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  1. 1. Tommy Confar Listerine
  2. 2. Key Customer Segments Total Consumptio nThese are some important factors in finding the core consumer based off of the total consumption charts
  3. 3. According to the fast fact Total Dollars Charts the consumer still seems to be about the same as stated from the charts using consumption.
  4. 4. Consumption Dollars With Listerine being an additional oral care product to toothbrushes and toothpaste it is not surprising that income has the biggest influence on defining its core customer. Based on the Listerine Total Consumption and Dollars charts: Couples are more likely to buy Listerine than the average consumer due to their index numbers being over 100. 2 persons per household also have the highest percentage of the market. People with annual incomes over $50,000 are more likely to buy Listerine than the average consumer and they have the highest percentage of the market. People without children make up most of the market and they are more likely to buy Listerine than the average consumer according to the index chart. While the Caucasian race doesn’t have the highest index rate though they still dominate in the Listerine percentage category. They have a good hold on the market for Listerine. Affluent Suburbs and Cosmopolitan Centers have the highest index rate for consumption and total dollars. These lifestyles seem fitting to the data noted above. People above the age of 45 make up Listerine’s biggest market but ages 18-24 have a higher average consumer buying index rate. The Middle and South Atlantic regions seem to be the hotspots for Listerine consumption and total dollars. Consumers have high percentage rates and high index rates in these regions which means they make up most of the market and they consume more Listerine than the average consumer. Listerine’s current key customer segment includes white couples over the age of 45, no children currently living in their house, making more than $75,000 dollars per year, living in affluent suburbs or cosmopolitan centers and are located in the Middle
  5. 5. Mouth-rinse Core Customer Total Consumptio nThese are some important factors in finding the core consumer for all mouth- rinses based off of the total consumption charts
  6. 6. Total DollarsThese are some important factors in finding the core consumer based off of the total dollars charts
  7. 7. Total Consumptio n Total Dollars Notice that Race and Lifestyle have both fallen to the number of persons when compared to just Listerine’s importance ranking.Based on the Mouth-rinse Total Consumption and Dollars charts:Couples are rating the highest on the index charts stating that they are buying more mouth-rinse’s than the average consumer.People with an income of $50,000 or more hold the majority of the market and are more likely to buy mouth-rinse products than the average consumer due to their index number being over 100.The age that holds most of the market is above 45, people 45 and above are also above 100 on the index chart. They are more likely buy mouth-rinse products than the average consumer.2 people per house hold has a hold on the market percentage and that segment is also buying more mouth-rinse products than the average consumer.Households with no children have almost two thirds of the mouth-rinse market.Affluent Suburbs and Cosmopolitan Centers are the most popular places for mouth-rinse consumers.The Middle and South Atlantic regions are receiving most of the mouth-rinse market and those consumers are more likely to buy more mouth-rinse products than the average consumer.The average mouth-rinse product consumer is a white couple, makes over $50,000 a year, has no children currently living with them, is 45 years or older, lives in the middle or southern Atlantic region and in an
  8. 8. RegionsRegions: Split up on the United States of America map.Listerine and mouth-rinse products market would have the highest rate of consumption on the east coast of America
  9. 9. ComparisonsMouth-rinse products and Listerine have a very similar core customer.Mouth-rinse products have more spread out and even categories than Listerine but that is expected when looking at a broad category vs. a specific product/service.Race didn’t seem to be as big of a factor in mouth-rinse products and Listerine consumers were more dependent on spectra’s defined lifestyle.The 18-24 year old index for Listerine was at 149 and the mouth-rinse index is only 112 for total dollars. People in that age category heavily prefer Listerine when choosing a mouth-rinse.
  10. 10. Future TargetsI want to target young transitionals. Any race and lifestyle will suffice though I would also like to get whites consuming at least the average amount of Listerine that they should be consuming. The reason why I want young transitionals is because they are not buying the average amount of Listerine that they should be buying, they have a higher index consumption and dollar rate for mouth-rinse products in general, and they can be branded.Young transitionals are beginning to move out of their parents place and live on their own, this means they are shopping for themselves now. Young transitionals are not consuming the average amount of Listerine or mouth-rinse products but they are consuming more mouth-rinse products as a whole than Listerine. This tells me that they are either trying out different brands of mouth-rinses or that they already have a preferred mouth-rinse brand excluding Listerine. I want to get more of the young transitionals involved with buying mouth- rinse products; specifically Listerine.
  11. 11. Similar Core TargetCompetitor ProductsColgate PeroxylPlax Oral RinseScope OutlastAct MouthwashCrest Pro-Health
  12. 12. SnapshotBased on Listerine’s product snapshot:Listerine’s customer segment includes 2 people per household, most commonly couples, income of $75,000 a year or more, white, age 45 or older, no children in the household, college grad education and lives in the middle or southern Atlantic region in a cosmopolitan center or affluent suburb.
  13. 13. Channels andDemographicMass Merchandise is my best channel for ListerineAll demographics are above average consumptionThe most important demographic attribute is household income
  14. 14. Future Targets Based Off ofthe Snapshot and FastFactsListerine should still target young transitionals and 18-24 year olds. The 18-24 year old market is interesting because they have such a high index rate but such a low percentage of Listerine’s market. I want this market percentage to be higher. I want to brand these over average consumers for life. Getting an older consumer to buy Listerine would be great but branding a younger person would generate more revenue for Listerine. That person will buy more units because he has more life to live and odds are he/she will buy Listerine for his/her family when the time comes.
  15. 15. Consumer TargetI want to target young transitional behavior stages:They have a low average consumer consumption index.I feel that they could be branded because they are branching away from home and are beginning to buy their own groceries and toiletries.18-24 year olds have a high above average consumption index yet young transitionals are still struggling to reach their potential.
  16. 16. Zip Codes Young TransitionalsBased on the the target index, the most popular zip codes to reach my target include New York, New York, Washington D.C and Tallahassee Florida.
  17. 17. Zip CodesBased on the the target index, these zip code areas have plenty of room for growth due to their non existent activity in Listerine consumption.
  18. 18. Young Transitional StoresTop25stores According to the target index, the top store chains for my target includes Wal-Mart, Target National Wholesale and Big Kmart. Wal-Mart’s
  19. 19. Magazines Young TransitionalsThe top 10 magazines that would be useful for Listerine to be advertised in to reach my target market would be: Disticor, Us Weekly, Vogue, Glamour, Everyday Food, Martha Stewart, Ladies Home Journal, Popular Magazine Group and National Geographic
  20. 20. Top Co-Promotion productsfor Young TransitionalsWhy there categories?Toothpaste-Listerine is used when caring for ones mouth tooFloss-Listerine can get all throughout the mouth and get any missed spots by flossToothbrushes-Listerine could rid the mouth of remaining germs/bacteria after brushingTooth whiteners-Listerine promotes a healthy clean mouthBreath Fresheners-Listerine rids the mouth of bad breath too
  21. 21. New York TargetData found:Popular times to listen to the radio are from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.Popular Places to visit in the states is Atlantic city and when vacationing out of the country the Caribbean is a popular choiceActivities include continuing education, aerobics, baseball, basketball, cycling etc.Shop online more than the average consumerReads the NY TimesShops at Abercrombie & Fitch, various city malls, bookstores, 7- Eleven, Best Buy etc.Visited online sites like Amazon, Facebook, Comcast, Hulu,Goes to antique shows/auctions, concerts, sports events, galleries, museums etc.My target is interested in activities, they travel heavily, they shop for clothes often, they watch network T.V., and they surf the web frequently.
  22. 22. Multiple City MediaOutletsHigh above average index:Network T.V.NewspapersInternet shoppingMorning-Mid evening radioOnline news
  23. 23. Possible Ad OutletsAdvertising to young transitionals:College settings would be a great place for Listerine advertising due to the above average index for higher educationOnline social media sites would be good for promotions and brand awareness to young transitionals (Listerine doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter)Network T.V. news station commercials would reach young transitionalsNews radio stations from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. would be a good window for a radio advertisement