UA_Kirovohrad Pedagogical Lyceum_11PhO(2)


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UA_Kirovohrad Pedagogical Lyceum_11PhO(2)

  1. 1. DigitalPresentation Made by 11 Philological 1 th
  2. 2. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, officially the Games of  the XXX Olympiad, will take place in London, England, United Kingdom from 27  July to 12 August 2012.
  3. 3. T 212S m O m prog m e he 0 um er ly pic ra mfea 2 sports a atota of tures 6 nd l 3 disciplines. 9 T 212Pra m Gm prog m e he 0 a ly pic a es ra m ha 2 sports a 2 disciplines. s0 nd 1 F the first tim w ens boxing or e, om in included in the prog m e, ra mw 4a ith 0 thletes com peting in fiv different ew ht cla T is aspecia eig sses. here l dispensa to a the vrious shooting tion llow aev to g a d, w w otherw ents o hea hich ould ise be illeg l under U . g la . a .K un w
  4. 4. T 212O m a Pra m Gm w use am of newv existing a historic fa he 0 ly pic nd a ly pic a es ill ixture enues, nd cilities, a tem ryfa nd pora cilities, som of ethem in w know loca such a Hde Prk a H G rds Pra S e of the newfa ell- n tions s y a nd orse ua a de. om cilities w be reused in their O m form ill ly pic , w others w be resized or reloca hile ill ted
  5. 5. T officia m scots for the 212S m O m a Pra m Gm w unv on 19My210 this m rks the second tim he l a 0 um er ly pic nd a ly pic a es ere eiled a 0; a e( fter Vncouv tha both O m a Pra m m scots w unv a the sa e tim W a Mndev a a a depicting a a er) t ly pic nd a ly pic a ere eiled t m e. enlock nd a ille re nim tionstw drops of steel from asteelw in B T a na ed Wn ck, a the S o orks olton. hey re m e lo fter hropshire tow of M W w held a n uch enlock, hichforerunner of the current O m Gm a M d ville a S Mndev av g in B ha shire w aforerunner to ly pic a es, nd an e , fter toke a ille, illae ucking m herethe Pra m Gm w first held. T w M el M o w the storyconcept to the m scots, a a a a ws produced it a ly pic a es ere he riter icha orpurg rote a nd n nim tion ais intended tha this w form pa of a ong series concerning the m scots in the run- to the Gm in 212 T o stories hae been t ill rt n oing a up a es 0. w vcrea a the m scots: O O A a , the storyof howW a Mndev ca e to be, a A entures O A a , w ted bout a ut f Rinbow enlock nd a ille m nd dv n Rinbow hichfea the children from O O A a m the m scots a try out m nydifferent O m a Pra m sports. tures ut f Rinbow eeting a nd ing a ly pic nd a ly pic
  6. 6. A from 24Ntiona O m C m ( Os) a expected to pa te. T N nds A O m C m w ha pla thletes 0 a l ly pic om ittees NC re rticipa he etherla ntilles ly pic om ittee, hich d nnedto continue functioning a the dissolution of the N nds A fter etherla ntilles, ha its m bership w w bythe IO E e C m a d em ithdra n C xecutiv om ittee tthe IO session of J 211. H ev D A n a C une 0 ow er, utch ntillea thletes w qua for the 212O m w be a ed to pa te independently ho lify 0 ly pics ill llow rticipaunder the O m fla.L belowa NC w hae qua a lea one a ly pic g isted re Os ho v lified t st thlete. Aof 2 A 212 16 countries hae qua a lea s 3 pril 0, 2 v lified t stone athlete.
  7. 7. T fina officia schedule ws he l l arelea on 15F ry211. sed ebrua 0