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Jared Blumenfeld - Treasure Island San Francisco
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Jared Blumenfeld - Treasure Island San Francisco


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Sustainable Cities Treasure Island Jared Blumenfeld CUD, Amsterdam
  • 2. San Francisco Treasure Island
  • 3. Site Design and Land Use 6,000 homes on Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island 420 Hotel Rooms 235,000 square feet Retail 300 acres Open Space Historic Adaptive Re-use
  • 5. Townhouses approx. 18% Low rise approx. 56% Mid-rise approx. 14% Hi-rise approx. 12% Neighborhood Residential Diversity
  • 6. Neighborhood Park
  • 7. Neighborhood Streetscape
  • 8. Site Design and Land Use
  • 9. Site Orientation p27 solar orientation
  • 10. Wind Protected Public Space
  • 11. Site Design and Land Use
  • 12. Energy Reduction Strategies Appropriate Energy Natural Efficient Daylight Green Reflective building Star ventilation lighting penetration roof roof orientation equipment Optimized Light colored building paving matl. shading High performance glazing Shaded walkways Underfloor ventilation
  • 13. Proposed Energy Supply Wind Turbine Solar Energy Distr. Co-generation Solar Hot Water Bio-gas Plant Wind Energy Photovoltaics Roof Central Plant Mounted Bay Water Distr. Heat PV Heat Rejection
  • 14. Renewable Energy Sources Estimated hours where PV generation is greater than electrical consumption Energy Demand and Solar Energy Generation Energy Energy Energy import from exported to import from the grid the grid the grid Midnight 6am Midday 6pm Midnight Redevelopment power demand Time of Day Solar PV generating capacity
  • 15. Reduced Carbon Emissions TI Existing TI 2018 7,740 lbs / year / resident 3,030 lbs / year / resident
  • 16. Avg. rainfall 20in./yr. Proposed Water Cycle Constr. Topping off Waste water Effluent discharge Irrigation to wetlands storm wetlands treatment into the Bay open space Irrigation to urban farm Evapotranspiration Potable water supply from east span Low-flow fixtures Tertiary treatment water Xeriscaping Potable water supply Recycled from west span water
  • 17. Implementation Plan Assessing Sustainability Performance 0 1 2 3 4 • No • Focus on use • Focus on • Systems • Zero impact awareness source or thinking • Demand • Regenerative or attention supply reduction • Integration state • Resource • Use of and continual efficiency and renewables improvement, reduction of or continual feedback impacts renewal loops
  • 18. Sustainability Dashboard 4 3 2 1 0 Focus Areas Site Design & Landscaping & Transportation Energy Water & Solid Waste Materials Health, Safety Land Use Biodiversity Wastewater & Security 2006 2013 2018 2028
  • 19. Geography and Weather Patterns Household Type and Power Source Transportation Choices Consumption Choices Lifestyle Decisions
  • 20. Treasure Island 9 acres needed per person = two planets Other U.S. cities 27 acres needed per person = six planets The Earth 4.5 acres biologically active land per person = one planet