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RU_Baskakovo school_6

  1. 1. Warm up for the games!Welcome the World to London and the UK 2012
  2. 2. The aim of our project is to answer the question: what can Tower Ravens tell us about? 2. The founder of Tower 7. The Tower of 3. The London White Tower 1. What can Tower Ravens tell us about? 6. Crown Jewels 4. A major royal residence 5. A prison
  3. 3. The Tower Ravens Nobody knows whenravens first came to theTower of London, buttheyve been associatedwith the Tower forcenturies. Charles IIdecreed that there mustalways be at least sixravens at the Tower. Thattradition has beenhonoured for more than300 years.
  4. 4. The Legend of The Ravens....if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London the WhiteTower will crumble and a great disaster shall befall England
  5. 5. The Tower Ravens  Ravens can live to a ripe old age. The oldest There are currently nine ravens, raven to live at the Tower was Jim Crow, whose wings are clipped to prevent them who died at the age of 44. The oldest raven from flying away, and they are cared for by currently living at the Tower is Hardey, who the Ravenmaster, a duty given to one of the is 26 years old. Yeomen Warders. Three are females ; four  Ravens have escaped occasionally . Grog are males . The two newest birds, Bran and was last seen outside an East End pub Branwen, joined the team in August, called the Rose and Punchbowl in 198 after 2003.The ravens names/gender/age are (as living at the tower for 21 years. of November 2006):  Occasionally, birds are dismissed for badGwylum (male, 18 years old) behaviour . George was exiled to the WelshThor (male, 15 years old) Mountain Zoo in 1986 after developing anHugin (female, 11 years old) unhealthy taste за for TV antennas.Munin (female, 11 years old)  Ravens are well fed: each birds daily rationBranwen (female, 3 years old) includes 6 ounces of meat and bird-formula biscuits soaked in blood . Once a week theBran (male, 3 years old) birds enjoy an egg, and theyre occasionallyGundulf (male, 1 year old) given a rabbit . The ravens also enjoyBaldrick (male, 1 year old) scraps from the Towers mess kitchen.Fleur (female, 4 years old)
  6. 6. The founder of TowerThe Tower of London was originally built by William the Conqueror in 1066
  7. 7. The White Tower In the centre of the Tower of London is the famous White Tower. It dates back to the 11th century. In 1240 this part of the Tower was whitewashed and since it called as White Tower. The White Tower is 90 feet high and the walls vary from 15 feet thick at the base to almost 11 feet in the upper parts.
  8. 8. A Major Royal ResidenceIn the early thirteenth century Henry III transformed the Tower into a major royal residence
  9. 9. A prison Many people have beenlocked in the Tower.Famous prisoners haveincluded Elizabeth I. In 1483 King EdwardIVs two sons weremurdered in the so-called Bloody Tower.Over two centuries laterthe skeletons of two littleboys were found buriedbeneath steps in theWhite Tower.
  10. 10. The Crown JewelsToday the Tower of London houses the CrownJewels and is open to the public as a museum
  11. 11. The Crown Jewels
  12. 12. The Tower of LondonThe Tower of London is one of the most popular of Londons historical sites. It comprises not one, but 20 towers.
  13. 13. The Tower of London It is the oldest building in Great Britain.Now theTower of London is the historical site and museum
  14. 14. Would you like to learn more about the Tower of London? – Visit these pages in the Internet1. Tower of London2. The Tower of London3. Tower of London. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia4. Camelot International > Tower of London5. Project Britain website. Tower of London6. The ravens at the Tower of London- the guardians of the Tower.flv
  15. 15. LinksPictures• EE 5-5• Clipart• The Tower of London• Tower and Tower Bridge• Plan of the Tower of London, 1597• The Tower of London• The Tower of London• William the Conqueror• The White Tower, Tower of London,• The White Tower• The White Tower• The above late 15th-century image• Elizabeth I• The Bloody Tower• Princes in the Tower• The ravens• The ravens• London• The Crown Jewels of England• The Crown Jewels of England• The Crown Jewels of England• The Crown Jewels of England• Tower of London. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia• Tower of London. Official Site• The Tower of London• Camelot International: Tower of London• Средневековая музыка Green Sleeves ("Зеленые рукава")