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  1. 1. 776 BCThe first Games were held in Greece andwere known as the Ancient Games lasting until the 4th Century AD. The modern games, or the OlympicGames as we came to know them, began in 1896 when Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin revived the Games to bringpeace and friendship to young people all over the world.
  2. 2. εκεχειρια = Truce 884BCKings Iphitos, Lycurgus and Cleisthenes decreed a cessation of all hostilities from seven days before until seven days after the Games contested by their top sportsmen, and so The Olympic Truce was born
  3. 3. 1992 AD Barcelona Games:the International Olympic Committee and theUnited Nations sought the return of the Truce• The Truce captures the Olympic values of fair competition, humanity, reconciliation and tolerance within its ideology• Seeking to protect the interests of athletes and sports• To search for peaceful and diplomatic solutions to conflict• Pioneering mankind in Unity, and enabling the celebration of our differences, patriotism and cultures
  4. 4. Every Olympic Games since 1992, the Truce has been observed, both Summer and Winter.Whilst it doesn’t aim to bring peace to all and for all time, it gives hope that unity, peace and harmony are possible albeit brief.
  5. 5. Fair Competition What is Fair Competition? Being treated as equals, evenly matchedNo drug enhanced performances, only training, stamina and natural performance Not exhibiting any bias, and therefore reasonable or impartial
  6. 6. Each Country may have held a selection process in order to help them find the top men and women to represent them in the Olympic and Paralympic events Each Country sends their top athletes to compete against other athletes of a similar ability from other countries, within they’re own chosen sport or sports
  7. 7. Humanity The Opening Ceremony is aboutcelebrating all the Countries comingtogether and being proud of where they are from. Celebrating the Unity of mankind despite its differences, overcoming racism, intolerance, hatred and bigotry.
  8. 8. The 5 rings represent the 5participating continents, therings interlock and stand for mankind being united.At least one of the colours is representational of the Country’s flag
  9. 9. When the athletes compete,they do it with compassion and are charitable in opposition. Regardless of colour, race or creed all of our religions ask that we show these attributes to one another
  10. 10. Reconciliation What is reconciliation?Dictionary definition says Act ofreconciling or the state of being reconciled. Forgive and forget, remember what is important in todays society
  11. 11. We must learn to forgive andforget the past, live in the present and hope for the future. If we reconcile with each other there will be a better society, not just a better atmosphere at the Olympics but a better world
  12. 12. Events like the Olympics are internationally attended andwidely broadcasted, they provide an excellent global platform for raising social awareness. Sport is a beneficial tool to implement social change
  13. 13. ToleranceA thesaurus would provide manyoptions on the world tolerance, open-mindedness, acceptance, forbearance, lenience and patience being the main alternatives of usage
  14. 14. Being tolerant of others overcomesmany of the negative issues mankind suffers from, the athletes show tolerance in their competitiveness.They set good humane examples to us all. In the process to find the top athlete man or woman, it doesn’t matter what colour they are, what religion they follow.
  15. 15. The competing athletes set the standardsby which we should all follow, upholding the values of the Games, treating each other as we would wish to be treated ourselves“Sport alone cannot enforce or maintain peace. But it has a vital role to play in building a better and more peaceful world.“ Dr Jacques Rogge, October 2007