Aegon Religare - Improving Collaboration and Productivity with BYOD

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Mr. Sankaranarayanan Raghavan (Director IT, Aegon Religare Life Insurance) speaks about improving collaboration and productivity with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). …

Mr. Sankaranarayanan Raghavan (Director IT, Aegon Religare Life Insurance) speaks about improving collaboration and productivity with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

He starts with posing a question about how an organisation can make use of the current situation where a growing multitude has Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, etc. He explains the challenges that organisations face in terms of increasing need for secured working environment, Y-O-Y dwindling budgets and an external environment that is rapidly changing. And outlines how Aegon Religare is leveraging the use of new devices while managing the risks by instilling discipline and control in the use of these devices at work systemically.

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  • 1. BYOD – Collaboration for Efficiency Mithi Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd on Sep 28, 2012 Presentation By Mr. Sankaranarayanan Raghavan, Director IT, Aegon Religare Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • 2. Current Scenario • • • • • • More users with Smartphone, Tablets 5% of Indians are actively using the social sites 2% are Smartphone users Every alternate user has got a Laptop 3 in 10 Laptop users have got either Smartphone or Tablet How can organizations make use of both?
  • 3. BYOD – Some thoughts • Is more than a buzzword, necessity in a few years • Asian study shows, India adapting faster than the rest of the world • More time spent on the unknowns • No specific path for adaption (one size fits all) • No regulatory guidance • Extension of VDI, Thin Client
  • 4. Challenges (Transforming agents) for Organizations • • • • • • • Personally owned applications are on the rise ‘Raring to go’ young employees Dynamics of the external environment Legacy architecture Year on year, dwindling budgets Security can’t take a back seat No stable/adaptable MDM solution Still a no, no for SI’s/SP’s
  • 5. Our Approach • • • • • • • Staggered roll-out of mails for various roles Evaluation of an application for BYOD roll-out Roll-out of BYOD for various roles Training around Do’s and Don’ts with Social sites Monitoring of Social site usage by employees Tightening of log monitoring and reviews Making available critical/core application with increased security • Working from anywhere, thereby cutting branch cost
  • 6. Other Collaboration initiatives • • Integration of Social media inputs, with our service center Integration of Service center inputs with our Knowledge management portal
  • 7. Thank you Mail id