Testimonials for 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011


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Some select Testimonials from CXOs and Delegates who had participated in the 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011.

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Testimonials for 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011

  1. 1. collaborationretreat 2011 Testimonials
  2. 2. Held on23rd and 24th Sept 2011,PuneAbout the Event: Apart from offering afirst-of-its-kind interactive platform forsharing CIO and CFO perspectives onCollaboration Infrastructure Strategies,it offered a good opportunity to theCXOs and delegates for networkingand informal conversations.Collaboration Retreat is an annualevent organised by Mithi SoftwareTechnologies Pvt Ltd
  3. 3. Testimonialscollaboration 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011retreat 2011 The overall agenda and the list of participants motivated me to attend the Collaboration Retreat 2011. My expectations to learn something new from the group were met. The overall management of the event was quite good, and it was a good experience interacting with industry leaders and sharing of thoughts. Mr. Arun Gupta Customer Care Associate & Group CTO Shoppers Stop Ltd.
  4. 4. Testimonialscollaboration 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011retreat 2011 Being the first of Mithis largest customers, I was keen to attend the Collaboration Retreat 2011 to see how far the company and product have progressed. I was very happy to note the rapid progress made by Mithi in the last few years, and the perseverance of the product team to make a truly scalable Indian product. The event offered excellent networking opportunities. Overall, it was an excellent retreat for knowledge and experience sharing. Mr. L.N. Sundarrajan Founder & Director Rewire (Former CIO of Aditya Birla Group and Holcim)
  5. 5. Testimonialscollaboration 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011retreat 2011 An invitation to speak, and an opportunity to network with and gain a first-hand insight into mindsets of industry leaders inspired me to attend the Collaboration Retreat 2011. Overall management, content and networking opportunities were excellent! Would definitely like to attend the next Collaboration Retreat. Mr. Chinar Deshpande CEO Creative IT India Pvt. Ltd.
  6. 6. Testimonialscollaboration 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011retreat 2011 Learning golf and the topic of Collaboration were two big attractions for me to attend Collaboration Retreat 2011. Attendance by some leading CIOs was a good assurance that it would be a useful event. My expectations were exceeded in terms of overall management of the event, though I would have liked more indepth coverage of the topic. It was a nice fun event and very well organized by Mithi. Mr. Nilesh Sangoi Chief Technology Officer Meru Cab Company
  7. 7. Testimonialscollaboration 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011retreat 2011 Collaboration Retreat 2011 was planned to be a meeting point of best minds of CIO community. The opportunity to spend informal time with them prompted me attend the event. It has met and even exceeded my expectations, especially the panel discussions on day two where for a change diverse views were expressed by panelists and a lively discussion took place. Going by the standard set by the Collaboration Retreat 2011, all we can say is You people are experts, go ahead and try to beat this one. Mr. Shreesh Patwardhan V.P. - IT & CIO Dynamic Logistics
  8. 8. Testimonialscollaboration 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011retreat 2011 Being an SME we don’t have a big budget for IT and we have to make sure we spend on the right thing which is of value to us and not just something that others are using. I thought Collaboration Retreat would help in knowing the right choices out there. I learned some new things about Cloud, which was a technology I was trying to understand. I think that I would attend future Collaboration Retreats as the event was well managed, the format was good, the organization of the event was without any glitches. Ms. Kanchan Pant COO, Sharda Industries
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