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Use of polystyrene boxes at school(1)
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Use of polystyrene boxes at school(1)






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Use of polystyrene boxes at school(1) Use of polystyrene boxes at school(1) Presentation Transcript

  • GROUP 7 Group members : Valerie Juliet Anak Peter Apang Theresa Brissy Anak Phillip Naina Sara Paran Anglyna Anak Raya Aelynna Vanessa Anak Phillip
  • Polystyrene boxes The Use Of Polystyrene Boxes In Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kidurong.
    • Polystyrene boxes is a synthetic polymer of styrene that is stable in various physical forms.
    • Polystyrene boxes are made of foam.
    • It is also called the poly-foam boxes
    • These polystyrene boxes can be recycled.
    • Many polystyrene boxes are recycled in great quantities in many industries.
    • As a white rigid foam expanded polystyrene it is used for packing and insulation.
    • Usually people use polystyrene boxes to store food.
  • Who used polystyrene boxes?
    • In my school, many people use polystyrene boxes.
    • Our surveys show that it is about 76.5% of the students use polystyrene boxes.
    • Not only students, our teachers also use polystyrene boxes.
  • Why do people like to use polystyrene boxes?
    • In my school, people like to use polystyrene boxes because:
    • it is easy to store any type of food
    • it is very cheap and inexpensive
    • can stand with the hot and cold temperature
    • it keeps your food fresh and safe while it is being stored
  • When do we used polystyrene boxes?
    • Students and teachers use polystyrene boxes almost everyday during recess time.
    • When we have some activities such as Sports Day. The food will be given with polystyrene boxes.
  • Why do the school canteen supplier purchase a large number of polystyrene boxes?
    • My school canteen supplier purchase a large number of polystyrene boxes because polystyrene boxes are very cheap and inexpensive so that they are able to defray the costs and ensure that they have many supplies.
  • Respondents
    • We have interviewed about 200 respondents about the use of polystyrene boxes in the school.
    • We ask a few questions like ‘how many times do you use the polystyrene boxes?’ and ‘how many polystyrene do you use per day?’
    • The next slide will show the specimen for the respondent form and results for the questions.
  • ~Respondent Form~ The Use of Polystyrene Boxes in the School Name : Class : Gender : Female ( ) Male ( ) Questions: 1. How many times do you use the polystyrene boxes? a. Everyday ( ) b. Twice a week ( ) c. Seldom ( ) d. Once a week ( ) e. Never ( ) 2. How many polystyrene boxes do you use per day? a. None ( ) b. 1 only ( ) c. 2 ( ) d. More than 2 ( ) 3. How to reduce the use of polystyrene boxes? …………………………………………………… .. Thank You… .
  • The bar chart above shows how many times they use the polystyrene boxes.
  • The bar chart above shows how many polystyrene boxes do you use per day.
  • How we can reduce the usage of polystyrene boxes in school?
    • We can reduce the usage of the polystyrene boxes by:
    • Try not to use polystyrene boxes often
    • Bring food from home
    • Buy food which is not using the polystyrene boxes
    • Recycle the polystyrene boxes (Styrofoam)
  • Conclusion
    • Reduce the usage of polystyrene boxes
    • Reducing the usage of these polystyrene boxes can help to reduce waste
    • It will also cut down the cost to make new products
    • Reducing the usage of polystyrene boxes can save our future environment.
  • Do Not Trash Our FUTURE... Reuse-Reduce-Recycle ‼
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