Jibe business lounge keynote annemiek van herk


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Jibe business lounge keynote Annemiek van Herk. Online B2B marketing trends in 2014

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Jibe business lounge keynote annemiek van herk

  1. 1. Start in center Read clockwise Reading a mind map Read per branch from top to bottom Created by Http://www.connectionofminds.com LinkedIn profile Alexis van Dam: http://bit.ly/avdam Meer interactie en betere verslaglegging tijdens bijeenkomsten Owner inboundmarketing.nl Mind map Http://www.linkedin.com/in/annemiekevanherk Boek een mindmap bij uw volgende event/ meeting, voor: Meer draagvlak in verandertrajecten door processen en meningen zichtbaar te maken Social Annemieke van Herk Event met optimale kennisuitwisseling Inbound marketing Attended a conference in Las Vegas Beter netwerken en crowdsourcen Keynote topic: Online B2B marketing trends in 2014 Publishing on paper will go down Grows tremendously Mobile web Everybody will do online Difficult to be heard online Online Specialist Offline marketing Will print come back? Retargeting 2011: 6% on mobile Youtube: Q&A Offline events 1 Mobile Do something in print: become original again 2013: 40% on mobile Mobile traffic: average is 17% Google: more attention to mobile experience Deliver a physical invitation by a drone It will hurt your rankings Or you will lose visitors Make a responsive design Adding social component to CRM Keep data clean Too slow 9 Social CRM Futuristic GAP Integrate all conversations in one system A new way of looking at interacting with clients Better results People want to make a quick buck Tom Cruise: Minority Report Make algorithms better Fool Google 2 Retargeting Who is the owner of content Writers for a blog What is important? Amount of Twitter followers 8 Personal authority Google has the resources to combine all the info Content marketing Jibe! Business Lounge Keynote Annemiek van Herk It will be abused Short window of time In the end will be less attractive Cheap leads ABN AMRO started: Seeds 3 Crowd funding Promote employers as your authors In socialmedia and in blog Cookies are tracking where you are It works Adds popping up: Make links very important Social signals become more important Retargeting People invested in movies Big fans Target those people Use them as evangelist Connect with fans/ influencers Impact? Push content trough them Iens Get more eyeballs Such as Tripadvisor Always ask, please review us! 4 Review Borrow product from close by Close shops Borrow instead of buying Take out the middle man 7 C2C consumer 2 consumer Google's mission: "organise the worlds info" 6 Machine learning Google will show more info on their site 2/3 of that revenue comes then via Google It will be a matter of time when review sites for B2B will live Speech search ideal for mobile 5 National search Semantic web Average B2B company gets 64% traffic via Google Real estate Lawyer In NL: Google (95%) Exchange platform So less traffic to sites Who is the best Not many review sites for B2B products Sales contract set up Output: will be a graph instead of a list B2C B2B Same will happen with B2B Not only search! Real estate agents are reviewed Impact for your business Jibe! Business Lounge 3 december 2013 | LiveMindMapping door Alexis van Dam (http://bit.ly/avdam) van www.ConnectionOfMinds.com Search: "will I need an umbrella" (being in Amsterdam) Think about SEO Follow up the search "then how about NY" So you do not have to ask again about the wheather, search knows it.