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Funções avançadas do memoQ 6.2 por Bernardo Santos (Kilgray), na sequência da apresentação feita nos workshops da I Conferência Internacional de Tradução e Tecnologia, 13 e 14 de Maio, Faculdade de Letras do Porto.

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Bernardo Santos - memoQ

  1. 1. Bernardo SantosKilgray Translation Technologiesbernardo.santos@kilgray.comMay the Q be with you:how to improve your productivity using memoQ
  2. 2. This is focusing on what’s new in memoQ 6.2.The Muse’s kiss1InDesign with preview through the Language Terminal2Importing Trados Studio packages and documents3The Zen.4Accelerating with AutoPick5Introducing the Language Terminal6Last but not least: better QA and filtering options7
  3. 3. Disclaimer: We assume you are familiar with memoQ.If not:
  4. 4. Breaking: a 10-lesson e-learning course is nowavailable for memoQ! of charge if you have a valid memoQ license
  5. 5. Breaking: there is now a public and ever-growingmemoQ Knowledge Base!
  6. 6. The Muse’s kiss: The Muse is a new resource.
  7. 7. The Muse’s kiss: Train your Muse: from any corpora,from any TMs.
  8. 8. The Muse’s kiss: Use your Muse.
  9. 9. The Muse works through predictive typing.
  10. 10. The Muse’s kiss: Here are your caveats.Muses exist only locally. You can export a Muse to distribute it.1You might need a lot of text to train your Muse. If one of thelanguages have a rich morphology, you need more.2Muses work when you use predictive typing.3The Muse technology will be refined over the coming months.4
  11. 11. InDesign with preview: Use the Language Terminal
  12. 12. Import an SDL Studio package as a local project.
  13. 13. SDLXLIFF is now a separate document type.It preserves match rates.1It preserves segment statuses.2
  14. 14. The Zen.
  15. 15. The Zen actually is a productivity feature.I find it strangely inspiring, even addictive. I even miss itnow in other software I use.Does anyone else get this strange effect?Yes, even though I told Kilgray to focus on more importantstuff first, I have to admit I do use it :DMy daughter was doing her homework in the same room asme while I was working with Zen turned on. She asked what itwas, and my answer was to apologise and offer to turn it off."No, please dont, its helping me concentrate" came her reply.
  16. 16. Accelerating with AutoPickpress and release it
  17. 17. Accelerating with AutoPicknumbers tags term base entriesupper-case words
  18. 18. Accelerating with AutoPick: fine-tuning
  19. 19. Introducing the Language Terminal
  20. 20. You can create and access your account from memoQ.
  21. 21. You can back up your projects directly to LanguageTerminal…
  22. 22. … and you can restore them, too.
  23. 23. In Language Terminal, you can share and search forlight resources.
  24. 24. Language Terminal will evolve in the coming months –into a platform where users can interact.
  25. 25. LiveDocs, Spelling, QA, filtering…It’s a LiveDocs corpus.
  26. 26. LiveDocs, Spelling, QA, filtering…
  27. 27. LiveDocs, Spelling, QA, filtering…
  28. 28. LiveDocs, Spelling, QA, filtering…
  29. 29. LiveDocs, Spelling, QA, filtering…
  30. 30. LiveDocs, Spelling, QA, filtering…
  31. 31. 6.2 comes with improvements to Track Changes.
  32. 32. 6.2 comes with improvements to Track Changes.
  33. 33. 6.2 also gives you better X-Translation.
  34. 34. ... and Thank you!