An insight to microsoft platform


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An insight to microsoft platform

  1. 1. Boutique product development companyIt is amazing what you can accomplish when you have a client-centric team to deliver outstanding products.
  2. 2. An Insight to Microsoft Platform Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  3. 3. An Insight to Microsoft PlatformTopics covered in the presentation • Development Tool Overview • Visual Studio Demo • Tips & Recommendations Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  4. 4. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformDevelopment Tools Overview •Microsoft .NET •Microsoft SQL Server •Windows Azure •Windows Phone 7 •XNA and Kodu Framework •Silverlight •Microsoft Visual Studio Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  5. 5. An Insight Into Microsoft Platform.NET Framework – General overview Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  6. 6. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformOverview of General Features • Interoperability • Language Independence • Base Class Library • Portability (Mono, DotGNU, CrossNet) • Simplified deployments • Security Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  7. 7. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformWhat is Silver light• Application framework for Rich Internet Applications• Subset of WPF• Uses XML based representation of presentation using XAML• XAML targets multiple platforms (desktop, web, mobile) ) Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  8. 8. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformSilver light Programming Model Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  9. 9. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformHow Silver light Works Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  10. 10. An Insight Into Microsoft Platform Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  11. 11. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformGaming frameworks (XNA & Kodu) • Cross platform Game development framework • XBOX, Windows, Mobile, Zune • C#, VB.NET as compared to traditional C++ • Kodu – codeless way of game development Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  12. 12. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformMicrosoft SQL Server Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  13. 13. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformMS SQL Server high level feature set • Database Engine (DBMS) (SQL server management studio) • Analysis services (Multidimensional Data, Data Mining) (Business intelligence development studio) • Integration services (ETL) • Replication • Reporting Services (Business Intelligence) • SQL Server Service Broker Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  14. 14. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformWhat is Windows Azure Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  15. 15. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformHow Windows Azure works Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  16. 16. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformAzure Features overview • Focus on your application, not operational constraints. • Administration • Availability • Scalability • REST and managed APIs (storage services even out of cloud) • Fault Tolerance (3 times replication) • VM • In built, caching support Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  17. 17. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformWindows Phone 7 Runtime Tools Phone Emulator Sensors Media Data Location Phone Xbox LIVE Notifications Samples Documentation .NET Framework managed code sandbox Guides Community Packaging and Verification Tools Cloud Portal Notifications App Deployment Registration Marketplace Location Identity Feeds Validation MO and CC Billing Social Maps Certification Business Intelligence Publishing Update Management Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  18. 18. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformTips and RecommendationsVisual Studio Code Samples at MSDN (C#, C++, j#, VB, Smart Devicesetc) - Library Research Community (Publications, projects) - Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  19. 19. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformCommon Hooks • hook_help() • hook_perm() • hook_init() • hook_theme() • hook_block() • hook_menu() Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  20. 20. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformHelp Hooks – a Module File Entry /** * Implementation of hook_help */ function modulename_help($path, $arg) { switch ($path) { case admin/help#color: $output = <p>. t(The color module allows a site administrator to quickly and easily change the color scheme of certain themes.’ ).</p>; return $output; } } Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  21. 21. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformSpecify the Available Permissions • Tell Drupal who can use your module. /** * Implementation of hook_perm */ function modulename_perm() { return array(access site-wide , administer colors); } Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  22. 22. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformHook_init () • This hook is run at the beginning of the page request. 1. Add CSS or JS that should be present on every page. 2. Set up global parameters which are needed later in the request Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  23. 23. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformCont..Hook_init () function modulename_init() { $path = drupal_get_path(module, ‘modulename); drupal_add_js($path . /filename.js); drupal_add_css($path . ‘/filename.css, module, all, FALSE); }!hooks!core.php/function/hook_i nit/6 Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  24. 24. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformHook_Theme () function modulename_theme($existing, $type, $theme, $path) { } • Write theme funtions Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  25. 25. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformDeclaring Block Content /** * Implementation of hook_block(). * @param string $op one of "list", "view", "save" and "configure" * @param integer $delta code to identify the block * @param array $edit only for "save" operation */ function modulename_block($op = list, $delta = 0, $edit = array()) { switch ($op) { case list: $block = array(); $block[0]["info"] = t(assets); return $block; break; Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  26. 26. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformDeclaring Block Content Cont.. case view: $block[subject] = assets; $block[content] = get_block_content(); return $block; break; } }!hooks!core.php/function/hook_ block/6 Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  27. 27. An Insight Into Microsoft Platform Hook Menu• Define menu items and page callbacks.• This hook enables modules to register paths in order to define how URL requests are handled.• This hook is rarely called (for example, when modules are enabled), and its results are cached in the database. Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  28. 28. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformHook Menu Cont.. function modulename_menu() { $items[abc/def] = array( page callback => mymodule_abc_view, type => MENU_CALLBACK, access callback => true, ); return $items; }!hooks!core.php/function/hook_ menu/6 Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  29. 29. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformUseful Links • hook_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id)!hooks! p/function/hook_form_alter/6 • hook_nodeapi(&$node, $op, $a3 = NULL, $a4 = NULL)!hooks! p/function/hook_nodeapi/6 • hook_user($op, &$edit, &$account, $category = NULL)!hooks! p/function/hook_user/6 Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  30. 30. An Insight Into Microsoft Platform.Uninstall File • Remove all tables that a module defines. •! uninstall_schema/6 Tahir Rauf | Software Architect
  31. 31. An Insight Into Microsoft PlatformUseful Links 1. Creating modules - a tutorial: Drupal 6.x 2. Creating Our First Module (1.3M PDF) 3. Coding standards 4. Tahir Rauf | Software Architect