Melanau marriage(1)


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  • nak komen sikit, melanau rajang sebenarnya semua islam, tidak ada yang beragama kristian. harap perbetulkan.
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  • Great!! now I'm having difficulties on presenting the Melanau Wedding culture in class.this slide helps a lot...^_^
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Melanau marriage(1)

  1. 1. Theme : Community culture ( Melanau ) Title : Melanau Marriage
  2. 2. Bride & bridegroom
  3. 3.  Melanau is one of the ethnic that live in Sarawak, Malaysia. Mostly centered in the vicinity of the Batang Rejang, Oya, Igan, Mukah and Balingian areas in Sarawak.
  4. 4. Bride & bridegroom
  5. 5. WeddingBetrothal ceremonyceremony Adet petudui (surong brian ) •Wedding day
  6. 6. Bangsa 9 pikol Bangsa 7 pikol Bangsa 5 pikol Bangsa 2 ½ pikol( Matehei ) ( orang kaya ) ( Batereh ) ( Dipen )The highest rank The group can be The group can be In the past, thecategory consist regarded as the regarded as the upper class used toof the aristocrats. middle class in lower class in the own salves or dipen.They own rank the traditional traditional They may beinsignias like flag Melanau Melanau classified into 2& cannons. They community. They community. categories : Dipenmay have held are free to dagen lebu whoalmost all administer the stayed with thepolitical power & their personal master & dipeneconomy. They lives. Most of galuar stayed inhave right to be them are their own house.the dowry of 9 industrious andpikol. thus some quite well-off economically.
  7. 7. Melanau people ….
  8. 8. The gift fromthe boy sides
  9. 9. The betrothal ceremony
  10. 10.  The most important part of the marriage is surong brian (literally ‘the bring toward of bride wealth). The surong brian in Melanau words is ‘work of old and great’. Following the feast, the groom’s father will ask his selected family representative to present bride wealth (brian) to the parent of the bride.
  11. 11. Surong brian ….. 1 wooden receptacles with lids
  12. 12. Themelanaupeople
  13. 13. A brass pot valued at one pikol whichManuga symbolizes and hand over of duties from the groom’s mother to the bride.Bidak Sebuhong Pernakan A gold thread ‘sarong’ but only given toSuatan the bride by the groom’s mother. A class of multi-colour beads considered by the Melanau as the most valuable7 manek kahat bed talei beads tied to a dry wooden threadtengeang or pareh taken from a dry creepers called tengeangBatung A gold plated bangle1 amanih Maih A unit of gold bracelet
  14. 14. Batung1 amanih Maih
  15. 15. Image of jejug A feet cleansing ritual
  16. 16. Decorated chair(Pelamin)
  17. 17. ascend and descent on the staircase threetimes before entering the bride’s parent’shouse.
  18. 18. Both of the coupleswill wear thetraditional Melanauwedding customs. Thecustoms normallywith black in colourwith tiny little beads.
  19. 19. Melanauwedding dress
  20. 20. Baju baban Jiner pipieng Bidiek kiantan PadiengGeleng alu-alu
  21. 21. ‘baju kot butang tujuh’ ‘songkok’Bidiekkiantan
  22. 22.  Throughout this paper we complete our grateful nation to recognize customary marriages of Melanau better. Indeed, who else would deepen the nation, if not our culture is people. Customary is a rules of life of the race. This custom has been enshrined in the minds of a people since time immemorial. Every culture of different races are different and unique. Therefore, we provide custom wedding Melanau people as your general knowledge. Finally, we know that there are hundreds of people in this world who practice different customs. Each person will have the marriage phase. Thus, they would follow the custom of marriage by their race. Here, lighting can add your knowledge.
  23. 23.  barang-keperluan-perkahwinan.html seduan-traditional-marriage.html The Oya Melanau-Stephen Morris
  24. 24.  Grateful to the divine, the end of this task can be completed once we work hard to complete. The theme of this assignment is culture. We have chosen the title Traditional marriage of Melanau. In addition, not least, thanks goes to our most loved people of both our parents who have contributed in terms of our spiritual need for this course. This gave them the prize even if only for a while but it is very meaningful for people who are so insignificant in this world. In addition, we would like to thank our teachers. Without the help and guidance in leading a goal of preparing or completing certain tasks are only imaginary. Also, thank you for their invaluable assistance during the assignment process is carried out. Finally, we would like to thank our friends for their encouragement when streamline this task. Hence, they have struggled during this task well done.
  25. 25. Prepared by : Umira Natasha Nur Syafiqah Athirah Nur Athirah Elonna Edward Alicia Grace