Work Life Innovation: Cisco Pavilion Showcase Session, 18th June 2010


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Work Life Innovation: Cisco Pavilion Showcase Session, 18th June 2010

  1. 1. Work Life Innovations  Bas Boorsma Director, Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco  Tony Kim Senior Manager, Public Sector–Asia Pacific, Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco  Mark de Kruijk Director City Program, “Amsterdam Topstad”
  2. 2. Work Life Innovations WorkLife Innovation Examples in Amsterdam Bas Boorsma Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco
  3. 3. A Day in the Life of Jodie Today, Jodie will work Smart... 3
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  8. 8. Work Life Innovations Urban Innovation Examples in Korea Tony Kim Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco
  9. 9. On-going Change Drivers Internet & Green Digital convergence and Enterprise City as a Smart Life Fusion Smart Phones Urban Service Provider  Green of IT -> Green by IT  Explosion of Smart Phones  Lessons learned from Digital  Core of Green Growth Users City Development –  Anytime and Anywhere “Profitable Business Model  Industrialization of Urban Mobile Urban Services for Sustainable Urban Services for Green Life Services Operation” Revolution  80% of Ultra Broadband Users will be Smart Phone  Freemium-based Smart  Mobile Ultra (10G) Users by 2013 Connected Urban Services Broadband Info Highway by Platform 2012 Source: Internet Economy and Green Growth, Korea Communication Committee, 2010.3 1/3
  10. 10. Freemium Personal Life Assistant – Busan Green u-City Service Model Energy & City Carbon Dashboard Operation KPIs City-wide Freemium Busan Personal Green Life Assistant Smart Connected Urban Services Freemium Service Platform Transport Buildings Facilities Hospitals Academias CRP (City Resources Planning) Systems Green u-City Government Cloud (Video-enabled Public Services) Public Safety & Security Smart Phones IP TV / Touch Screens Personal Work Personal Energy Assistant Assistant Legacy Busan Systems Personal Travel Personal Education E-Gov ITS Assistant Assistant Personal Health Personal Logistics Port/Logistics Mobile Busan Assistant Assistant Desktop and Next Gen Broadband In-Home, Laptop Generational broadband approaches through to high bandwidth visual networking In-City Displays 2/3
  11. 11. A DAY IN A LIFE with Personal Life Assistant AM 08:30 AM 07:30 Enter into my Smart Office Arrive at Smart 3 by using Eco-Card 2 Community Center by embedded in Smart Phone 4 PM 12:00 Green u-Bike over the After lunch, go to the hill with ease Smart Community Hub through Smart Transit Station 5 PM 3:30 AM 07:00 Healthy start by connecting Personal Health 1 Management by Yoga school though Home TP Citizen-centric Mobile Clinic in link Green Life with Wave 2 Wibro Innovation Service PM 5:30 PM 8:30 Go to the new 6 restaurant guided by Check my personal 7 carbon footprint at Mobile AR Tour Home though IP TV Service 3/3