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IN_New Era Senior Secondary School_6C

  1. 1. Contents• Map• Truce• Olympic Truce• Goals of the Olympic Truce• Logo of the Truce• Initiatives• Ancient Olympics• UN’s Support• Acknowledgements
  2. 2. LONDON
  3. 3. What is Truce?• The word ‘TRUCE’ itself means that there is an agreement between two enemies for a short period of time• So, the ‘OLYMPIC TRUCE’ means that all the countries agree to participate with a true sportsmen spirit and harmony in the games.• The rule is that they are supposed to maintain peace from the beginning of the Olympics till the 7th day of the ending of the Olympics
  4. 4. Olympic Truce• To promote peaceful principles to the modern day This is a holy tradition that was found around in the 9th century BC in Ancient Greece• The Truce was announced in the beginning and during the Olympic games to ensure that all the athletes and spectators had no fear and trouble in coming to the place for the Olympics and even return back safely• The Athens Bid Committee committed to bring back the Olympic Truce in 1996 and promote it to the world through the Olympic Flame Relay and three years later the International Olympic Committee [IOC] was formed• the IOC established the Truce and their main aim was to protect the interests in athletes and sports and
  5. 5. When the truce was announced all thewars , punishments, legal disputes werestopped and resumed only after the 7thday of the ending of the Olympics. Eventhe armies were prohibited to threatenthe games.
  6. 6. Goals• The Olympic Truce has a certain number of goals to fulfill through it’s movement-2. Mobilize youth for the promotion of the Olympic ideals3. Use sport to establish contacts between communities in conflicts4. To get involved with human welfare and offer help to countries during wars5. To create space for opportunities and stop disagreement and return to friendly relations.
  7. 7. Logo of the Truce The Olympic Truce is symbolized by the dove of peace with the traditional Olympic flame in the background. In a world that is plagued by wars and animosity, the peace-dove symbol represents one of the IOCs ideals to build a peaceful and better world through sport and the Olympic ideal. The Olympic flame has brought warm friendship to all the people of the world through sharing and global togetherness. In the symbol, the flame is made up of colourful effervescent elements, reminiscent of festivities experienced in the celebration of the human spirit. These elements represent people of all races coming together for the observance of the Truce
  8. 8. Initiatives• 2000 Sydney Summer Games : During the Opening Ceremony, South and North Korean delegations walked in the stadium together, under the same flag. It was the first Olympic Games event where the two divided countries walked side by side.• 2004 Athens Summer Games : The Olympic Truce was promoted through Olympic Flame Relay events. The UN supported the IOC in asking the nations of the world to stop all wars for 16 days during the Games.• 2006 Torino Winter Games : During the games, athletes and officials showed support for the Olympic Truce by signing one of the three walls situated in the three Olympic Villages
  9. 9. Initiatives• 2010 Vancouver Winter Games: Truce projects were rooted in an open invitation for people to Make Your Peace which asked individuals to create everyday peace at home, schools, work, and in the community. Projects included: delivering Olympic Spirit Boxes filled with hockey, soccer, baseball, and basketball equipment to 20 Aboriginal communities in Northern Canada; an Olympic Truce Youth Dialogue with Canadas Governor General; and an art installation titled "Room to Make your Peace".• 2012 London Olympics : On 22nd April 2011 a Member of the House of Lords began walking over 3000 miles from Olympia to London to highlight the opportunity to bring the Olympic Truce into reality in London, in 2012. So far, “Walk for Truce” has been successful in securing pledges from a number of countries to both sign and implement the Truce.[Only some initiatives have been mentioned].
  10. 10. Ancient Olympics• According to historical records, the first ancient Olympic Games can be traced back to 776 BC. They were dedicated to the Olympian gods and were staged on the ancient plains of Olympia. They continued for nearly 12 centuries, until Emperor Theodosius decreed in 393 A.D. Ancient Olympics were rather different from the modern Games. There were fewer events and only free men who spoke Greek could compete. The Games were always held at Olympia rather than alternating to different locations as is the tradition with the modern Olympic Games. There is one major commonality between the ancient and modern Games, the victorious athletes are honoured, feted, and praised. Their deeds were announced and were written in books or as inscriptions so that future generations could appreciate their accomplishments.Ancient Olympic Game
  11. 11. UN’s Support• The United Nations is in support of the Olympic Truce and before each Olympic Games, adopts a resolution called "Building a peaceful and better world through sport and the Olympic ideal". UN Member States are asked to observe the Olympic Truce, and work towards the settlement of international disagreements by peaceful and diplomatic means.• United Kingdom was the first UN member ever to get all 193 UN members to sign the Olympic Truce for the 2012 Olympics.
  12. 12. Acknowledgements•••••• wikipedia•
  13. 13. THANK YOUBy-Vishesh MalewarD. N. SuprasannaJahnavie SangamNew Era Senior Secondary SchoolVadodaraGujaratIndia