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  1. 1. See what the Experts Have to Say!
  2. 2. Welcome To The World Of Internet Marketing Discover: FREE Marketing Tools FREE E-Books FREE Members Only Club FREE E-Zine Subscription ...and Much More! Click Here to Enter The World of MarketingTrendzClick Here to Enter The World of MarketingTrendz To read an article, click on it’s title below Kick Start Your Business Increase Your Sales with a Powerful Offer Doorway Pages PLAN-OF-ACTION TRUE SUCCESS POINT BLANK CREATE A SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE LESSONS TO LEARN IN BUSINESS HOW TO START YOUR OWN E- ZINE THE DO'S AND DON'TS OF INTERNET MARKETING Pack Some Power in Your AD Copy Power Of The Internet Getting Sidetracked vs. Getting More Build A Successful Business By Staying Connected Is Your Business Web Promotable? Customize Your Web Site's BookMark Eight secrets of selling Getting it done Internet marketing medicine Covert marketing Cooking up a web presence Refine your marketing message Keep an open mind Persistence - The Magic Key to Success Qualities of success FUN WITH SEARCH ENGINES A CREED TO LIVE BY QUIZ: Is Your Site Doomed? 7 Inexpensive Ways To Promote Your Web Site HOW TO DEVELOP AN ATTITUDE FOR SUCCESS IT'S NOT SUPPOSE TO BE EASY HOW TO SUCCEED WITH YOUR WEBSITE THE IMPORTANCE OF CUSTOMER TRUST Do You Have A Vision For Your Online Business ELECTRONIC MARKETING - the future of commerce Mirror sites & doorway pages How to be G.R.E.A.T. Let's take a little test How to Write Persuasively
  3. 3. Traits and Skills of Successful Internet Entrepreneurs Key words & search engines The bottom line Search engine tricks Business Plans Revealed ADD Something EXTRA The 5 step marketing check list Creating Your Own E-book For Distribution 10 Ways To Indirectly Get To The Top Of Search Engines! Six little used online marketing strategies Finding your target market on the web How to write email messages that get read Screaming Your Headlines Can Increase Your Response Plan your work How to create multiple streams of income Creating a benefits web page When all else fails-- don't quit Creating your own product for profit Five point plan for promotion The 2 Interrelated Tasks of Real Web Marketing How To Start An Online Business That You'll ENJOY Search Engine Spamming - Don't Go There Why the Internet is an Entrepreneurs' Dream How to Use Viral Marketing Strategies Simple AD Mistakes That Will KILL Your Response Setting up a home business TOP 10 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Objectives WANT UNIQUE VISITORS HOW TO Write An OnLine Article Writing Your Own Ebook...What it can do for your Sales Developing your Verbal Logo Why Your Business Could Fail And How To Prevent It From Happening #1 Reason Internet Marketers Fail What Business Are You REALLY In? You can't make an income from the Internet. Pardon me? Attract More Customers With Less Effort Through the Right Cross -Promotions HOW SERIOUS ARE YOU? Words Can Be Lethal Business and You
  4. 4. 1 **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ KICK START YOUR BUSINESS! by Sara Hardy and Debbie Solomon Do you know where or how to start planning this years advertising? The fact is, SUCCESSFUL advertising MUST be planned andstrategized or the effect on your business will not be something you can take to the bank. But where should you start? The most obvious place is your Marketing Plan, which forms part of your Business Plan. But, since more than 90% of small business people have neither, here's a useful place to begin - Your Promotional Calendar. This is one of the most important selling tools you can have. Done properly, it can maximize your budget, save you lots of money and avoid potential mistakes Plus it gives you a basis for long-term cash flow projections. A Promotional Calendar is simply a list of events happening in your market place during the coming year that may offer opportunities for promotion or perhaps highlight times not to promote, or to advertise differently. It helps you to plan a coordinated advertising campaign for your business, well in advance. You can even make it simple by doing a Quarterly Promotional Calendar, if projections for the full year are not fully secured. It is easier to manage your advertising budget this way. It's simple, it's easy, it's obvious - and most people in small business don't do it! Don't be one of them. Here's a quick run-down on how to create your own Promotional Calendar. Report No. 1 1: Setting Up: Take a sheet of lined paper and divide it into three vertical columns: Date, Events, Promotional Ideas. 2: Dates and Events: List all holidays and events (local, state and national). Now, here is a little suggestion to give you an idea of when it is BEST to advertise, spending a larger amount of your advertising dollar, and when to minimize your advertising dollar. ie- Holidays: Start A LARGE advertising Campaign 8 weeks prior for business opportunities, services, etc... That is when most people are LOOKING around. Spend a minimal amount of your advertising dollars one week prior to the specified holiday through one week after the specified holiday. 3: Promotion Ideas: List any bright ideas for related promotions. Brainstorm various ideas. List absolutely
  5. 5. 2 everything. Various promotion ideas include; Ezines, Newsletters, Press Releases, Productive Classified Advertising, Flyers, etc.... 4: Fine-tuning : Begin sifting your ideas for worthwhile promotions to drive your advertising and getting the leading edge. This will help get you get started toward achieving the level of profit you have in mind for your business and help you get a head start on the competition. After examining the best times to advertise so that you will not be wasting your money and efforts, now you need to focus on squeezing the most out of your hard-earned advertising dollar. The best way to go about doing that is to create an advertising budget for the year. Report No. 2 This essential business tool goes overlooked by most small business advertisers. Perhaps you are not sure how to even go about setting an advertising budget. There are three commonly used methods. The question is not "how much will I spend this year, or this quarter?" but "how much should I spend?" 1: Percentage% of Sales The most commonly used method because it seems safe: You can't spend more than you make in relation to your sales results. You need to allow for three extras when you use this method: * New business * Inflation * Competitive situations. 2: Sales Take your Sales from previous quarters, deduct all expenditures to get your profits. Take 20% of your profits in order to budget that for your Advertising Campaign. If you are NEW to the Business industry, you need to use your own discretion on what you can afford each month. It is imperative to remember to maintain records of all advertising expenditures, and what each profit turnaround resulted. This will help you for your Quarterly Promotional Calendar. No. 3: Goal/Task This is the most accurate method and the one most used by professionals. It requires: *Specific goals for each promotion or ad. *Accurate cost estimates. Add individual goal/task totals to calculate annual/quarterly advertising budget. Beware of wishful thinking, Over-optimism and self-indulgence when setting your advertising budget. It's a good idea to keep aside a 5% to 10% reserve fund for emergencies, too, such as new competitors. Strike a balance between what you should spend and what you can realistically afford, using past results as a guide, plus the incentive to do a little
  6. 6. 3 better this year. With these marketing tools, (your Promotional Calendar & Advertising Budget for 2000) in hand, you will be able to examine your businesses weaknesses and set the bar a little higher to start Your Next Quarterly Advertising Campaign out right. TO YOUR PROFIT! ************************************************** Sara Hardy & Debbie Solomon are the creators of the world renowned Marketing Trendz Workshop devised for small and home businesses in learning all the various marketing tools and techniques that are required for success online. They are also co-authors of "Mind Your Own Business" E-Book, and The Online Exchange Ezine. Please visit their site at: **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ INCREASE YOUR SALES AND PROFITS WITH A POWERFUL OFFER Copyright 1999 By Bob Leduc Did you ever buy something you didn't really want because the bonus you received was worth the price you paid? I did it this week. Several days ago I received an offer in the mail from a leading business magazine. Only one paragraph in the two page letter mentioned the benefits I'd gain by reading the magazine. Instead, it promoted the "perfect book for entrepreneurs" I'd get free by subscribing. The letter even enhanced the offer by guaranteeing a full refund of the entire subscription fee if at anytime during the coming year I didn't like the magazine. The free book alone was worth the subscription fee. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. I subscribed. ALWAYS INCLUDE AN OFFER IN YOUR ADVERTISING An irresistible offer is the number one reason why people buy something. Anytime you want to dramatically increase the response to your advertising, dramatically improve your offer. Many small businesses don't always include an offer in their advertising. This is a costly mistake because it doesn't provide a reason for prospective customers to respond. The best way to get a response to your advertising is to make an offer your prospects can't refuse. Your initial offer doesn't have to generate sales. It can generate leads or traffic to your business or website. An offer to generate leads or traffic requires you to develop another offer to convert those leads into customers. Developing two different offers is
  7. 7. 4 more work but it usually produces the maximum number of sales at the lowest cost per sale. HOW TO DEVELOP AN OFFER I've used the following 4 step procedure many times to create powerful offers. It's simple and easy to follow. Even someone without special talent, skill or previous experience can use it to create a powerful offer. STEP #1: Select one product or service to promote in your offer. If you sell a variety of products or services select only one to feature in your offer. STEP #2: Decide what specific action you want from prospects or customers who receive your offer. For example, do you want them to call or write to you for more information? Do you want them to visit your website? Do you want them to come into your store? Do you want them to call for an estimate? STEP #3: Make your best offer. Make it as attractive as you can afford. A discount plus a free bonus will generate more responses than a discount alone. A discount plus a free bonus and a money back guarantee will generate an even greater number of responses. STEP #4: Calculate the profitability of your offer. Don't forget to include the cost of advertising. A thin profit from your initial offer may be acceptable if you know it will generate repeat business. Otherwise, revise your offer. **SUGGESTION: Sometimes you can increase your profit and the benefit to your customer at the same time. Simply add a low- cost bonus item with high perceived value and increase the price to the level required to produce the profit you need. Always include an offer in your advertising. It's the primary reason why people buy something. Use this simple 4 step procedure to develop your offer and watch how fast your sales and profits increase. ======= Bob Leduc retired from a 30 year career of recruiting sales personnel and developing sales leads. He is now a Sales Consultant. Bob recently wrote a manual for small business owners titled "How to Build Your Small Business Fast With Simple Postcards" and several other publications to help small businesses grow and prosper. For more information... Email: Subject: "Postcards". Phone: (702) 658-1707 (After 10 AM Pacific time) Or write: Bob Leduc, PO Box 33628, Las Vegas, NV 89133 **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Promoting Your Site With Doorway Pages By Mathew Zupanec
  8. 8. 5 Over 95% of Web users find what they are looking for by visiting the top 6 search engines. And everyone agrees that, If your site doesn't rank in the top 10 or 20 when doing a keyword search at the top search engines, your target audience won't be able to find you. WHAT IS A DOORWAY PAGE? Doorway Pages (also known as bridge pages, portal pages, jump pages, gateway pages, entry pages) are the best solution for many Webmasters to rank well for a specific keyword. They are pages specifically created for a keyword phrase and optimized for a particular search engine. These pages then provide a link to your main web site. WHAT DOES A DOORWAY PAGE LOOK LIKE? Make the doorway page in a way it makes sense to the person viewing the doorway page. If the content on the doorway page is not interesting and compelling enough, the surfer is very likely to simply click on the back button of the browser and move on to other sites. HOW TO MAKE A DOORWAY PAGE? Your first step is to decide upon the exact keyword phrase you wish to target. Picking the correct keyword phrase to target is very important. Each doorway page will target a specific keyword phrase (only one for better result). Never use more than 7 keyword phrases in the page. Try to create a doorway page without using these components: - No image maps - No background images - No frames - No embedded sounds - No Java - No JavaScript - No banners - No counters - No words written in the same or similar color as the background - Nothing complicated or intricate (CGI or FLASH pages) - No "refresh" tag (NOTICE: I deliberately change all the "<"s to "(" and ">"s to ")" in the codes below. As many email programs now read HTML, they may display the HTML codes like the way you see them in your browser. When that happens you will not be able to see examples.) Page TITLES This area is one of the most important factors when ranking highly in the search engines. Write page Title with keyword phrase at beginning, about 7-9 words maximum
  9. 9. 6 in length. Example: (TITLE)Doorway Pages for Webmasters(/TITLE) Meta DESCRIPTION Tag Describe your web page with the keyword phrase at the beginning of the description, about 15 words. Example: (META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Doorway pages also known as bridge pages are HTML pages designed specifically to rank highly on search engines.") Meta KEYWORDS Tag Place keyword phrase at the start of the tag. Do not put a long list of keyword in the keyword meta tag. Keep the number of meta keywords down to around 6 words or so. Example: (META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="doorway pages, bridge pages, doorway bridge") Meta ROBOTS Tag One other meta tag worth mentioning is the robots tag. This lets you specify that a particular doorway page and linked pages should be indexed by a search engine. Example: (META NAME="robots" CONTENT="index,follow") HEADINGS Some of the search engines give extra relevance to keyword phrases that appear within a heading tag. The best doorway pages will includean (H1) tag with the keyword phrase and one or two subtitle tags containing other key phrases. Example: (h1)Doorway Pages(/h1) ALT The ALT tag defines the text to display for a graphic if the user has graphics turned off, or if they put the cursor over it in web browser. Some search engines will look for keywords in the ALT tags. Example: (IMG SRC="logo.gif" ALT=" For More About Doorway Pages, Click Here"(/a) BODY TEXT Add about 200 to 400 words of content where the keyword phrases are repeated three or four times in different ways. Use complete sentences, make each sentence different. COMMENT You can insert hidden "comments" into your page that are not visible to the user. A couple of engines will read this text. Example: (!--Begin Doorway Pages Navigation--) (!--End Doorway Pages Navigation --) HYPER LINKED TEXT Use one or two hyperlinks. We suggest two links, if possible. This helps avoid the problem of being considered "spam". Example: (a href="")More About Doorway Pages(/a)
  10. 10. 7 (a href="")Click Here For Help(/a) FILE AND DIRECTORY NAMES Be descriptive with your file and directory names. Make sure at least one keyword phrase appears in the folder and file name and try to put it at the beginning. Always use hyphens (-) or underscores (_) to separate the words in your file and directory names. Example: doorway-pages/doorway-bridge-page.htm Before you create your doorway page make sure you visit this site where you can find example of doorway page. TIP: Place the copies of your doorway pages at somebody else's server. They will have a different address but will perform the same in bringing you extra visitors. ---------------------------------------------------- Article by Mathew Zupanec webmaster of's Doorway Pages is the fastest growing doorway pages creating and hosting service. Move into a home a receive 1 MB (up to 100 doorway pages) of FREE web space to create your own doorway pages optimized for AltaVista, HotBot, Lycos, Excite, Infoseek and other search engines. **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ PLAN-OF-ACTION by Debbie Solomon It is obvious that we all need to re-think our plan of action every few months in order to keep a fresh and positive attitude towards our business. Things get old fast and we all tend to get bored with the same ole' thing happening everyday. As we all know our main priority is to get traffic to our website. We advertise our product like crazy. We have great catchy Ads, but it just doesn't quite do it the way we want it to. Here is an incentive that will drive people to your site and keep them coming back: Give something of value away. A Freebie. But, don't just give it away, have a monthly contest drawing, so people will keep coming back each month. Now, this does not have to cost you an arm and an leg, but you need to make sure it is quality that you are giving. Here are a few ideas of what you can do: **Buy a worthwhile valuable E-Book, or a collection of E-books for your monthly drawing. Check out the E-book collection at:
  11. 11. 8 **Give away a FREE Vacation Getaway for 2. This is a valuable asset and main attraction. You can do this for very little investment. Go to: and check it out. **A nice gift. Find someone online who has beautiful gifts to sell and see if you can come up with a deal for the monthly drawings at a discounted price along with FREE promotion on your site. People in business are always willing to work with you, if you give them a chance. It builds credibility. The key is, people will keep coming back trying to win these valuable assets, and though they may not discover the GREAT product or service you are selling right away, but they will notice it once they go to your site a few times. But that is not is the FUN part. The Advertising. There is so much competition out there selling the same type of products & services, you need to get people to YOUR site rather than someone else's. ADVERTISE your Big Contest and get people to your site for the contest rather than advertise for your product. Once they are at your site, they will see your product or service and will notice it. They will gain respect from your professionalism and great giveaways, you will make the sale. One important thing you need to remember: You MUST have this promotion clearly stated on your site. Do not make your prospects run in circles around your site for the contest or giveaway. They will lose their interest, exit out and you will never see them AGAIN. This is a sure fire way to drive people to your site. You will gain respect by giving something of value away. You can always just give something away to everyone, but where is the excitement? People LOVE to WIN contests. It heightens their day and really raises the adrenaline. In fact, here is another little promotional aspect to this great Monthly contest....once you have your winner, email them and announce the great news. Also ADD your little pitch about your product or service along with it. This is double promotion now. This is a Win/Win situation for you. It gets you out of the everyday blunders of the same old advertising. It adds excitement for you as a business entrepreneur to be able to offer something of value. And the increased traffic to your site will really raise some positive action on your part. I LOVE to write Ads for contests. It is different and much more attractive looking. I get instant hits to my site upon publishing these Ads. This is a different Plan-Of -Action then most of you see around, but that is why it works so well. ******************************************* Written by Debbie Solomon The creator of the World Renowned MarketingTrendz Workshop. Author of 2 Business Building E-Books And also the Owner of the OnLine Exchange Ezine.
  12. 12. 9 Visit me at: **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ TRUE SUCCESS by Debbie Solomon The FACT is: Business on the internet is one of the most competitive concepts in the marketing world today. It is attractive, inexpensive and supplies us with the most lucrative marketing edge any business could endure. However, it is SO competitive that it is a constant up hill battle to stay on top and sustain that leading edge. Well, the fact is, being on top does not mean you are successful. Success means you are achieving your goals. Success means; your dreams are coming true you are making enough to pay your bills and maybe even enjoy a vacation you enjoy your business and what you are doing with your life. If these are the goals you want to achieve in a successful business, then you are realistic and logical. Face it: most of us in the internet business will not become wealthy. What most of us will have is True Success; A business we can support our families with and something we enjoy doing. Here are a Few Facts you must remember for True Success: **You do not have to have a unique product, but you have to have a unique style. ** Have a presence. A business without a website is basically doomed from the beginning. People need a place to go to research your product or service. Give them that chance. ** A personal Customer service attitude. It doesn't hurt to give a little, and never think you are above anyone. ** Try, Try and try again. What ever you do, don't give up. One venture may not work. It doesn't mean you can't do it. You just have to find your niche. If you are serious about it, you will succeed. Though competition is extremely high, it does not mean that it is impossible
  13. 13. 10 to achieve what is rightfully yours. It took me 3 business ventures to find out what I was good at, what I knew most about, and what I enjoyed. Take the advice of others. Let others help you out. Always be a teacher, and always be teachable. You will never know it all, but you will continue to know it. True Success does not mean millions of dollars. It means happiness, stability and satisfaction. Do what you love and love what you do. Then you are truly a Success. ******************************************* Written by Debbie Solomon The creator of the World Renowned MarketingTrendz Workshop. Author of 2 Business Building E-Books And also the Owner of the Top Rated OnLine Exchange Ezine. Visit me at: **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ POINT BLANK Part 1 by Debbie Solomon & Sara Hardy This is no joking matter; There are NO Get Rich Quick Schemes, Easy Way Outs, or Money For Nothing "opportunities" that actually work. Starting a Business and Marketing it primarily on theinternet is one of the most serious decisions any ONE person can make. It takes 100%... *Dedication *Determination *Hard Work *Tons of Research *Serious Attitude ...And YES, a lot of Hours And this is just the start. This day in age, we have technology on our side. But it is the person that makes a business successful. You cannot just jump online, pick something that is FREE and plan on making a bundle working only 3 hours a day. I know many businesses promise it, but it is just not that simple. I have been marketing online for sometime now, and I have yet to see actual facts to back up these claims. The fact remains that some people just are not cut out for making an online business work. A Successful business person requires the proper skills, business manner, know- how, and creative talent in order to even begin on a path in the right direction. I have
  14. 14. 11 seen it a million times and expect to see it a million more. That is why 95% of online businesses fail, lack of originality and individualism. So what do we do to set up a successful business online? POINT BLANK- GET SERIOUS AND PERSONAL What do I mean by this? You need to create your own product. This is the plain truth. Also, do not be afraid of a direction that your product or business takes. There is nothing wrong with starting down one path and then finding a better one. As long as you are not jumping at every "opportunity" that comes along, and you go with the ideas that your product takes you. For that is how one stumbles upon the road to success. But that is not all. There is so much more entailed into being successful. Let's cover the bases on where to start finding what is right for you, taking an idea and utilizing it in making your own unique business. And that is the key word, "UNIQUE". How to create your own Product: This does not mean you have to formulate your own product. You can use existing products that are being sold online, but the key is to build your own product line out of it. This means using your own creativity. Take a product or service that you know will flourish. Something people will get something out of. The most important part of this is that it is something you believe is 100% worthy of you taking the time and energy to build upon and make a career out of. Obviously we all are in some sort of business on the internet at this present time, but it might not be drawing attention the way you were hoping, and it is not always your marketing techniques that causes your business to go sour. It just may be your product OR lack of product line. So how do you create your own unique business with "Your Own Product"? By creating a website that is YOU and marketing your business from YOUR viewpoint. Have your primary product or service as the main streamline of your business, but build on it. Do not just be a follower, but use your OWN individual points of view. Learn to grow and find out what you are capable of. Offer other things that will enhance on your main product or service to attract a wider range of prospects. This is what will make it unique. Because it will be YOUR product line, your words of wisdom, and your belief that will make it sell. NO ONE will have the same product line as you because you built it yourself, by using various products and services that enhance each other, that is being "Unique". This is the heart and soul of your business and only YOU can make it work! ************************************************** Debbie Solomon & Sara Hardy are the creators of the world renowned Marketing Trendz Workshop devised for small and home businesses in learning all the various marketing tools and techniques that are required for success online. They are also the author of "Mind Your Own Business" E-Book, and The Online Exchange Ezine.
  15. 15. 12 Please visit their site at: **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ POINT BLANK Part 2 by Debbie Solomon & Sara Hardy We discussed in this mornings issue of the Online Exchange Ezine, the importance of setting up your own product line for your own business, in order to make your business unique which will enhance your own online presence. Now that we know that basics of how we can become unique in our own business, we need to research the various ways of building our business to meet our own expectations in order to reach success. This is not easy, but it is fun and very informative. We all receive tons of "junk" mail or "spam" as some put it, in our email box. If you glance through these offers, something may catch your eye. Something that is in the same target market of your present product that you are selling, BUT, not in direct competition. When reading ezines and newsletters, look through the classified ads carefully. It holds merit to look through these offers in the ezines and newsletters for these reasons alone: People who advertise in ezines and newsletters have had some sort of success in one way or another if they are able to budget their dollars to advertise in this fashion. Or at the very least they are aware of the power the ezine and newsletter advertising has for businesses online. Find a product or service that you really feel is right for you and will enhance your product. You can create a product line of 3 or 10 various products and services. You must make sure that they will in no way jeopardize your main streamline. Here is an example: My business is targeted to current home and small businesses who would like to succeed online and improve their marketing skills. I created my own Marketing Workshop, as my main streamline. I then created an Ezine targeting the same market and I also sell Business Building E-Books. NO ONE has the exact same scenario as I have in my business. Similar, YES, exact, NO. And I am continually researching all avenues to enhance my business on a daily basis, and always coming up with new and innovative ideas that I know will really build my business. One very productive product that could enhance any business are E-Books. Buy E- Books with re-seller rights, so you can sell them or even give them away at your site. Make sure they are based on the subject of your main streamline.
  16. 16. 13 Start your own Newsletter, and just begin adding all clients and prospects to your mailing list, and in time it will grow. Write about what you know about your business in these newsletters. People will get to know you as a person and a very respectful business owner. You can even run your newsletters directly from your website, and not have to worry about subscribers, but at the same time encourage prospects to keep returning to your site to read your newsletter. They will continually see your product line, and sooner or later just may invest. Create something personal on your site for your business that will mark you as an individual, and will show your personality. Even just a logo. Something people will remember, and will most likely cause them to bookmark your site for future reference. Build your business a step at a time. If you do not have your own website, or your own domain, start it. If you do not know how to go about it, collect your ideas, begin your product line and start building. You can hire a web designer, or you can use many FREE services on the internet that will allow you to build your own web site. It is strongly recommended you get your own domain in order to build your business the right way, and you will make your mark on the internet. Ok...POINT BLANK....Your business is YOURS, no one else's. Do what you feel is necessary in order to achieve your ultimate goals. Think of the many successful businesses out there and think of how they had to have gotten their start. They are no different then you or me. It CAN be done! Have confidence in that fact and build on it. No one will stop you or tell you what you can and cannot do. These are your dreams and ambitions, so create your "Own Uniqueness", get noticed and you will be remembered. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns pertaining to this article, and I will be happy to assist you getting started on the right track. ************************************************** Debbie Solomon & Sara Hardy are the creators of the world renowned Marketing Trendz Workshop devised for small and home businesses in learning all the various marketing tools and techniques that are required for success online. They are also the author of "Mind Your Own Business" E-Book, and The Online Exchange Ezine. Please visit their site at: **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ CREATE A SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE Debbie Solomon The most logical marketing tool on the internet is a website. In order to maximize your
  17. 17. 14 exposure of your website with minimum costs, it is essential for you to develop a productive online presence. It is not as hard as it may seem, for a great web site is simply the result of logic, with creativity being correctly applied. Here are some of the most important lessons to remember in order to maximize your online presence **Your Product Represents You Your product represents who you are. In order to for people to know you and your product, use your creativity. Images must be sharp, Navigation must be simple. Every detail about your site -- right down to the colors and fonts -- must invoke specific feelings and demonstrate certain characteristics about your business. Using bright neon colors with flashing images shows disorganization. Subtle colors with simple terminology that each person as an individual can understand shows you care and understand people. A good rule of thumb is to think back to when you logged on to the internet for the first time. Assume that this is your audience's first cyber experience while at the same time show that you respect them as intelligent entrepreneur. . **Know Who Your Target Audience Is Do you know what you are selling? Is it a product, service or both? Who is your audience? New prospects, existing customers, or both? What are your customers asking of you? Can you provide your clients with what is asked of you? Are you doing what you can to serve them accordingly and professionally? What are your weak points? What is your competition doing in this area? Why is your service or product better than your competition? **Customers Come First Customers always come first. There is nothing else to it and nothing else matters. Because if their needs aren't met, they will take their business to someone else, and it will most definitely be your competition. And one unsatisfied customer means 10 fold. Because they will tell others. Make it easy for your customers to get what they need from your web site. That means posting information about your industry in general and about your products, services, procedures, and policies in particular. A well designed, simple to follow online solution will help you assist all your customers needs. Remember the Entire Sales Cycle: Awareness Product/Service Knowledge Consideration, Conversion Post-Sale Service Full Support Throughout the Sale ** Compliment Your Product Offer some free incentive that will enhance your main product or service. Do not use any contradictory material. To do so may invite confusion and reduce the chance of return business from your customer. If a prospect visits your site, and you offer a free
  18. 18. 15 incentive, that person will most likely check out that first. So make sure your promotional incentive is valuable and informative so your prospects will return and most likely buy your product or service with confidence. Maximize your branding effect by using similar fonts, logos, and colors online. People will remember you by constantly using your company name, and using the same colors and logos for similarity purposes. ** Communicate your Selling Position The most effective way to communicate your selling position is to ask yourself this question: What is the primary benefit your business offers that gives you an upper hand from your competition? What makes you better? Think about it. That benefit should be the focus of most of your marketing communications, and will be key in developing an attractive and informative web site you can leverage to YOUR competitive advantage. The Internet is a very competitive world. You must have exposure at all times. You must possess a unique web presence that will get you noticed above the rest. Your own personality is the key to an exceptional web site. Do not be shy or think about what others may like better. Use your own talent and creativity on your website, and your prospects will get to know you and you will gain respect with your uniqueness. ****************************** written by: Debbie Solomon owner of MarketingTrendz **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ LESSONS TO LEARN IN BUSINESS It does not matter whether you have been in the marketing business for 1 week or 10 years. The constant changes on the internet makes it possible for people like us to continually learn new ways of marketing our business. Any one who claims they know all there is to know on the internet is sadly mistaken and aiming for DOOM. No one knows it all. There are too many changes taking place. We all need to keepan open mind and be willing to accept ideas and assistance. We all have ONE goal, to SUCCEED in our business. I have learned many lessons in my experience in marketing on the internet, and I would like to share it with all of you: LESSON #1: Search Engines Search Engines are a necessity in business. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to continually being ranked near the top. If you are not in the first 10 pages of a search engine, you will not be noticed. Take one day a week just to submit to your search engines. Have as many doorway pages as possible in order to increase exposure rate
  19. 19. 16 on the Search Engines. The most important lesson, however, is, DO NOT depend on Search Engines, they are NOT your bread and butter of Internet Marketing. It is ONLY part of your marketing strategy. LESSON #2 Your Own Domain I never realized the importance of having your own domain until I got one for our business. My partner kept telling me that we need to get one, and I just kept telling her to hold off, it is not that important. Well, we finally got our domain, and the small investment that we put toward it has paid off unbelievably. I now feel like I have a place on the internet. I have a NAME and an IDENTITY. Having a domain shows professionalism and consistency in your business. You have so much more available to you in your marketing potential when you make the right move and get your own domain. When people see you have your own domain they know your business is a success. Using these FREE Web Sites, make people wonder; how successful can they be if they don't have their own domain? Be a true professional and make sure you have your own domain. You will be one step closer to having a successful business. LESSON #3 Merchant Accounts This is the MOST important lesson I have learned in my marketing experience. I started my business with a form sheet for OnLine Checking. I thought that was all I would need. I figured once I started making my fortune, then I would get my Merchant Account. Well, the money trickled in some, but I was going nowhere fast. I took the chance and got the merchant account. My business picked up 100% within 2 weeks. 85% of all my sales is in credit cards. That is an amazing difference. I would not have a successful business today without being able to accept credit cards. These LESSONS are just a few examples I have learned in my experience of marketing on the internet. If you want to succeed, you need to take a chance and invest a little to gain a lot. NOTHING worth while is for FREE. Take these Lessons into consideration and increase your marketing potential a little at a time by taking advice of others who are succeeding in the Marketing World. With a lot of work, effort and dedication, with an open mind and willingness to accept help, you will SUCCEED. Join us next week for the continuation of LESSONS TO LEARN IN BUSINESS Author: Debbie Solomon owner and creator of OnLine Exchange Ezine for assistance and advice, please visit my site at: **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  20. 20. 17 LESSONS TO LEARN IN BUSINESS~PART 2 Last week we discussed the importance of a domain name, accepting credit cards online, and the relevancy of Search Engines. This week I am going to let you in on other important lessons I have learned in my experience of marketing on the internet. One of the biggest problems we face on the internet when marketing is finding the best source of advertising and generating HITS to your site. Not only HITS alone, but sales. ADVERTISING When I first started advertising on the internet, I spent numerous hours a day placing ADS at FREE Sites. I guess it is obvious that I wasted valuable time. I added my site to classifieds with 1000's of others hoping people would see mine before anyone else's. I lived in illusion and quickly found out it was not the answer. I shortly learned that I needed to try out the waters, do all kinds of advertising like; Newsgroups, Ezines, low- cost paid ADS, like in AOL and Excite. I write Articles and Publish an Ezine. And I always keep in mind, that I am also a consumer and need to see my site from a consumers point of VIEW. It has helped me a great deal. I am constantly trying various ways of advertising and with each source I use a different AD so I can track where most traffic is coming from. My personal favorites are the EZINEs and also the Newsgroups. They are easy to use and very profitable. EMAIL Spamming is a very touchy situation. A friendly email can turn out to be a fury fight. A lot of people don't even read an email and will reply screaming in your face about spamming. I used to get so upset about this. But I have learned my lesson well. Let me put it to you this way, I find my targeted market, which in my case, are people who already have their own business, and I send them an invitation to visit my site to research FREE Reports and Articles that will help them in increase their business potential. I am NOT selling anything, and I am NOT soliciting. WHY? Because I always have a way for these people to be removed from my list. This is assistance for Business Entrepreneurs, and I am not trying to sell anything. This is one way I Network my business. Yes, I still get a few nasty emails sent back to me and I remove them promptly, but these people are just refusing FREE help. WEB SITE Now that we know how important a Domain Name is, we also have to realize how important the contents and view of your Web Site is. One thing I cannot stand in web sites is BRIGHT colors and neon signs. I can tell you for a fact that the majority of people looking at sites will tell you the same thing. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Use Warm Colors; black is the most common or a smooth green or browns andbeiges. A nice textured background with some subtle graphics will be the best thing you could do for your web site. Just recently I was looking for some helpful tips on Logo's, and I was at the Search Engines. If I entered a site where the colors were bright, I exited right away. If I entered a site that was confusing with tons of information on the first page, I exited. I like an easy to navigate page. A nice description,
  21. 21. 18 with a way to get the information I need. My lesson is that TOO much information at once is NOT a good thing. Have your main web page as a navigation guide for people, with a brief description of your site. People will find it a lot easier and will with no doubt bookmark your site for future reference. I am sure with all the lessons to be learned on the internet, it will take a book to show you all of them. These are very important aspects to learn. We are all here for one reason only, to make a success of our business. ********************************* Author Debbie Solomon owner and creator of OnLine Exchange Ezine **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ HOW TO START YOUR OWN E-ZINE We are frequently asked many questions pertaining to ezines, which include: "What Is An EZINE?" "How Do I Start ONE?" "Why Should I Start An Ezine?" Being that we have been publishing this ezine for a period of time, and that we receive favorable response from what we include in each "Online Exchange Ezine", We present these explanations and suggestions for you to review: The Most Common Question that Home Business Entrepreneurs ask is, "What is an E-Zine?" You are very familiar with Email, which stands for Electronic Mail. So, an Ezine would thus be an Electronic Magazine. Many use the title "Ezine" and "Newsletter" interchangeably. Basically, ezines are a collection of articles and advertisements sent out in email form on a regular basis. If you are a subscriber to more then one ezine, you will notice a basic format. Most ezine publishers lay out their ezine similar to this one. Each Ezine is based on one subject, so that you have a targeted market. This way, people will read your ezine and look forward to each one for information they will be able to utilize. "How Do I Start An E-Zine?" One important aspect I have found in creating an ezine, is Research. You need to Subscribe to various Ezines. Look at the formats of the different ezines and create your own format using others as a guideline. 1. Create a Name that is based on the subject of your E-Zine. This is an intrical part of
  22. 22. 19 your Ezine, so be decisive. 2. The Frequency of your Ezine: Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly We do suggest you start out with a Bi-Weekly or monthly Ezine in the beginning, until you build your business to a desired stage. 3. Create the format: hints: *Start with the Name of the Ezine *A Basic summary of what your Ezine is about *Date of Publication *A Personal Note From the Editor (include your goals and ambitions for the Ezine) *An Index of each Ezine Titles of Articles, Classified ADS, Advertising, etc... *Body of your Ezine (The Contents) *Removal Instructions (very important) *A Disclaimer ( for legality purposes) 4. Research Various Articles on the Internet based on the Subject of your ezine. Save these articles, and out of courtesy to the people who write them, email them and ask permission to publish the article. 99% of the authors will say yes, as long as you include their name, email address and web address. In time you should start writing your own articles. Now that you have a name for your Ezine, a format, and various articles that will be essential to each ezine. It is time to start your mailing list. In order to build a Mailing List, you need to attract people. What we did, as well as many others do in the beginning, is Give away FREE Ad Space. This will generate many subscribers in a short amount of time and also advertise your Ezine at the same time. When your Ezine mailing list reaches the numbered goal you had in mind, you can start charging for ad space. Research various Ezines for the different AD packages that are available and use that to format your own. After you start to build your ezine mailing list, you will need to spend a small amount of money on software for sending out your ezine. There is a large selection to choose from for sending out your ezine. Some more desirable then others. You also need to talk with your internet provider to be sure that there are no restrictions etc. for sending out a large amount of emails on a regular basis. In our next issue, we will discuss who, and where to go for your mailing list, the best place to locate reliable software, and the most effective ways to build you mailing list. There are also many places NOT to go for your email addresses. We will provide this information for you as well. "Why should I start an Ezine?"
  23. 23. 20 To be honest, I basically did not see the importance of an ezine in the beginning. My partner insisted that it was something we needed to have, so I said "Ok, you take care of that part." When we began to charge for ad placement in our ezine, I began to see what an asset this was to our business. The fact is, it is THE most important part of our business! It provides our subscribers with the information that they need to improve their sales. It also serves as a supplement to the marketing manual that we provide many business. I would still have to say that vast majority of our income each week comes from our ad sales alone, so we have something very substantial for a weekly income. And the rave response we get from our advertisers have made it all worth while. We are sincerely helping others in their business. However, I could never handle this on my own. I recommend that anyone planning to start an ezine have a competent partner to help out. There is a lot of work involved in publishing an ezine, but it is well worth. With a reliable partner, you will be much more efficient in your efforts and outcome. I hope this gives you a little more insight as to what an Ezine is and the basics on starting one. If you should need additional advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime: ********************************* Article by: Sara Hardy & Debbie Solomon Co-owners and creators of Millennium Marketing 2000 & The Online Exchange Ezine **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ STARTING YOUR OWN EZINE ~ PART 2 Now that you know how to begin to go about creating and publishing an E-zine (electronic magazine), here are some helpful tips to insure that you acquire a professional and respected ezine. **Where does one get reliable and responsive email addresses?** Well, there is no easy or exact answer to this question. Many people have many different ways of doing it. However, I have experienced something's that may prove to be a benefit to you if you are fighting to reach a goal of subscribers for your advertisers benefit.
  24. 24. 21 I was amazed to find out how some are able to go about getting email addresses. I think that everyone should know how they "happen" to receive an offer from someone they have never heard of before. Consider this: There are programs a person can buy that are designed to "strip" or "capture" email addresses off of a ISP server or chat/discussion group. So, it doesn't matter who you are, if you are online, receiving a message from someone who has obtained their addresses in this manner. On top of this seemingly underhanded activity, programs also enable a person to disguise or cloak themselves as they send out bulk email to these addresses. This makes it impossible to know where spam came from so as to report them. Is it any wonder that we all react so badly to spam? This certainly throws a question on a person's intentions if they utilize such privacy-stripping programs to achieve online income. Many companies sell these programs, then others use them to gain mailing lists and then sells them as Direct Mailing Lists. Many of these lists are genuine, but many are also from this horrible program that strips people of their privacy. If you are establishing a real business, obviously you would not want to go about it with such questionable programs. But, you also need to realize that mailing lists that you may buy could also be gotten in this manner. If that is the case, when you send out to those addresses, you could be asking for big trouble. Not only could you get disconnected from your ISP, you could also be losing business because of being labeled as a spammer. If a tenth of the people respond to your mass mailings, is that effective? I would say no! If you market in a responsible and honest way, you will find that 99% of business person's you contact will respond positively. It is easy to forget that on the other end of an email, there is a real live person. If you deal one-on-one with people as much as possible, your business will definitely be benefited. The way to go about building an emailing list is by patience and perseverance. One way we have found effective is by researching classifieds in your targeted market and responding to people's ads. By telling them that we are looking for interesting online businesses to add to our ezine mailing list, we are able to add email addresses that will be interested in what we have to say each week. We also are able to respond to spam with our offer to add them to the list too. There is nothing wrong with that. But, be sure you wait for anyone's permission to add them. It is much better to only get 150 from a 500 mailing then having 490 unsubscribe. This will take much longer, but in the long run, it proves to be 100% more effective and you will reap the benefits as your income increases list, you too will see that result. Whichever way that you chose to promote your business in building your emailing list, please be responsible and find out what is legal and what will kill the business you have worked so hard to start. **How do you Mail an enormous list of subscribers efficiently?**
  25. 25. 22 There are a couple ways to do a mailing of your Ezine. There is the FREE way and the Low Cost Way. Of course the Low Cost Way is much more reliable and effective. But I will discuss both of them for your benefit. FREE Mailing List Software Basically, this software is set up on many sites as part of an attraction when you join there community. Of course this is FREE, and one place I found that had this that was more reliable than most is at My Free Office: You sign on as a member. When you log on to your account, it is called the Power List. I was doing very well utilizing this list for some time. It is easy to use. HOWEVER, once my list increased quite a bit and my list was over 4,000, for some reason, during my mailings of my ezine, the list would stop sending at about 2,000. There is no way to do the rest of the list, so I was stuck. This made me realize that for reliability purposes, I need to buy software for this. LOW COST Mailing Software This is the most reliable way to send your ezines, offers, etc... The average cost for software such as this is around $50. It is amuch needed investment, and will assure you guaranteed mailings. The best way to research this type of software is to go to a major search engine, such as Alta Vista, key in Mailing List Software, and get rates on quite a few of the Sites. This will give you an idea of what is available. Personally, we use AySoft AyMail . It has been very beneficial for our business and has never caused us any problems. Of course, you will want to use these to programs until you know that you are going to continue publishing your ezine. As your list builds, you will need to seek out and shell out some money for the use of a list server. We personally recommend I hope this gives you more insight of what is entailed in starting your own ezine or newsletter. Our goal is to assist you in any way possible to achieving success online. All the people who read this article have one Goal ~~ Success at Home. Starting an Ezine is the most beneficial way to increase your business potential. It is a proven method. I see so many people starting out in their own businesses and they have been told that they can have their own business and it will cost them nothing. You can go that avenue, but take it from experience, you need to invest something. I am showing you a low cost and effective way to enhance your business by starting an ezine. There are many low cost avenues of success. But the FREE ones are the Dead Ends. Invest Time, Energy and just a few dollars in making a success of your business. Read the ezines that are sent you and learn from them. There are many resources available to you. That is why Ezines are the most effective way of advertising and gaining the proper knowledge of the internet. ********************************* Article by: Sara Hardy and Debbie Solomon Co-owners and creators of The Online Exchange Ezine
  26. 26. 23 **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THE DO'S AND DON'TS OF INTERNET MARKETING by Debbie Solomon It is safe to say that there are very effective ways to get your business noticed on the Internet. But, do you really want to waste your time testing various marketing arenas that just do not work? So, let's get rid of all the blunders that will waste your valuable time and start marketing efficiently and effectively. DONT's of Internet Marketing *Don't Bother with Banners. For one, banners are not novel any longer and customers screen out what they are use to seeing. In ad terms it's called "selective perception". Our minds don't have time to interpret every item we see, so we only look for what's new, relevant and different. Banners have become so intrusive they are no longer noticed. In the strange paradox of advertising, that which tries to get noticed too much, get tuned out and overlooked. *Don't waste your time with FFA Links The only people who even SEE FFA Links are the ones placing them. Sure it is great to autosubmit to millions of them in just minutes, but what do you get back? NOTHING! *Don't Use Search Engine Submission Services YES, it is important to be ranked in Search Engines, but the worthiness of the search engine submission services are questionable to say the least. And how do you know they are actually doing it? It takes time to get ranked in Search Engines as it is, so the guarantee is null and void. *Don't Fill Your WebSite with JUNK Sure neon lights catch the eye, but in all actuality, it is a REAL EYE SORE. All kinds of banners all over the page just takes away from the real reason why someone should be there in the first place. Selling a Product or Service? Than that is what should be on your page. *Don't Throw Away SPAM Funny to say, but people who send Spam are all potential customers. Don't report them or yell at them. Send them Your Offer with a LINK to your site. Always reply to each and every spam you may get some very loyal customers this way. Because they send offers, they are more willing to read them when they receive them. DO's of Internet Marketing
  27. 27. 24 *DO have a WebSite Your Website is your LIFE. Without it, you will NOT succeed. It is your calling card. You need to have a business-like product worthy site that is easy to navigate and Rich in Content. *DO Rank in Search Engines It is very important to rank in Search Engines, but it is strongly advisable that you submit to the Top Engines Manually. Here are the most important Search Engines to rank in: * DO Use Keywords and Meta Tags Meta Tags Before you get started with anything, you need to create some meta tags and place the coding into your web site. To learn how and what to do with meta tags, please visit It is a great resource full of helpful information. Keyword Writing When you write your text for your homepage, try to place a variation of your keywords throughout the page. You want to place the keywords as many times as you can, but do it throughout the entire web page and make sure it sounds professional. *DO ADVERTISE in E-Zines and Newsletters It is a known fact that advertising in Ezines and Newsletters is the most effective way to get the word out. Your AD is sent to thousands of people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. Just make sure it is a Targeted Ezine you are advertising in. These ezines and newsletters are sent directly to the subscribers mailbox. There are only around 30 ADs per issue on a normal basis, so people have time to go through them to see what is available to them on the internet. You can view a large list of Ezines based on Targeted Markets at: *DO Get yourself fully licensed and legal People do not realize the importance of being fully licensed. Don't think that because you have a website on the internet, that is all you need to be successful. Being licensed puts your business out there in the marketing world. Your business is put into a ledger and though you may get tons of sales calls trying to sell you stuff and give your
  28. 28. 25 business credit cards, many businesses look at that ledger to seek legitimate businesses to work with. *DO Accept Credit Cards OnLine This is about the 100th time I have brought this up. You cannot expect people to buy a product over the internet, without access to buy it right then and there. This is Mandatory for success. Don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise. Here is a good company to check out: *DO offer your visitors something to look forward to. What do I mean by this? A Freebie, an incentive, a reason to come back. They may not buy the first time around, give them the chance. Give them a reason to bookmark your site. Free giveaways? Free Contest drawings? Use your imagination and your creativity. It works if you work it. A book can easily be written with the Do's and Don'ts of Internet Marketing, but these are the top factors that are involved when marketing your business on the internet. This gives you the basic format of what works and what doesn't and how you should spend your time running your business efficiently. Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns relating to this article. Your input and suggestions are always welcome. ******************************************* Written by Debbie Solomon The creator of the World Renowned MarketingTrendz Workshop. Author of 2 Business Building E-Books And also the Owner of the Top Rated OnLine Exchange Ezine. Visit me at: **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ PACK SOME POWER IN YOUR AD COPY by debbie solomon & sara hardy Are you having trouble writing your AD copy? Are your ads pulling in sales? Do your Ads get any attention? These are all big concerns when marketing your business online. The HARDEST part of marketing is writing an AD copy that will draw attention to your business. Most people just write an AD about their product, explaining what it is and adding the URL on the bottom. This type of Ad will get you no where. On a normal basis, you only have a very limited amount of space to "Get To The Point".
  29. 29. 26 So in order to Pack some Power into your Ad copy, and draw the attention of the reader, try some of these helpful tips: Start at the TOP. The first line. This is your POWERLINE. This is what will draw the attention of the reader to even consider reading further. *Use ALL CAPS, just in your HEADLINE (I like to call it the PowerLine). *The biggest attention-getter I see, is using your powerline as a Question. Ask the question that your product or site can answer. *Visualize a person reading this first line and think of what it is that will make a person read on. Example: My main product line is a Marketing Workshop, that teaches people step by step the essential tools and resources of marketing online. My website involves various types of Marketing tools and strategies that will help people market their business more efficiently. My PowerLine can be something like: DO YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS TO BE PROFITABLE & SUCCESSFUL? Well, anyone who is looking to increase their marketing potential and want their business to be more profitable will read on. Next, is the rest of AD. You must remember, you do not need LENGTH to get to the point. You need POWER WORDS. The most powerful word in any AD copy is BENEFIT. What will the reader benefit by your business? Who cares how long you or the company has been in business? Who cares about the history of the business itself? These are things people will read about once they get to your site. Your AD is to get peoples attention and get them to visit your site. Let your web site do the rest. You need to realize that your AD is to get people to your site. NOT to sell your product right off the bat. An Ad cannot do that. An AD is an invitation. The body of your AD must reap the benefits people will receive once they visit your site. Example: As stated above, you see my PowerLine. That is to entice the people to read on. Now for a short invitation that is packed with power: "Find Out What is HOT and What is NOT in today's Marketing World." Benefit Your Marketing Strategies today! The SOLUTION to Successful Marketing Starts Here.... This Ad is a total of 5 lines. It gets to the point. The benefit people will receive is obvious... When they visit this site, they will receive the benefits of how to successfully market their business online.
  30. 30. 27 No one said it would be easy to come up with an AD that is packed with power. You need to: * Visualize * Use Your imagination * Be Creative ...And most of all trust your product or service. Do you know your product or service will sell? and what benefits will people receive when using your product or service? When you watch TV, do you pay attention to the commercials? These commercials are ADs, just like yours. They have the advantage of Visualation. Our ADs don't. But listen to the wording of these Ads. They all have a PowerLine, an attention grabber. Really start listening to the commercials, and more ideas will come to mind on how to really PACK your AD with POWER You can also start critiquing what commercials are effective and which ones are not. This will also guide you when you write your ad copy. Your Ad copy is everything. This is what brings people to your site. People want excitement in what they read. Give it to them. Let them know what is in store for them if they visit your site. Let them know they will benefit from it. A PowerPacked Ad copy is the ONLY answer to driving people to your Site! By using this wisely and putting thought into it, you are sure to see results. ******************************************* Written by Debbie Solomon & Sara Hardy The creators of the World Renowned MarketingTrendz Workshop. Author of 2 Business Building E-Books And also the Owner of the Top Rated OnLine Exchange Ezine. Visit me at: **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THE POWER OF THE INTERNET We are all aware of what the power of the internet can produce for businesses today. The internet is the Key to most businesses success. Here are some key points you need to consider in order to gain the power of success on the internet: **Your Product** What are you selling? Is it something you truly believe in and have full knowledge of?
  31. 31. 28 Make sure you know all there is to know about the product that you are marketing online, whether it be an actual product, service or opportunity, these factors are the most imperative to consider when doing business online. **Customer Service** I cannot stress enough the importance of the customer coming first. Each person that inquires about our business must be taken special care of, whether they are difficult or not. Happy customers mean return business and referrals to others. No, it is impossible to satisfy everyone. But if you know that you gave it 100% effort in your attentiveness, then you are servicing your customers to the best of your ability. And that is what counts **Your Web Site** Is your web site fully up and running? Is it readable and understandable? Do you know for a fact that if a person goes to your site for a particular reason that they will find what they are looking for without being given the runaround? Is your site uniform and easy to follow? If the answers to these questions are yes, then your web site is ready for marketing. If you answer no to any of these questions, you must go back and make your site customer reliable. **Your Domain** Do you have your own domain? Or are you using a Free Service? A Free service will get you nowhere fast. People who see a product with a business type web address know that it is a true professional they are dealing with. You must realize that saving a few dollars by not getting a domain will cost you your business. This is a known Fact. **Accepting Credit Cards ** If you are selling anything on your web site, you MUST have the capabilities of accepting credit cards. If you do not accept credit cards online, then this is the first thing you must do. When people are searching the Net for something and stumble upon your site, and find the product or service they want, they will want to buy it right then and there. If you do not have a way of purchasing your product or service at that moment, you have a 90% chance of losing the sale. People will go else where to buy what they need. No matter how good you are, accepting credit cards is vital to your business. You are fooling yourself if you think that you can do without it. **Knowledge of Marketing Your Business** Now we all know that without this knowledge, we may as well call it quits. There is so much to consider in this factor, but the most important aspect of gaining the proper knowledge is to test and learn. Joining a Workshop or Training Center is always the best tool to require because they keep you up to date on all the best and most profitable ways to market your business, and most of them include incredible marketing tools and software to really give your business the cutting edge. It may involve a small investment, but the increased profits of your business will more than make up for it. As long as you consider these factors into your Business Plan, you will find out what all the hype is about when it comes to the "Power Of The Internet"
  32. 32. 29 Success is what you make of it, and only you can decide if you will succeed. But I cannot stress enough the importance of what these key factors I have pointed out to you can do for your business. Without them, it is a losing battle. It is your choice. Success is on your side! ********************************* Debbie Solomon is the creator of the world renowned Marketing Trendz Workshop devised for small and home businesses to acquire all the various marketing tools and techniques that are required for success online. She is also the author of "Mind Your Own Business" E-Book, and The Online Exchange Ezine. Please visit her site at: **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Getting Sidetracked vs. Getting More The biggest problem that new "Online Marketers" have is a lack of focus. You get online, post your ads for your business and then you're suddenly inundated with everybody else's opportunities. Then you say to yourself, "If one money-maker is good, two are better and three - well, I'll be a millionaire in no time at all!" Well, I hate to disappoint you, but that's not at all how it works. If you apply all of your efforts to one program, you're 3 times as likely to become a success before Joe Businessman with his 3 programs. Why? FOCUS! If you take the time & energy to focus on one program, to know the product, to develop a full-scale marketing program and put it all into action, you'll be successful at it and probably make a nice living. If it happens that after all that, you feel like you're not being challenged anymore - THEN you can put your program on "auto-pilot" and expect reasonable success from another program as well. But if you haven't been in a program more than a month or two and you're not very sure of yourself, I certainly wouldn't recommend taking on another. Have you ever met someone who just couldn't find a program that worked? By joining those programs, I receive newsletters, tips, tricks of the trade, free reports and sales letters absolutely FREE! When I get all of that information, I scan it for anything I can use in my program. I take everything I can use, add it to my program and pass it on to my clients. By doing this, we are developing the absolute BEST Program . FOCUS on your program, work it and once you get to your goal with that program, then shift your goals and add something more, but don't bit off more than you can chew. Don't get sidetracked, get more. **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  33. 33. 30 Build A Successful Business By Staying Connected (c) 1999 L.D. Publishing By Larry Dotson Over the course of your business life you'll come in contact with a number of other business people. They could be lawyers, business services, suppliers, customers, etc. These people are important to your business in more ways than one. Yes, you may have hired them, or they bought your product or service. You can also gain their business knowledge, experience, ideas, and advice. How do you do this? Stay Connected! Network! Networking is when two or more different businesses stay in contact on a regular basis to build and improve each others business. Consider all the benefits you'll gain from talking to other business people: -Knowledge or information that you didn't have before -Advice on how to solve a current business problem -Leads to a new business project or opportunity -Joint ventures and cross promotion deals -Learn important skills that you didn't have before -Constructive criticism that improved your business -Brainstorming that sparks a profitable business idea -Encouraging and motivational statements Their are many ways to meet business people. Join business clubs and associations. Participate in online business related forums, e-mail discussion groups, and chat rooms. Go to business expos and trade shows. There are other ways use your creativity to come up with more. **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Is Your Business Web Promotable? by Joshua Brown and Jon Cardon Universal Solutions Consulting INTRODUCTION What you are reading is privileged information. Many clients of my consulting firm have paid thousands of dollars for this information. I feel the time has come to make it available to the general public. Every year thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs set up shop on the Web, and most of them disappear with little to show for their investment. Many more are only marginally successful. Failure in the Web Marketplace is generally due to one of the following three reasons:
  34. 34. 31 1) Misjudged the Internet market 2) Lack of advertising, or a poor advertising strategy 3) Failure to maximize visibility relative to the competition If you are expanding your business to include an internet customer base or starting a new internet business, you need to know how to start. The first step in any business should be MARKET TESTING! This article describes some principles of advertising on the web that will help you test your market, and outlines a strategy for trying out your product. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS Customers on the Web have low attention spans. They often have some idea of what they are looking for when they log on, but they are easily distracted. This is because they know that the whole world waits at their fingertips. They also tend to be young, middle class, have white collar jobs, and have reasonable amounts of discretionary cash. A notable departure from this includes the large numbers of students, especially from colleges and universities, who take advantage of educational Internet access. Is your product likely to be something your customers will go out of their way to find? Poor products to promote include low cost or everyday items one might find at the store. Also, obscure gadgets are unlikely to attract many people. More promotable kinds of products include expensive items, since people are more likely to seek out bargains on investment caliber purchases. One way to decide if your product is likely to be successful is to scope out your competition. If no one else is promoting similar products on the Web and you don't know why, then maybe you shouldn't either. Something else to think about if you aren't selling a product is why do you want to be on the Web. If you own a restaurant, for example, then perhaps you would be better off advertising in travel brochures and newspapers. Few people look for restaurants on the Web because other advertising mediums already work so well. The Web is a global advertising forum. People in Australia don't search the web for diners in Braddock, PA. Regionality is a real issue with the web. Many malls and search engines try to create regional directories and listings, but the most effective businesses by far are those that can handle a national clientele. Direct mail businesses are exceptionally easy to make into web businesses. ADVERTISING FOR THE DIGITAL AGE A little knowledge of the Web can go a long way toward refining your advertising technique. First of all, web surfers hate waiting. After all, there's so much to see. Web pages that have too many large graphics, especially animated ones, will often send surfers to less busy waters. Adopt an attractive but lean Web presence. Potential customers will also move on if they are confused about who you are or what you are
  35. 35. 32 selling. Avoid being too coy or clever. Straightforward is usually the best policy. Make sure your web site has a strong, convenient, easy to understand structure so that your customers won't become lost, since being lost tends to cause people to look for more familiar territory elsewhere. DON'T FORGET the primary principles of normal advertising! People don't watch TV just to see the commercials! This is even more true on the web. Often, people are shopping for a specific product, looking for free information, or seeking entertainment on the web. You test advertising needs to be well written, interesting, and useful! You can create content which attracts your potential customers to your web site. If you are selling information, you can demo a small portion of your info (for free) as a promotion. If you are selling products, you should give detailed information about your products, or even create reviews of your product vs. several competing ones. You can drastically reduce the per lead/hit cost of your advertising by creating content that attracts your customers. BE EVERYWHERE Your competitors know how web surfers find things. Do you? The number one starting point for Web browsing is a search engine (or web directory). There are eight major search engines on the Web, and all have their own criteria for judging how to organize their lists. Knowing the ins and outs of search engines is important for being listed at the top of their search lists. Knowing that you need to submit your site to them is a good first step though. Also, find other sites whose products or topics are complementary to your product and e-mail their webmasters or site maintainers about having them put links to your site on theirs. Some especially popular sites sell banner space to others. Most of the search engines do, for example. At least fifty companies on the internet claim to sell the secret to "getting your site to the top of the category" on search engines. The author of this article has purchased many of the books on how to do this, and a lot of them are quite good. Picking up one of these texts is a great start to understanding search engines. We recommend one that comes with a subscription to periodic updates. Another way to go is with a multi-submission service. My personal favorite is ROBO- SUBMIT. ( They will let you test out their engine for free, and a cheap monthly subscription lets you submit to over 200 places as many times as you want. This really beats the typical cost of up to $200 for a single submission to 200 engines from many places. A SIMPLE PLAN FOR MARKET TESTING We have replicated this simple plan many times to test the market for various products on the internet. Here's how it works: 1. Create a simple web site that explains your product. Don't list your price, but DO include your PO Box, Phone Number, and E-mail address.
  36. 36. 33 On your web site, you MUST HAVE A FORM FOR TAKING NAMES, ADDRESSES, and E-MAIL ADDRESSES. For an example of a site like this, check out: The requests should go right into your mailbox. Later, you will get an auto-responder to take care it for you. You also need a hit counter, so you can gauge how may people visited to your site. 2. Create a CONVERSION LETTER (if you are in direct marketing, you probably already have one) that sells your product to interested customers. It MUST include ordering instructions, the price, etc. (There are many excellent resources available on how to create this sort of letter.) 3. Advertise your site by buying advertising space. Two quick and relatively inexpensive ways to do this are to use a Businesslink mailing ( or an Infoseek targeted banner ( I won't say that these are really cheap, but they ARE very fast and easy to use. You will get some immediate feedback on how interested people are in your product. 4. E-mail and/or snail-mail your conversion letter to everyone who asks for more info about your product! * After running your advertising, check out these ratios: - Dollars of advertising per hit to your site If your hits cost less than $0.10, you have an incredible product! If your hits cost more than $5.00, you have either a poor product or a very poor advertisement! - Hits to your site per request for info The best results here are around 2 hits per request. You may have as many as 10 hits per request and still have a good product. - Sales per request for info Many marketers are happy if they sell product to even 1% of the customers who request info. However, many clients of ours have had as many as 1 sale per 5 requests. If you get ratios like that, you have really marketable product! NOTE: If you don't take credit cards and you don't have online or 1-800 ordering, you should expect 80% less response to your conversion letter! It's okay to test market without taking cards, having 1-800 or online ordering, etc., but it won't give you an accurate idea of how many prospects will BUY your product.
  37. 37. 34 The Web is a very powerful marketplace, but it is not universally useful. Knowledge is very important to avoiding frustration and wasted money. Now you have the tools to decide if the Web is for you. Remember that this is only the first step. Once you have proven that you can sell your product on the internet market, you need to create an automated system for doing it. Visit the Window of Opportunity next month for a follow- up article on how to do this! Copyright (c) 1996 J. William Brown, All rights reserved. This document may not be copied in part or in full without express written permission from the publisher. All violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Customize Your Web Site's BookMark! By Curtis Stevens To be successful online with a business, your web site has to be advertised and marketed well to receive the maximum amount of exposure and sales. There are many ways to draw traffic to your online business, and I'm going to show you a free way to do it. When someone bookmarks your web site, they see a default image that Microsoft set the browser with, next to the title of your web site. Instead of having this image, you can change it to your company logo. Currently, Internet Explore 5.0 is the only browser that supports this wonderful technique. According to Microsoft, there has been over one million people who have downloaded the Internet Explore 5.0 browser, so you should receive a very good percentage of your visitors using this browser. This image can be a customized image you make. It will show up in several places, like the Favorites section of the browser, the address box and other places. Not only will this let your web site's bookmark stand out from the rest, it will also help you gain name and logo recognition while increasing the chances of people clicking on your bookmark and returning to your web site. **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ EIGHT SECRETS OF SELLING by Deleone Quintana [ Deleone Quintana is a top seller who works in the music and computer industries developing sales strategies and marketing tactics. ] INTRODUCTION Are there secrets to selling? Do some people know something that others don't? I believe so. Many salesmen work for years before they learn the secrets of success. Top sellers in my industry have some basic principles that they use in every sale. Most
  38. 38. 35 salesmen fail because of ego. They base their ability to sell on their own personal "attitude" and usually neglect the foundation of good selling, which is solid character. Let me share eight principles that can turn you into a sales leader, if you will apply them to your work: BE HONEST The number one most important trait necessary to truly be a successful salesman is honesty. You must always be honest with your client, your boss, and yourself. If you stretch the truth or lie, you will never be in the top producers of sales. You will be spending your time figuring out what you already said instead of what you should say next. The easiest way to be completely honest is represent a product you believe in. Selling anything less than something you believe in makes you a confidence man, not a salesman. SOLVE PROBLEMS This secret of selling is a frame of mind AND a much less stressful way of selling. The concept is to look at each meeting with a client as a problem solving experience. Help your client identify problems, and then explain how your product can solve these problems. If your client has no problems that can be solved with your product then don't try to sell them! (This goes back to honesty.) RESEARCH This is one of the most important skill and the least practiced by salesman. This skill is to always do your homework. The last thing you ever want is to be asked a question from a client about your product and not know the answer. This is your job as a salesman. You provide information in the most attractive manner possible, so know your information. Know your client, too. Take the opportunity to read or listen to information about your client before you start the sale. LISTEN You won't be able to effectively sell anything if you don't know what your client wants. The prospect is a real person with real problems and real needs. You should know the answers to all these things by your first meeting. The easiest way to effectively listen is to occasionally repeat what their needs are. When you are approaching the end of the meeting, go over all the points the client noted in detail. This will build trust and help the client understand that you are concerned about their interests. SELL AT THE RIGHT PRICE Price is always a sensitive issue. One thing you have to remember is that you are a professional, and professionals get paid. Every time you go to a meeting, realize you're also selling a quality product from a professional company. If you don't plan on paying yourself or selling a quality product for a quality price, leave sales now! Don't ever drop your price without a fight and for a good reason. You may look unprofessional, and you won't like the financial results! Special Note: A key to rapid success is to sell an expensive product. Expensive products mean large commissions. Isn't that why we got into sales in the first place? ALWAYS BE CLOSING
  39. 39. 36 Closing is where you get paid, so know how to close. Practice your closes and trial closes. Start a library of close approaches you can use. Each client is different, so you also must be able to adapt instantly. Using good listening skills combined with research and honesty will generally make the close very easy. Too many salesmen look at the close as "this is the moment when we have to trick the client into signing." This is an awful way of looking at the close, and it will lead to poor performance. See the close as the moment of fulfillment for yourself and your client. Follow this solid rule of sales: Always Be Closing. We all have to eat, and you can't eat for free. FOLLOW UP Some statistics have shown that if a prospect asks for Information, whether they buy right now or not 48% will buy within one year. What this means is always keep in contacts with your prospects. Send cards every holiday. After every meeting, send a thank you card containing a business card, and make sure they are hand written! Keep a database or address book for your clients so you never forget. If 48% are going to buy, make sure you are the one they buy from! STUDY CONSTANTLY The last principle is: Always study your trade. Never think you know all there is. Every time you don't close, buy a sales techniques book and read it, or reread one you already have. Create a reference library of sales material. Read the paper for small talk purposes. Subscribe to trade magazines. The bottom line is: know what you're talking about, whether selling or not. Copyright (c) 1996 J. William Brown, All rights reserved. This document may not be copied in part or in full without express written permission from the publisher. All violations will be prosecuted to thefullest extent of the law. Visit THE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY: **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Getting it Done By Brian Welch One of the biggest problems I have seen with working online, full or part time, is productivity. Whether you are doing it in the evenings after work or it is your full time profession, many people find it hard to be productive at home. Time management is essential if you are going to have a successful business. You have to learn to shut out all outside distractions. Stay focused on what needs to be done and do it. Just because your time is more flexible, doesn't mean you can waste it. Just last week I talked to someone whose online business was doing very poorly. I gave him a few pointers and proceeded to ask him how many hours a day he puts in. He told me he puts in 14 hours a day
  40. 40. 37 at home. When I pressed him to outline for me what he does in the 14 hours, he admitted that a good portion of that time he is watching TV or talking to friends or just surfing the net. That was a big part of his problem. He wasn't managing his time properly. Becoming a success on the Internet is a lot of work. You have to put in a lot of long hours and any time you waste just sets you further and further away from your goal. It is vital that you do everything you possibly can to organize your time. Make a list every Sunday of the things you want to accomplish the following week and post it in a prominent place at your workstation. Take your "to do" list very seriously and make every effort to get it done. Start with the things you want to do the least and get them over with first. Challenge yourself to conquer that list each and every week. Next step is to setup a regular schedule for yourself. Set aside time each day to answer e-mails, follow up on prospects, make phone calls, market your site, do the books, etc.. If you make these things a regular part of your daily schedule, it will become second nature. The third thing you need to do is remove as many outside distractions as you can. Tell your friends and family that just because you are home does not mean you are not working. Let the answering machine get your home phone. Setup a workstation that you can be comfortable at and get things done. The list goes on and on. There are many things you can do to be more productive, the key is to manage your time more effectively. Thanks, Brian Welch -------------------- Brian Welch is the owner of the BizBot Search Engine. A search engine designed to help people do business online. Check it out at **************************************************************************************************** $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ INTERNET MARKETING MEDICINE! By Dr. Michel Fortin, Ph.D. In today's world, it is an understatement to say that we are constantly bombarded with information of nuclear proportions. The roles of both the consumer and the entrepreneur have become so immensely challenging that choosing a business to buy from - let alone being and remaining in business - has become a dizzying process. Therefore, how do you survive, let alone thrive, in today's explosive hyper-competitive marketplace, especially on the Internet? Unfortunately, many businesses are still marketing themselves with old-style, "knock-
  41. 41. 38 until-you-drop" institutional marketing approaches - the kind that says "I'm open for business." The web is certainly not immune to this practice. However, these methods no longer work, or at least not as effectively as they used to, and certainly not on the web! For instance, a portion of my clientele have websites that produce little or no traffic, while others successfully attract tremendous amounts of traffic, but generate little business. Online or offline, the key is not to advertise that you are "in" business but that you are "the" business of choice. Where people used to ask "Why should I buy this product or service?" today, that question has changed to "Why should I buy this product or service FROM YOU?" Simply put, today's consumer will choose one company over another because the perceived value in that choice is greater. This is a particularly important marketing lesson to learn when doing business on the Internet. The web is so full of "raw" data that people no longer have the time to sift through all the information that is thrown at them - let alone the time to shop around for the best product from the best company at the best price. They usually make a decision based on the kind of information that instantly communicates a specific benefit; one in which there is an implicit added value in making the purchase. Getting traffic to your site is one thing, but getting that traffic to actually buy from you is another. So, how can a company communicate that it is "the" business of choice? How can it give the kind of information that will get people to buy what it has to offer and do so effortlessly, especially in a hyper-competitive world? The answer is through positioning. TOP-OF-MIND AWARENESS In today's world of hyper-competition, top-of-mind awareness is the most effectively provocative form of marketing now available. The idea is to create, within the subconscious minds of prospects, a psychological "anchor" that causes people to choose, when a need presents itself, one company over another, instantaneously. Ultimately, the goal is to market your business in specific ways so that the name, location (URL), product, or service stays at the top of your prospects' minds at all times. I call this Miracle-Making Marketing. In other words, since people no longer have the time to shop around, when they do have a certain need, they will go to (or search for) the company or site that happens to be at the top of their minds at that very moment. Ries and Trout, authors of the bestsellers "Positioning" and "The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing," state what I believe to be the most powerful notion in the world of business... that marketing is a battle of perceptions, not products. In fact, marketing is all about perception. You don't need to be the best company offering the best product or service at the best price in order to be the best. As long as people perceive you to be the best, you have the upper hand. However, here's the caveat. People want the best and that has never changed. But if