Frank Halsema - Almere: An Example of a Poly-Nuclear Urban Design Enhanced By Broadband


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Frank Halsema - Almere: An Example of a Poly-Nuclear Urban Design Enhanced By Broadband

  1. 1. City of Almere Building a Complete City Smart Working and Smart Working Environments Frank Halsema Sector Developer ICT & Broadband Economic Affairs 24th September 2008
  2. 2. City of Almere Almere New Town in Europe Almere Almere Amsterdam Netherlands Amsterdam Schiphol
  3. 3. City of Almere Poly nuclear set-up Buiten Pampus Stad Hout Poort Haven
  4. 4. City of Almere Population growth 1980 - 2030 400.000 350.000+ 300.000 250.000 180.000 200.000 140.000 100.000 100.000 50.000 10.000 0 1980 1986 1994 1999 2005 2015 2030 Prognoses
  5. 5. Challenges Stimulation of economic development • Create 100.000 new jobs • Solve imbalance housing – employment • Create better environment for entrepreneurs • Develop new business parks • Build new city centre • Develop academic education • Stimulate innovation
  6. 6. Almere Smart City Mission: Apply ICT for a Better Quality of Life Objective: development of new services in the field of: • Living Digital Life • Working Increase employment • Learning e-learning and Next generation networking and • Welfare Personal healthcare services building a complete city
  7. 7. Almere Smart City Focus on strategic projects Expansion of Almere as a Smart City Development of the Digital Gateway to Europe Excellence in Service Innovation (ExSer) Smart Work Center (e-working) High-quality interactive video communication Precondition • Next Generation Broadband Network Almere Fiber City Speed up sustainable economic growth and enhance social inclusion
  8. 8. Almere Fiber City Broadband as important precondition Roadmap • 2001: Establishment of SARA Computing & Networking Services, creating the Almere Internet Exchange (ALM-IX connected with AMS-IX), the centre of the Almere Fiber Network and data centre facilities • 2003: Almere Fiber Pilot, first building site of Almere Fiber City in public private partnership • 2006: FttI-backbone, fiber connectivity for public offices and schools • 2006: FttB-expanding the backbone, fiber connectivity for business parks • 2007-2010: FttH, expanding the network to the whole city in public private partnership
  9. 9. Almere Fiber City Broadband as important precondition ALM-IX AFP FttI FttB
  10. 10. Almere Fiber City AlmeerNet
  11. 11. Almere Fiber City Some results • Attracted new (ICT) companies: created 1000 new jobs and fast growing in the media sector and datacenters • Retention of SME’s: retention of 1000 jobs • Presence of advanced Broadband Services Center • Over € 450M new investments in the city • All basic schools connected saved the city € 5M • Pupils & Teachers have internet broadband access • Increase of community websites (social benefits) • Development of innovative broadband services • Increase of interest of public organizations and companies to develop a common strategic agenda
  12. 12. Almere Fiber City Conclusions • A Next Generation Broadband Network Unleashes Infinite and Unimaginable Possibilities Focus on the most important goals in I-vision Almere the city and the region Make a strong link between ideas, proposals and the long term goals • Dare to invest a little to stimulate public and private investments building a complete city City and Province investment € 15,5M New investments: € 450M • Dare to invest to challenge the Service Providers
  13. 13. Ideas, Relations and Inspiration The Next Generation Broadband Network of Almere is powered by