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Minutes poland
Minutes poland
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Minutes poland


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  • 1. U-Knight Europe Comenius School Partnership 2011-2013Minutes from the meeting in Poland - 17th November 2011PresentCyprus, The Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Portugal, England, Italy, France, Spain 1. Dates for France The dates for France were finalised – 14/02/2012 – 18/02/12 2. Portugal Visit Portugal coordinator will send dates for Portugal early December when he has the external exam timetable. 3. Holland Visit Holland coordinator mentioned that she has to book for Spring 2013 now as it is peak season in Holland and rooms book up very quickly. All countries told her how many rooms they would need. The visit will be around the end of April 2013 4. France Visit All countries indicated how many rooms they would require for the visit to France. 5. Cyprus Visit The proposed dates for the visit are 11th – 15th October 2012. The dates need to be around the time of the Medieval Festival in Cyprus. Georges will let us know of definite dates. 6. Email Pairs Countries will be sending emails to each other. Counties paired up but these will change throughout the project. Countries will decide amongst themselves how to send the emails. The first pairs are: Cyprus/Finland/England Holland/Poland Spain/Portugal France/Italy 7. Honour Code and pledge These should be displayed in our Comenius Corners in school and shared with children and teachers. 8. Trip Diary Children travelling on visits should complete a trip diary. Holland shared the diary which their children were completing. It contained: Poland Information Lodz Information The Itinerary Polish words Space for Diary entries Structured questions for the children to answer.
  • 2. 9. Log Book This is an empty book which logs all the action taken by each participating school. It logs events which have taken place in school and on visits and includes photographic evidence of activities. It will be useful as evidence for our national agencies. It should be written in our mother Tongue and at least 2 entries per month should be added. Countries may organise the log book how they wish. 10. Ping Pong Story Poland to start the story and should write 2 or 3 sentences then send it to the next country indicated on the application form.Meeting closed – teachers taken on tour of school by Polish School Head teacher whilst the children signedcontracts.