What is UFT? HP's unified functional testing.


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What is UFT? HP's unified functional testing.

  1. 1. Boutique product development company It is amazing what you can accomplish when you have a client-centric team to deliver outstanding products.
  2. 2. What is UFT Boutique product development company It is amazing what you can Engineer Roshan Masood | Software Test accomplish when you have a client-centric team to deliver outstanding products.
  3. 3. Long ago in a galaxy far, far away, testers were computer-savvy nonprogrammers. Their job was to use the product before customers did. In doing so, they could find the bugs, report them to the developers, and get them fixed. This was a happy world but it couldn't last ….. We’ll be covering the following topics in this Tech Session: • • • • • • • What Is UFT What is there To Learn in UFT What's WHAT Building a simple Test UFT Practical Questions References Roshan Masood | STE
  4. 4. HP’s Unified Functional Testing So WHT is UFT ? • Basically “Unified Functional Testing” (UFT) is a license type that allows you to integrate QuickTest Pro with Service Test. • Unified Functional Testing (including Quick Test Professional, all add-ins, Service Test and Service Test Management) is HP's main automated functional testing tool. • If you only have an “FT-Unified” license for QTP and ST, you will not be able to use the built-in integration ability of either product. • QTP enables functional tests to be carried out automatically. After an initial investment of effort to record and configure a script, the script can be run again and again to verify the functionality of an application under test.
  5. 5. HP’s Unified Functional Testing Down to the Good Stuff • How do I create a new test? • How do I work with the Unified Functional Testing panes? • How do I create a test step? • How do I data drive the step? • How do I connect test steps? • How do I map data from multiple sources?
  6. 6. HP’s Unified Functional Testing What’s WHAT ? • Most of the panes in the Unified Functional Testing interface, are floating, dock able windows. To show the default panes in their original positions: select View > Reset Window Layout The primary panes are: • Solution Explorer pane. (left) A tree hierarchy of all tests and actions in the current solution, with their references, flow, and events. •Toolbox pane. (left) A collection of built-in and imported activities that can be added as test steps. From this pane, you drag activities into the canvas. •Canvas. (middle) The work area in which you organize the test steps. •Data Pane. (bottom) A tree hierarchy of data sources that can be used with the test—imported Excel and XML files or database tables, or a manually defined table. •Output Pane. (bottom) An informational area providing information about the test run and status.
  7. 7. HP’s Unified Functional Testing Lets Get our Hands Dirty – UFT Practical
  8. 8. HP’s Unified Functional Testing Build a Simple Test • Creating a New API Test
  9. 9. HP’s Unified Functional Testing Create a sample Replace String test step: • Locate the Replace String activity
  10. 10. HP’s Unified Functional Testing Set the input properties • In the Properties pane, select the Input/Checkpoints tab. Enter the following values: • Source string: Hello world. • Search string: Hello • Replacement string: Goodbye • Case-sensitive: false
  11. 11. HP’s Unified Functional Testing View the results. Select View > Expand All or click the Expand All toolbar button. Click the Change Text node. View the source and replacement strings and note the result string, Goodbye world. This is in fact the expected string—the test passed.
  12. 12. HP’s Unified Functional Testing Connecting STEPS 1. Add a Concatenate String step. 2. Set the prefix.
  13. 13. HP’s Unified Functional Testing Connecting STEPS continued … 1. Link the steps. 2. Configure the suffix 3. Run the Test 4. View the Result
  14. 14. HP’s Unified Functional Testing Mapping data from multiple sources 1. Set the prefix. 2. Open the Select Link Source dialog box. 3. Edit the suffix.
  15. 15. HP’s Unified Functional Testing Add another Source Select the Available steps option and select the Change Text node in the left pane. Select the Result node in the right pane, and click Add. The Expression box shows both sources.
  16. 16. References • http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press_kits/2010/HPSoftwareUniverseB arcelona2010/HP_Unified_Functional_Testing.pdf • http://www8.hp.com/us/en/softwaresolutions/software.html?compURI=1172957#.Ub7l_vkwd2M • http://www.joecolantonio.com/2011/07/11/uft-hp%E2%80%99s-unifiedfunctional-testing/ • http://www.automation-consultants.com/productsUnified_Functional_Testing-135