Open our hearts to our communities


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Open our hearts to our communities

  1. 1. Open Our Hearts to Our Communities! These following works are created by students of Class Art at Hsin She Elementary School in Chubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan.
  2. 2. Description <ul><li>After the exploration into our communities, we gain knowledge of both the past and the present situations of our homelands in terms of history, economics, geography, ecology and culture. </li></ul><ul><li>We begin to realize not only we should know our communities well but also we must cherish them and prove it by our actions. Thus, we decide to love our communities by creating mixed media of hearts to represent our determination to guard them. </li></ul><ul><li>The materials we used to make our hearts, either natural or recycled, are all from our communities. </li></ul>
  3. 3. The Meadows in the Wasted Land <ul><li>Our mother land is destroyed, but “love” comes to the rescue and revives it. </li></ul>Vincent Wu
  4. 4. The Beauty of Nature <ul><li>The flowers in full bloom are the most beautiful! </li></ul>Jeffery Luo
  5. 5. The Starry Night <ul><li>I used recycled bottle caps to make this heart, reusing the wasted , reducing trash and recycling used materials. </li></ul>Jason Xiao
  6. 6. The Pink Paradise <ul><li>I colored my pulp heart with tender pink. I used a pearl necklace to surround the heart to make it more warm and fragrant. </li></ul>Shelly Bai
  7. 7. Red Bean Noodles <ul><li>This is to remind everybody that even though noodles are disgusting, you have to finish eating them anyway because we should not waste precious food. </li></ul>Jessy Huang
  8. 8. Anna Zhuang <ul><li>To show a bit of Hakka culture, I used Hakka Flora Cloth to shape the heart. </li></ul>Anna Zhuang
  9. 9. The Environmental Protection Heart <ul><li>The woods on this planet are gradually being destroyed. I want to remind everyone to cherish and protect them. </li></ul>Tina Huang
  10. 10. The Sky and the Earth <ul><li>Some repressed and suppressed people would only reveal their true hearts under the sky and the earth. </li></ul>Jennifer Chen
  11. 11. Heart Surrounded by Vines <ul><li>People like to hide their true hearts. They seldom know that only by giving their hearts can they win others’ hearts. </li></ul>Kitty Xie
  12. 12. Sunshine in the Heart <ul><li>This drawing is a combination of animal (dolphins), chemistry (dyestuff) and plant (seaweeds). It is a metaphor implying the three can exist harmoniously together. </li></ul>Cindy Zhang
  13. 13. Frost <ul><li>It’s winter time. The leaves are all gone. There is nothing left. Only the rotten leaves and broken branches silently accompany the chilly winter nights. </li></ul>Tiffany Guo
  14. 14. Red Floral Sea <ul><li>The red floral sea looks splendid, but it is reborn from recycled materials. </li></ul>Barbie Guo
  15. 15. Koala of Autumn <ul><li>See! How amazing ! The waste can be turned into something marvelous. </li></ul>Michelle Zeng
  16. 16. Heart of Life <ul><li>This heart is shaped by peanuts. The peanuts connect with one another without any partitions, indicating the circle of life is never severed. </li></ul>Jodie Dai
  17. 17. The Unpolluted <ul><li>Everybody likes clean environments. Therefore, it requires everyone’s involvement to keep our environments unharmed and untainted. </li></ul>Wendy Cai
  18. 18. I Love the Beach <ul><li>I adore the beach. I chose my favorite seashells and tree leaves to decorate the heart, shaping out the lovely images of the sea shore in my heart. </li></ul>Anna Chen
  19. 19. Spring <ul><li>Flowers symbolically represent Spring. </li></ul><ul><li>I want the flowers to fill my heart fully. </li></ul>Emily Li
  20. 20. Heart of Charity in the Golden Sunset <ul><li>I planted some saplings in a heart shape and used bottle caps to protect them, hoping to arouse people’s environmental protection awareness. </li></ul>Lynn Zhuang
  21. 21. The Heart of the Ocean <ul><li>Old newspapers and some seashells not only complete an artwork but also contribute to environmental protection. </li></ul>Ariel Yang