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Survey about the comenius project f

  1. 1. Survey about the Comenius project for pupilsTick the answer that suits you: What do you think of the Comenius project?□ I like it a lot □ I like it a little □ I don’t like itTick the activities in which you have participated and colour the square in green if you liked it alot, orange if you liked it a little, red if you didn’t like it.□ Conference about Knights life□ do research on the countries of Europe and make posters□ make flags of the countries□ research about your famous knight and his life□ make shields in arts lessons□ draw and colour Knights□ visit the Comenius blog on internet□ write on the pupil board on the blog□ participate in the Comenius Club□ discuss about the honor code and how being a knight todayCircle the answer:Do you feel more interested in European countries with this project? yes noDo you feel more interested in the history with this project? yes noDo you feel more interested in English with this project? yes noIs it easier for you now to do research on the internet? yes noAre you trying to act like a knight in your life?□ Yes often □ yes occasionally □ noIn your opinion what should we do to improve this project?------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. 2. Results of the survey about the Comenius project - France(with 150 pupils of 9, 10 and 11 years old in April 2012)80 % like it a lot,17% like it a little and 3% don’t like it.What they have preferred is the visit in France, it permitted to meet foreign children and adults; it was a great event forthem. Lots of children think your visit was too short! It is the first reason they like the project, another one is the discovery ofcountries they didn’t really know as Poland or Finland….They also like the theme we study: knights and Middle Age. Theyappreciate the activities they have done for the project like prepare a show or art crafts.Generally they like all the activities they’ve done about the project.At the question, « Do you feel more interested in European countries with this project? » the answer is yes for 89%(97% for 11years old, 88% for 10years old, 87% for 9 years old)At the question « Do you feel more interested in the history? », 57% say yes (46% for the 9, 57% for the 10, and 69% forthe 11)At the question, « Do you feel more interested in English with this project? », it is yes for 81% of the pupils (79% for the9, 81% for the 10, 87% for the 11.)And finally, at the question « Is it easier for you now to do research on the internet? » the answer is yes for 62% (60% forthe 10, 66% for the 11).We can notice that older pupils are, more benefit of the project they have. The oldest have also done more activities relatedto the project than the youngest.When we ask pupils if they try to act like a knight in their life, 30% say yes, often; 65% yes sometimes and 5% no. Theyoungest try to be a good knight more than the oldest. (61% for the 9, 21% for the 10, and only 14% for the 11)The aim of each Comenius project is to interest children in Europe, to develop their interest and proficiency in a foreignlanguage and develop the use of new technologies in education. We can say, with these survey results, the goals are largelymet regarding to the interest of other European countries and for the English language and that the project has permitted agreater use of internet even if its control is still far from assured.Here are some propositions pupils have done to improve the project : - Make presentations about knights, read knight stories, make knights by hand crafts. - Develop contacts with foreign pupils, writing mails or letters. - Add new countries in the project. - Discuss about the project, make activities on it more often during the class. - Make souvenirs, presents for our partners. - Improve our English with more lessons. - Invite other children to come in France, receive a new delegation next year. - French children could go with the teachers for the visits abroad. - Children should be nice and helpful with others.