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Draft presentation v3

  1. 1. Leadership ArtsClass Project 2011-2012 PROJECT PROPOSAL FOCUS ON FAIR PARK
  2. 2. Focus on Fair ParkMarketing StrategyIncrease visibility ofFair Park’s amenitiesand features to theMetroplex and drivevisitor traffic to theFriends of Fairparkwebsite
  3. 3. Part One – Introduction to Fair ParkWhat is Fair Park? African-American Museum Museum of Nature & Science/TI Founders IMAX® Theater Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park The Hall of State Texas Discovery Gardens Texas Museum of Automotive History South Dallas Cultural Center Music Hall at Fair Park Gexa Energy Pavilion Magnolia Lounge Fair Park Band Shell The State Fair of Texas The Cotton Bowl stadium Summer Adventures in Fair Park (coming in 2013) Swan Boats The Dallas Historical Society
  4. 4. Intro: Organizations at Fair ParkAfrican American Museum founded in 1974 preserves and displays African American artistic, cultural and historical materials facility built in the shape of a cross, made of ivory stone available for rental (up to 300 people) outdoor sculpture gardenThe Hall of State owned by the City of Dallas home of the Dallas Historical Society built for the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition constructed of Texas limestone beaux arts style of architecture available for rentalMusic Hall at Fair Park owned by the City of Dallas home of the Dallas Summer Musicals opened in 1925 3,420 seats Spanish Baroque style with Moorish architectural influences dining room offers views of Fair Park
  5. 5. AfricanAmericanMuseumCaption with details
  6. 6. AfricanAmericanMuseumCaption with details
  7. 7. AfricanAmericanMuseumCaption with details
  8. 8. AfricanAmericanMuseumCaption with details
  9. 9. AfricanAmericanMuseumCaption with details
  10. 10. Music Hall atFair ParkCaption with details
  11. 11. Music Hall atFair ParkCaption with details
  12. 12. Music Hall atFair ParkCaption with details
  13. 13. Music Hall atFair ParkCaption with details
  14. 14. The Hall ofStateCaption with details
  15. 15. The Hall ofStateCaption with details
  16. 16. The Hall ofStateCaption with details
  17. 17. The Hall ofStateCaption with details
  18. 18. Intro: Organizations at Fair ParkMagnolia Lounge Bullets needed here Bullets needed here Bullets needed here Bullets needed here Bullets needed hereGexa Energy Pavilion Owned by LiveNation Bullets needed here Bullets needed here Bullets needed here Bullets needed hereSouth Dallas Cultural Center Bullets needed here Bullets needed here Bullets needed here Bullets needed here Bullets needed here
  19. 19. Gexa EnergyPavilionFormerly:== Coca-Cola Starplex== Smirnoff MusicCentre== Superpages.comCenter
  20. 20. Gexa EnergyPavilionFormerly:== Coca-Cola Starplex== Smirnoff MusicCentre== Superpages.comCenter
  21. 21. Gexa EnergyPavilionFormerly:== Coca-Cola Starplex== Smirnoff MusicCentre== Superpages.comCenter
  22. 22. Intro: Organizations at Fair ParkMuseum of Nature and Science Bullets needed here preserves and displays African American artistic, cultural and historical materials facility built in the shape of a cross, made of ivory stone available for rental (up to 300 people) outdoor sculpture gardenChildren’s Aquarium Bullets needed here home of the Dallas Historical Society built for the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition constructed of Texas limestone beaux arts style of architecture available for rentalTexas Discovery Garden Bullets needed here home of the Dallas Summer Musicals opened in 1925 3,420 seats Spanish Baroque style with Moorish architectural influences dining room offers views of Fair Park
  23. 23. History and Overview
  24. 24. Permanent Exhibits Childrens Museum at the Museum of Nature & Science Galleries and programs Putting DNA to Work Encourages visitors to examine DNA sequences and see how that knowledge can be used to unlock the secrets hidden in our genes Your Incredible Body Your Incredible Body is a brand new addition to the permanent galleries Paleontology Lab Examines fossils brought back from the field for preparation Texas Dinosaurs Life and death in the Big Bend examines dinosaurs that once lived in Texas Wildlife Dioramas View the Museums four distinct wildlife diorama halls Little Urban Farm Illustrates to children and families the crucial role that farms play in our lives Lagoon Nature Walk Explores the Leonhardt Lagoon Nature WalkIMAX and PlanetariumScience School at the Museum
  25. 25. History and Overview
  26. 26. Permanent Exhibits Freshwater Zone Creatures from the lakes, ponds and rivers that surround the places we live Intertidal Zone Home only to those species that can endure the regular pounding of waves and the climate changes from the tiadal hights and lows. Shore Zone Like the Intertidal Zone, this area contains creatures that are greatly affected by the changing tides and frequent beach visitors including some familiar crawling creatures and a fish that walks the sea floor. Near Shore Zone Snake-like eels to creatures with eight arms and hard shells Offshore Zone Unusual creatures from the very deep ocean waters Stingray Bay Children and adults are invited to feed the stingraysSleeping with the Fishes Aquarium OvernightsDay of the Week Fish Feeding Demonstration
  27. 27. Photo #3Caption with details
  28. 28. Photo #4Caption with details
  29. 29. Photo #4Caption with details
  30. 30. Photo #4Caption with details
  31. 31. Photo #4Caption with details
  32. 32. History and Overview
  33. 33. Rosine Smith Sammons Butterfly House &InsectariumEveryday at noon there is a daily talk and butterfly release as newly-emerged butterflies are introduced into the conservatory. The amountof butterflies released varies daily, based on how quickly they emergeafter the Gardens receive the pupae. Pupae (chrysalises) are shipped inweekly from local farms in the U.S., ElSalvador, Colombia, Suriname, the Philippines, and Malaysia.
  34. 34. Permanent GardensBenny J. Simpson Texas Native Plant CollectionTexas native plant collection demonstrating 20+ research, representing 345 plantsCertified Butterfly HabitatDesigned by one of Dallas’ most prominent landscape architects in the 1950s and1960s, this tranquil spot demonstrates how easily society can attract and support thecomplete life cycle of Dallas’ native butterfliesCircular Lawn, Callier Garden & Leftwich PondDesigned by architect of the Benny J. Simpson collection, this collection, based on aseries of overlaying arcs and circles, features numerous plants, trees, fountains and apond with aquatic plant life.Earthkeepers Vegetable GardenChildren use their senses to investigate seasonal vegetables and fragrant herbs.Faerie Blanton Kilgore Rose GardenThis intimate, fragrant garden has plantings of antique and fragrant roses along witha delightful selection of perennials.
  35. 35. Permanent GardensGrand Allee du MeadowsFunded and named by the Meadows Foundation, this garden is the most formal inthe collection, lined by Savannah hollies and featuring a seasonal fan of color behindthe show fountain. Butterfly host and nectar plants are interspersed throughout.Heirloom GardenThe Heirloom Garden contains a selection of plants great-grandmothers would havebeen familiar with.Scent Garden (Marianne Scruggs Herb Garden)The ground’s first garden, patterned after a London herb garden, was originallydesigned to be used by the blind. Guests are encouraged to explore this area with alltheir senses.Shakespeare GardenA Shakespeare-inspired garden is arranged in concentric circlesRecent ExhibitThe Nature of Art, featured art resulting ―when the artist’s inspiration is appliedto gifts from the earth and nature [e.g., beeswax, tree resin, twigs, and sand].‖
  36. 36. State Fair of Texas State Fair of Texas is the organization responsible for producing the well-known event of the same name. A 24-day showcase of entertainment, exhibits and competition, its presented in Dallas each fall in historic Fair Park, a 277-acre complex recognized for its beautiful landscaping and unique collection of art deco architecture. Founded in Dallas in 1886 by a group of civic leaders who wanted to focus attention on their young citys accomplishments and prospects, the State Fair of Texas has consistently offered its visitors a first look at the newest and best in products and performances. Many national corporations and local businesses participate in the Fair as sponsors and exhibitors. The events total economic impact on the Dallas/ Fort Worth area has been calculated at more than $300 million annually. State Fair of Texas, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation. It receives no funds from state, federal or local government and is entirely self-supporting. Programs and policies are set by a 55-member board of directors. The State Fair of Texas is an annual state fair held in Dallas, Texas (USA). The fair season usually begins the last Friday in September and ends 24 days later. The fair is held at the historic Fair Park where it has been held since 1886. The 2012 State Fair of Texas will run from September 28th through October 21st. The State Fair of Texas is the largest state fair in the United States by annual attendance, with 2,618,500 attendees in 2010. However, the Minnesota State Fair has a higher average daily attendance. The fair no longer tracks attendance by ticket sales — the numbers always underestimated attendance due to the practice of free entry for local schoolchildren and senior citizens on certain days — the fairs past estimates by various methods consistently suggested more than 3 million people visit the fair annually. Its 212-foot (65 m) Texas Star Ferris wheel has been the largest in North America since it debuted in October 1985, just months before the Texas Sesquicentennial. As of 2003, the fairs marketing director estimated that the fair was bringing about US$350 million dollars into the Dallas economy. Traditionally, one of the centerpieces of the fair has been the annual college football game between Oklahoma and Texas, nicknamed the Red River Shootout (historically known as the "OU-Texas Game") and played in the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park. Also, the State Fair Classic, featuring Grambling State University and Prairie View A&M University, is played at the Cotton Bowl during the fair. The State Fair of Texas is the only fair in the country to include a full blown auto show, dating back to 1904!
  37. 37. Annual Events at Fair Park (in chronological order) Ticket City Bowl – The Cotton Bowl at Fair Park is now hosting the Ticket City Bowl early in January and has successfully done so for the past 2 years. North Texas Irish Festival – Every March this festival claims the title of "The Largest Celtic Event in the U.S. Southwest". It is a three-day celebration featuring music, folk dancers, storytelling and educational programs. Attendees can also trace their Gaelic roots back to the other side of the Irish Sea at the colorful Scottish Village. This years theme is "Harps and Fiddles‖. Dog Bowl – This free even is hosted by the Cotton Bowl in May. Highlights include: live music, agility courses, splash pool for cool pups, and a pet/owner look-a-like contest. Local dog clubs, rescue groups and other animal welfare organizations attend, offering services ranging from pet education to special pricing on vaccinations and microchipping. It is a great opportunity for corporate sponsorship and linking business owners with prospective customers; veterinarians and groomers can share tips and local shelters can showcase their adoptable animals. Parking is only $10, and public transportation is available. CityArts Festival – In May the ARTFEST attracts more than 200 visual artists from throughout the country as well as huge audiences of art aficionados. In addition to the juried art show, a collection of antique cars and out of town Art Cars will be on display throughout the weekend. This years event will include outdoor film screening after dark with multiple stages for music, dance and other performing arts. Fair Park Fourth – On the 4th of July this free event runs from 4p.m – 10p.m. All Fair Park museums offer free or reduced admission from 4p.m. – 7p.m., there is a Bellagio-style "dancing water" show, a Dallas Wind Symphony patriotic concert, and an amazing fireworks show making it a great family day activity. State Fair of Texas – This is the largest event at Fair Park and takes place the first 3 weeks in October. It generates over $350 million encompassing the entire fair grounds with live music, amusement rides, local food vendors, and livestock competitions. Southwest Airlines State Fair Classic – In the 1st week of October the Cotton Bowl hosts the showdown between Grambling State University of Louisiana and Prairie View A&M University. AT&T Red River Rivalry – In the 2nd week of October the Cotton Bowl hosts the Red River Shootout between the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners. Metro PCS Fair Park Holiday – An annual even in November gets the city into the holiday spirit by showcasing a Christmas tree lighting, fireworks display and live music. There is also a Santas Workshop entertainment center which offers free crafts and pictures with Santa. The area is decorated with thousands of lights and a gift market where local craftspeople could sell their wares. Concessions range from pizza to churros, and include hot chocolate and buffalo chicken in a flapjack.
  38. 38. Part Two – Class Project: Focus on Fair ParkBusiness Friends of Fair ParkA program to drive mutual success of FairPark and supporting businesses throughreciprocal website linkage and signage:Increase visibility of Fair Park’s amenities andfeatures to the Metroplex and drive visitor traffic tothe Friends of Fairpark website
  39. 39. Business Friends of Fair Park Value proposition to businesses:  Use of the ―Business Friends of Fair Park‖ branding on their website and storefront (see details below), which gives them a credible connection to the community  Inclusion of a link to their website on the list of business friends on fairpark.org Value proposition to Fair Park:  Website linkage to fairpark.org on business websites to drive traffic  Signage in storefronts raises visibility of Fair Park Target markets:  Businesses in Fair Park vicinity (Deep Ellum, South Dallas, East Dallas, Downtown)  Businesses in connection points to Fair Park, such as Mockingbird Station and other DART connectors
  40. 40. Business Friends of Fair ParkProgram would include: Business ―Friends‖ would pay nominal annual fee (e.g. $100) to Friends of Fair Park and receive:  Graphic emblem (electronic) to include on their website with link to fairpark.org  Signage to include in their storefront Fairpark.org ―Business Friends‖ section  Linkage to websites of businesses Potential physical signage at Fair Park entry/exit points
  41. 41. Sustainability & ViabilityOverview:create a community sponsorship programthat generates revenue to account for lostmarketing budgetOther possibilities:This program may be replicable for otherarts organizations
  42. 42. Marketing StrategyGoal:Increase visibility of Fair Park’s amenities and features to the Metroplex and drive visitor traffic to theFriends of Fairpark websiteGeneral Marketing Strategy:Provide publicity to events, opportunities, activities and hidden treasures within the Park through avariety of marketing methods including, but not limited to: New Photography YouTube Videos PSA Campaign Billboards Posters/‖Paper the Town‖ Campaign Events Destination Promotional Package Day at Fair Park Tour Guide Children’s activity book or coloring book Parent guide to events/museums Website Updates  Flash/Interactive map  Search engine optimization  Re-organization of calendar (list with photos and hyperlinks by month)  Museum hours of operation on main homepage
  43. 43. Marketing StrategyChallenges: Fair Park currently has no marketing budget with COD Limited staff and financial resources for Friends of Fair Park Website resources are limited to single individual staff for updates/enhancements Event marketing is growing with additional special events but little is done to market the Park as daily destination Perception of safety in the area is negative Budget:  Photography: $1,500-$2,000 ($100-150/hr)  YouTube videos: $5,000  Website updates $3,000  Billboard $25,000 - $35,000 (3-18 faces, 4 week period, rates vary based on location, number of faces)
  44. 44. Parent & Family EngagementOnline Touring Plans  Simple Downloadable  Pre-Set Touring Plans of Permanent Exhibits  Special Event/Seasonal Plans  Recommendations  Complex:  Example: http://touringplans.com/plans/13189  Customizable  Interactive
  45. 45. Parent & Family EngagementCategories of Interest  Pull-down Menu or Matrix  Age  Interest  Example: http://www.gifts.com/ideas/children
  46. 46. Parent & Family EngagementColoring or Activity Book  Free Distribution to Local or Suburban Restaurants  School Use Did you know that butterflies are released at 12:00 noon every day at Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park?
  47. 47. Search Engine Optimization / Raising Awareness Raising Online Profile of FairPark.org Website Search Engine Optimization This involves making ―back end‖ changes to the coding of the website, as well as adding content, targeted toward increasing the likelihood that it will be retrieved with high ranking in organic searches Google Adwords Keyword Advertising This involves bidding on keywords, which, when searched, will retrieve sponsored ads Encourage local businesses to link to their website from their homepages User-Friendly Updates to Website Replace PDF map with an interactive map. Re-organization of calendar to include photos and hyperlinks. Adding museum hours to homepage. Improve site performance and structure. This would include, among other things, updating the website’s software to increase processing speed.
  48. 48. Search Engine Optimization / Raising Awareness Action Items for LAI  Utilize expertise within LAI to implement as many of initiatives ourselves as possible.  Vet, hire, and consult with outside internet marketing firm as needed.  Oversee implementation of agreed-upon initiatives.  Contact local businesses and asked them to link to the website. Budget  For the search engine optimization, we were unable to receive ball park estimates from a service provider in time for this presentation. It is our hope that members of LAI would be able to leverage our contacts to arrange to have these services donated. Each of our companies likely already uses a provider of these services for its company website. There are some simple improvements we can probably make with no significant cost.  Google Adwords keywords are obtained through an auction process, so we can tailor our keywords to fit our budget.  Creating an interactive map would likely cost between $1,000 and $5,000, assuming we are unable to get these services donated. Enhancing the existing calendar is a simpler and would likely cost less than the estimates for the interactive map. Timeline  We anticipate that all of these initiatives can be completed by May
  49. 49. Wrap Up + Thank you