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  1. 1. The Olympic Truce means a peaceful period for athletes andspectators to travel to and from the Olympic Games safely. The Olympic Truce allows athletes, artists and spectators to travel to Olympia, to participate in peaceful competition, and to return home in safety.
  2. 2. In Geneva, on the same day that theOlympic Truce Resolution was adopted, UNSecretary-General Ban Ki-moon met LordBates who is "walking for truce" from MountOlympus in Greece to London.Ban Ki-moon praised Lord Bates for raisingawareness of the Truce and as highlightingthe fact that everyone has the possibility tomake a personal contribution to peace. BanKi-moon said that he hoped that London2012 would provide great momentum tosolving the many conflicts which face theworld.
  3. 3. The London OrganisingCommittee of the Olympic andParalympic Games (LOCOG) isorganising truce activities in theUK includingGet Set for the Olympic Trucewhich encourages young peopleacross the UK to learn about thehistory of the Olympic Truce, todebate and discuss what theOlympic Truce means to theirlives and to undertake anactivity to promote peace withintheir school or community.Materials are being promoted toover 20,000 schools registeredwith Get Set.
  4. 4. The FCO with partners is promoting theideals of the Olympic Truceinternationally under the themes of:Local solutions to local problems:Preventing conflict and building peacerequires the involvement of the localcommunities who are most affected. Weare looking for opportunities to work withhost governments, communities, faithgroups, civil society and the media tobuild relationships across boundaries.
  5. 5. In 1992 the Olympic Truce helped the athletes from the former Republic of Yugoslavia to take part in the Olympic Games in Barcelona. During 1994 the United Nations and the IOC used the Olympic Truce to cease fire in Bosnia for the time of the Lillehammer Olympics. The Bosnian President agreed to cease fire inIn 1998 the Japanese winter Sarajevo.Olympic games coincided with the In 2000 North and South Koreaconflicts between the United showed respect for the OlympicStates and Iraq. The Japanese Truce in the Sydney games. The athletes of the two countriesPresident and the IOC asked the marched under one flag at theUnited States to honour an opening ceremony .Olympic Truce.
  6. 6. Olympic Truce Wall: Promoting world p The Truce Wall consists of two pillars featuring Aboriginal artworks, one of an orca whale and the other of a raven, etched into stainless steel panels. The pillars recreate the Vancouver 2010 medal’s artwork in 3D form and have three openings each in the shape of the medal where light can shine through. A replica installation was simultaneouslyIn Athens in 2004. unveiled at the Olympic Village in Whistler.Athletes, officials, personalities, and visitors sign the wallsto support the idea of peaceand understanding throughsport. The Truce Wall is asymbol of the Olympic Truce.Since 2004 this tradition iscontinued