113. The Truth HuntersWhy is the truth sovery important to thisgeneration?Idols come down to earthWhen I grow up I want tobe…not famous 12
  13. 13. 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% To always be healthy | The Truth About Youth To be successful in my career To meet my mate/ stay with my current partner forever To look after my family To travel the world | McCann Worldgroup But even in the To be rich To make the world a better place for others To start my own business | May 2011 To have children / Please choose three wishes from the list below have more children To have lots of friends In India, however, we see a different attitude to fame ultimate celebrity cultures… To have a great sex life To be famous To be more successful than my parents To be beautiful13 McC ann
  14. 14. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 2011 Brands of substance activity for any signs of ulterior motives and then decide according to real actions and This is a generation who pride themselves on their ability to distinguish right from“What corporate people want to do good? They don’t really care. They are only doing it to make them look good. It’s disgusting”Singapore 14
  15. 15. 2011 A year of Social Justice
  16. 16. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 20114. JusticeRe-Imagined ce: 1. Social Justi do The need to what’s right2011: A year of justice for societycountry around the world we see people joining groups and registering their discontent 2. Person al Justice: T heSocial media and justice; need to d what’s rig oa complex relationship for me ht New York Times
  17. 17. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 2011Re-imaginingpersonal justice eal “I wouldn’t st uld o a car but I w sure as hell e download on if I could” roup Facebook G Older generations Younger generation see as wrong…. see as right… Downloading isn’t stealing. they’ll download Stealing is taking anything you haven’t earned supporting artists they like It’s not where you take things from Using someone else’s it’s where you take things to idea is plagiarism (Jim Jarmusch) - welcome to a world of rehashing, remashing, remixing. Acting before you think Ask for forgiveness not permission is a recipe for trouble (5 minutes late is 5 minutes too late- tweet now think later) Staring at a screen Looking away from a screen in company is rude is rude to your friends Not working at work Work can be disrupted by play is a disciplinary issue and play can be disrupted by work 17
  18. 18. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 2011The more time young people spend living their lives online the more the culture ofBusiness bewareWhat is a justice brand?top ten demonstrates the importance of optimism and the spirit of carpe diem for
  19. 19. Summary1. 2.Technology1. The aTechnology Social TheFifth Senseas a Economy SocialFifth Sense Economyintrinsic and fundamental that half of young people wouldsooner give up one of their human senses than give up 3. 4. The 3. Justice 4. Truth The Re- Justice Hunters Truth Imagined Re- Hunterswith the truth when they exist in a world of curated Imagined Young people around the world are reinventing the level young people believe they have a strong notionand they are seeking substance from brands and this is increasingly informed by the values of the transform everything around us from the laws that
  20. 20. | The Truth About Youth | McCann Worldgroup | May 2011Brought toyou by thecollectivegenius ofMcCannWorldgroup 20