JD Stanley, Cisco - A Platform for Urban Services


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JD Stanley, Cisco - A Platform for Urban Services

  1. 1. J.D. Stanley III Public Sector CTO Internet Business Solutions Group Cisco
  2. 2. A Platform for Urban Services A Platform for Urban Services ICT enabled Planning, Management , and Development (PMD) Framework for Urban Sustainable Economies Economic Sustainability Urban Citizen Engagement Development Management Planning Conservatio Participate Contribute Foster Accelerate Adaptation Modularize Revitalize n Risk Management Instill Trust Resolve Involvement Prevent Smart Smart Water Culture, Sport Smart Smart Smart Smart Health Food & Safety & Economic & & Mobility Energy Buildings Work & Education Logistics Security Development Waste Entertainment Integrated ICT Architecture Connected, Intelligent, Engaging Intelligent Broadband & Sensor Networks Generational broadband approaches for low bandwidth edge nodes through to high bandwidth visual networking
  3. 3. Lessons Learned… Platform for Urban Services sets out to provision and manage at a urban-wide level, where different urban functions (e.g. transportation, city management, etc) within the urban area both draw on and contribute to the urban experience for citizens. Sustainability Communities The ultimate vision for a sustainable city – economically resilient, culturally and socially vibrant and inclusive, active and engaged citizens and communities and steadily improving environmental quality Experience Engagements Across outcome access to services by citizens Time Difficulty Urban Groupings Groupings of the functions within a city (Econ, Social, Culture, Enviro) Planning, Management, and Development Common Systems and process which the city uses to design, develop and deliver the services Common Services Common information/knowledge, communication and collaboration tools and capabilities Broadband Broadband network infrastructure that enables and accelerates the entire stack Value
  4. 4. Urban Mobility Illustrations
  5. 5. Platform for Urban Mobility Services Video & Media Smart Transportation Pricing Pricing Architectures Smart Tech Architectures Monitoring Data Fusion Safety Aggregation Enforcement Smart Working: Citizen & Public Service Offering Investigation Sector Workforce Mash Ups 2.0 Event Mgt Pattern recognition Distributed City planning Geospatial Energy Knowledge Decision Support CUD Architectures for Transportation Vehicle & Wayside Mash Up 2.0 City Architectures Sustainable Development Portals Communication Modeling Machine to Machine Event Mgt Traffic Management Safety/Response City to Citizen Collaboration Private Sector Web Collaboration Cross-city reservation TelePresence Social Networks Sustainable Energy Private Municipal City-wide Broadband Branch Residences Smart Working CRE Geospatial Generation City Wide Network Platform for Aggregation of City services and Decision Support for City workers/managers Integrated ICT Architecture Connected, Intelligent, Engaging Data Gathering Collaborative Policy Information Sensor Visual Planning & Analysis Communication Management Service Delivery Integration Networking Services Integrated City Integrated Citizen Decision Location Mapping Carbon Etc. Management Service Centers Support Tools Services Services Footprint Intelligent Broadband & Sensor Networks Generational broadband approaches for low bandwidth edge nodes through to high bandwidth visual networking
  6. 6. Personal Travel Assistant Vision Driving Citizen Experiences, Enabling City Services Citizens improve quality of life and work/life balance. Make more informed decisions on day to day “travel moments” Travel moments enhanced with time, financial, and environmental alternatives More flexibility with expanded offsite mobile-working alternatives PTA further enhances ability of City managers to predict, respond, and manage the urban transportation system. Event management systems that assist in managing event during peak times Enhanced city planning and city to citizen engagement/marketing through greater understanding of the mix of alternatives City managers are more empowered to manage economics, citizen experiences ,and carbon reduction potential
  7. 7. PTA is about the service, NOT about devices On Board Travel Advisor Real time schedules, traffic, load, and route options Mobile Advisor Personal travel assistance and advice on the options available Digital Wallet Personal transactions and interactions with the public transit system, Bus Stops/Train Stations Real time monitoring schedules and including reward programs. other services for the citizen
  8. 8. Personal Travel Assistant “Decision Flows” Combination of Solutions for PTA (Business Trip/Commuting) Public Transit Complex, On Roads Place Origin Satellite Office Office Public Parking lots Road Toll, Parking lots (Home) (near Home) (Central City) (Home Town) (Border line, City Area) Mode Choice Tele-working Tele-working, Alternative Scheduling considering Tele-presence Peak-Time Traffic Stay (No Move) Business Travel Policy Reform Traffic Calming Walking & Walking & Cycling Improvements Cycling Mobility Management Marketing for Transport Options Parking Maximums & Public Pricing, Public Transit Improvements Unbundle Transport Selected Parking HOV Priority Solutions for PTA Rideshare improvements Pay-As-You-Drive Pricing Private Car Intelligent Traffic Management / Intelligent Freight Transport Management Unbundle Parking Road Pricing / Congestion Taxing Ultra Low Emission Vehiclee / Hybrid & Renewable Energy Car Information • Available remote access • Available seats and • Available parking space • Nearest (public) parking • Available parking space Needs • Nearest satellite office rooms with reserved • Charge for use (parking lots and charge and charge or Parking lots time for remote working space and other • Road tolls • Shortest-time routes to Information • Shortest-time routes to • Availability of parking facilities) • Shortest-time routes to destination Data destination • Charge for use (seat • Transfer options and destination • Traffic conditions • Traffic conditions and room) fares • Traffic conditions
  9. 9. Introducing Seoul PTA…