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Effective In-House SEO - SMX Sydney 2012


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Effective In-House SEO shows some examples of work done by James Norquay. The presentation was presented at SMX Sydney 2012 on the main stage, it deals with in house SEO issues. James Norquay is a …

Effective In-House SEO shows some examples of work done by James Norquay. The presentation was presented at SMX Sydney 2012 on the main stage, it deals with in house SEO issues. James Norquay is a well known Australian SEO consultant.
You can visit his blog at :

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  • 1. Effective In House SEOBy James NorquaySenior Consultant – SEO & Social Media@connections8
  • 2. Who Am I? James Norquay 7+ Years SEO/Social Media Experience Worked for – Aegis Media / Columbus Search, Virgin Mobile Australia, Havas Digital, RJ Network, Various Private SEO contract roles + Many more online contracts. Regular Poster on the following sites: Ranked 10 out of 11,800+ global SEO’s on SEOmoz@connections8
  • 3. Agenda 1. Working with Staff 2. Business Research and Planning 3. Leveraging Media and content 4. Getting More SEO Budget 5. Large Scale Link Building 6. Working with Social Media Teams@connections8
  • 4. Working with Staff@connections8
  • 5. Pre Results and Post Results Image:
  • 6. Working with Developers@connections8
  • 7. Developers Get Things Done@connections8
  • 8. Development Road Blocks -Development Cycle: SEO changes can take 6 months if there is a long release cycle. - Developers not wanting to implement SEO recommendations. - How to speed things up? - Development KPI’s SEO. - Development SEO training - Make Developers a key part of the project.@connections8
  • 9. Create Mandatory Development Check Lists@connections8
  • 10. Use SEO Checklists for Design and Creative Teams@connections8 Source: SEOmoz
  • 11. Start Treating SEO pages as sales pages@connections8
  • 12. Leverage PPC Teams and Work Together -Take the conversion information from PPC to assist SEO. - Take Traffic data from PPC to assist SEO.@connections8
  • 13. Working with Legal Teams@connections8
  • 14. SEO Training for Staff - Have SEO 101’s for all new staff in web dev/ Online Marketing and social media monthly or quarterly. - Hold brain storming sessions monthly. - Hold in work shops quarterly. - Inform staff of the latest industry developments from top sites below:
  • 15. Business Research and SEO Planning@connections8
  • 16. Planning and Research@connections8
  • 17. Knowledge of Product Range Investigate the company in depth, history, research existing and plan for new products which are yet to be released.@connections8
  • 18. Knowledge of Company History and Campaigns@connections8
  • 19. Leveraging Media and Content Assets@connections8
  • 20. Leverage Media Buys If you invest large sums into online media buys, you can easily leverage SEO value adds into these media buys.@connections8
  • 21. Integrating offline to online@connections8 Source: Nielson Net View
  • 22. Leverage Offline Media For SEO, don’t just use PPC Opportunities Paid search presence (Yes) Mobile Presence (Yes) Organic SEO presence (NO)@connections8 Image:
  • 23. Find People taking your content@connections8
  • 24. How to find people taking your content + Ask them to link to you!
  • 25. Typical Online Budgets Neglect SEO@connections8 Source: Hub Spot Research 2011
  • 26. Setting Basic KPI’s Increase on Brand (organic) Traffic % & Orders Increase on Generic (organic) Non Brand Traffic % & Orders Increase in total number of keywords driving traffic Increase in referring domain traffic
  • 27. Setting ROI Forecasting
  • 28. SEO KPI and Bench Mark Reporting for Management@connections8
  • 29. Start using Multi Channel Conversions, Claim all SEO assisted conversions.@connections8
  • 30. Provide Case Studies When Things Work@connections8
  • 31. Aim for the 80/20 Rule - PPC/ SEO Spend@connections8
  • 32. Link Building@connections8
  • 33. Link metrics are still Important!@connections8 Source: 2011 Search Engine Ranking Factors SEOmoz
  • 34. Use PR wisely for link building!@connections8
  • 35. PR for link building – Examples@connections8
  • 36. Social Media Competitions for Link Building - Create apps which emphasise sharing back to the main website! - 5,590+ links built to destination site from Facebook app. - People love a give away!@connections8
  • 37. Agency Management - OSE and Majestic – Check Past Work of Agency Partners
  • 38. Link Building Management
  • 39. Watch out for people selling blog network links@connections8
  • 40. Start working with Social Media Teams!Working withSocial Media Teams
  • 41. Google+ Opportunity@connections8
  • 42. Reach out to Brand Ambassadors on Social Media
  • 43. Pinterest SEO Opportunity – Make Greatinfo graphics or images people love! •14,000 RE pins •40,000+ website visitors from the image. Source: pinterest-driving-big-traffic-and-making-pinterest-a-real- marketing-solution
  • 44. Pinterest SEO Opportunity - 40,000+ Additional Visitors in a 1 day period from Pinterest. Source: traffic-and-making-pinterest-a-real-marketing-solution@connections8
  • 45. Make Sure you also have sharing buttons where possible!@connections8
  • 46. Become Content Marketers on Social Media Flickr White YouTube Papers Blogs Google+ Website Guides Twitter Guest Posts LinkedIn PR@connections8
  • 47. A Company Blog is still Highly Important!@connections8 source: Hubspot
  • 48. Rel Author Use – On Blogs (Highly Important)@connections8
  • 49. Great Content = Great Links Source:
  • 50. Thank You
  • 51. Contact Me @connections8