Jibe! business lounge the state of tomorrow


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Keynote Adjiedj Bakas Trends 2014 tijdens Jibe! business lounge over the state of tomorrow

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Jibe! business lounge the state of tomorrow

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Start in center Speed up and have a great future Year of the horse Read clockwise Reading a mind map Almost 2014 Read per branch from top to bottom Created by LinkedIn profile Alexis van Dam: http://bit.ly/avdam Meer interactie en betere verslaglegging tijdens bijeenkomsten Not waiting for an order Share ideas Future Mind map What happens behind the headlines Boek een mindmap bij uw volgende event/ meeting, voor: Meer draagvlak in verandertrajecten door processen en meningen zichtbaar te maken Horse Outsiders come in world of insiders Http://www.connectionofminds.com Designer of Grolsch beer bottle Architect makes horrible buildings 3 orders to design or a bridge Horse integrated in bridge Are multitasking Looking Not really Listening Aware Open up your eyes People Christmas Choir Http://youtu.be/ALv4rnLIAyE Example Event met optimale kennisuitwisseling Beter netwerken en crowdsourcen Asia More people in Asia Than rest of the world Middle classes in EU become poorer Relevance of EU? World Europe Http://nl.linkedin.com/in/adjiedjbakas Creative and original thinker Trend watcher Book trends 2014: http://bit.ly/1gRPL8w Adjiedj Bakas Germany exports more to Asia than all EU countries Rely not only on internet Author IT Depressed People lie on LinkedIn Hire detectives to check out LinkedIn profiles Dating sites hire detectives as well LinkedIn Adecco (HR) Afraid of future Lots of change Ground between Asia and US Conference playground Pocket of innovation for 2 markets Future of EU More export to Asia and US Don't Not be boring German humor Not be paralysed Angela Merkel (mother) More milk Hollande (baby) Not happy want to be an adult Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDS7J-Ni_iY Shift happens Challenging Might Despressing Don't be afraid Swiss, UK, Sweden improves (not in Euro zone) Sticking too long to gold standard and Euro zone Wrap-up Have to adapt to changing environ Euro will destroy the European Union Cannot succeed Long depression Will be a riot George Soros (richest man in world) Best animal on earth The most epic of splits globetrotter Rejection of EU Future is not for people who are afraid but who dare Dare to dare! Tomato and potato in one plant Asia rising Crisis What happens in a minute 517 new websites Use the data Middle classes have less to spend Lidl Example Target supermarket Woman who are pregnant buy shampoo & lotion that have a less strong smell Read the story: http://onforb.es/1cMixcf Trend 2: major changes in demographics, finance and ethics in the age of transparency Algorithm? Big data NSA Data mining Reorganisation of labour market 1 degree warmerbln people For animal less good Next 100 years 1 degree warmer 12 bln people in 2200 Co2 Global warming Make some extra clouds When upset we get the best ideas Genius of humanity Biobased economy: 250.000 jobs Create plastics from microbes Reshuffle in labour market Deliver pizza with drones to places Amazon: ship books to everyone It has to become cheaper New jobs for people Japanese invention Plastic waste into oil Street Houses Everywhere in Small factory Make less garbage Algorithm All data is used Downsize Smaller bottles Marketing tricks testing in Africa Now operates in south EU Downsize Cheaper Lower overhead Drones 50.000 people work there Former Jumbo, AH shoppers go to Lidl Everything will become cheaper Earn a lot of money from poor people Impact for business Apply algorithms Girl should be pregnant Due to mortgage Limiting economic growth Need to grow the economy Iceland: we take care of mortgage 16 yo girl and father do shopping Father receive flyers with promotions for pregnant women Europe falling Darwin: animal who deals best with change Nl: highest household debts world wide Trend 1: towards the rise of IT driven BIO capitalism Smart creative people 214 mln emails Prosperity index Jibe! Business Lounge The State of Tomorrow Food Innovation Innovation is ideas having sex with each other Destruction "rich people never loose" The Netherlands produces lots of food Marketed through British Dutch inventions Recombinate Young generation is loosing High unemployment under 25 year Promised Not a crisis You can deal with it We (the world) can feed all the people when we do it smart Will stay here in 10 years Crisis of Euro zone Europe A new reality Waste pays off Deal with end of privacy Peer to peer banks Smaller and quicker What is happening 100 years Global warming UN says Marker for new banks Nobody talks about Companies Why 10 years from now In case it too hot? Supermarket thinking of banking How to market them? IBM is a big bank Unilever finances many companies Pumping money around Why put your money on savings account? IT will change the life of IT changes the worlds of many people You make 1% Regular engineers Many industries Co-makers Co-creator B2B marketeers Value of IT Smart 3d printers can change buildings 3d printed room 16 m2 Made with sand La Sagrada Família Go to Barcelona Jibe! Business Lounge 3 december 2013 | LiveMindMapping door Alexis van Dam (http://bit.ly/avdam) van www.ConnectionOfMinds.com Water Energy 3d printing parts For 10% of normal cost Http://bit.ly/1f222Xd