18th June Expo Tour Briefing


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18th June Expo Tour Briefing

  1. 1.     Pavilion Briefing Urban Best Practices Area Day 2 – Tour of World Expo site. – 18th June 2010 http://en.expo2010.cn/sr/node2282/indexn.htm The Urban Best Practices Area is an opportunity for cities to participate in the World Expo independently. The area Cisco Pavilion – Smart+Connected Life will not only present those commonly acknowledged, http://www.cisco.com/web/CN/expo/en/pavilion.html original and valuable programmes and practices designed to improve the quality of urban life by typical cities in the This compelling theme is about a transformation that world, but also act as a platform for these cities to share is changing how we live, work, learn and play. Just and exchange experiences in urban construction and as people are becoming more connected every day development. with many technology devices, our lives and our ability to stay connected with family and friends will The UBPA will be divided into four exhibition fields, namely help us live in a more harmonious society. Livable Cities, Sustainable Urbanization, Protection and Utilization of Historical Heritages and Technological Innovation in Built Environment. Today' s technology is helping facilitate a renaissance of communities and the world. SMART+CONNECTED LIFE is both a promise and a commitment to build better lives through the Featured Urban Best Practice Pavilions For The Tour creation of better urban environments in China and around the world. Barcelona – Progress and Heritage http://www.barcelonaexposhanghai.com/en/barcelona-pavilion SAIC/GM Pavilion – The Road to the Future http://www.gmexpo2010.com/en and http://www.our2030.com/en At World Expo 2010 Shanghai, SAIC and GM are jointly presenting a revolutionary mobility and transportation concept that looks ahead to the year 2030. It is a vision of a future city with a new transportation system and new modes of personal mobility unimagined. It is a vision that future driving is free from petroleum, free from emissions, free from Barcelona intends to use the exhibition to show Shanghai its urban development model, a model accidents, free from congestion, at the same time, fun that seeks to integrate past, present and future through sustainable initiatives while respecting the and fashionable. history and social and economic development of several neighbourhoods. It is a future in which transportation transforms lives Barcelona is showing the basic aspects of developing, transforming and renovating the Ciutat around the world, bringing people and cultures closer Vella district, and, in its 22@ presentation, turning an industrial area into a technology district. together; a future in which people, motor vehicles and roads coexist in perfect harmony; and a The same idea seen from five significant points of view and summarised in five modules: public future in which the motor vehicle no longer has a direct impact on the natural environment. space, housing, education, economy and sustainability. GM and SAIC will leverage their pavilion to demonstrate their vision for transportation in 2030 and showcase their industry leadership in technology and innovation.    
  2. 2.     Madrid – New Horizons in Public Housing Seoul – Culture and Technology http://www.madrid2010shanghai.com http://english.seoul.go.kr/cav/ena/shanghaiexpo.php Spain's capital city Madrid has given a glimpse of its highly ecological exhibition for the Urban The case falls into the "Livable City" sector Best Practices Area at World Expo 2010 Shanghai -- a bamboo building and an eco-boulevard, of UBPA and will focus on Seoul's practice the two most outstanding architectural designs in the city. in developing cultural industries, setting up an E-government and creating a convenient It's display presents various innovations regarding "New Horizons for Public Housing." The public transport network. Bamboo House is becoming an icon of sustainable social housing, and the Air Tree IT technology, the restoration project of is a busy public area at the Expo. Cheonggyecheon Stream, which involves reopening creeks that flow through Seoul and creating pedestrian-friendly roads along the The building represents an advanced watersides, will also be featured in a 480-square-meter showcase. habitation model, incorporating the concept Seoul officials plan to set up an area to allow visitors to get hands-on experience of historic of environment via the use of renewable tourism spots in the city via 3D technology. energies and materials. Energy-saving glass, which can help absorb light, will be installed in part of the building to adjust to Future Pavilion the climate of Shanghai and minimize the http://en.expo2010.cn/c/en_qy_tpl_277.htm#zgjd effect of greenhouse emissions. The Pavilion is located in Zone E. The exhibition starts with an interaction with Shanghai – Eco House visitors, inviting them to imagine what cities http://en.expo2010.cn/c/en_ubpa_tpl_297.htm will be like in the future. Through movies, books and sculptures, it tells how a city was The prototype of the case pavilion is a envisaged, planned and realized in history, demonstration eco-building in Minhang proposes the various possibilities of a future District, Shanghai. As the first zero- city, and points to the spiritual elements that energy building in China, it uses a huge have always driven human progress. solar thermal equipment to provide Dream of Yesterday section features a energy for the entire building. Green gigantic screen for science-fiction movies. and energy-saving technologies to integrate solar energy in the building Dream and Practice section uses digital books to present how people used to depict future cities. and make full use of rainwater and Nine sculptures are displayed to echo the theme of better city. In the Multiple Possibilities section, sewage, natural ventilation, shallow an animated film is shown at a 36-meter-high screen. Five dreamlike street settings, namely geothermal energy, display the concept Ecological City, City of Wisdom, City of Water, Space City and City of Energy, displayed on the of eco-housing and the pursuit of background around, describe the various possibilities of city development and life in the future. universal livable housing. The displays in the Dream Is Approaching section focus on Intelligent Home, Healthy Community, Low-Carbon City and Harmonious Environment. They will help visitors to understand the trend of The building has a shading system composed of shutters, French-window curtains and balcony technological advancement. awnings. Flowing liquids in the blue tubes on the wall can adjust the temperature of the entire building.