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Visual Dictionary

  1. 1. VISUAL DICTIONARY Conduit1
  2. 2. Air Barrier Paper Air barriers are used  to control air leakage into and out of the building envelope
  3. 3. Attic Ventilation Attic ventilation is important for gable two reasons Ridge •Excess heat builds up in the attic increasing cooling costs for the house •Moisture can build up in the attic and condense rotting the house from the top down soffit Roof turbine
  4. 4. Backhoe A backhoe is an  excavator with a digging bucket on an articulating two- piece arm
  5. 5. Batter Boards Batter boards are  Horizontal boards nailed to corner posts located just outside the corners of a proposed building to assist in the accurate layout of foundation and excavation lines
  6. 6. Brick arches keystone parabolic centering roman
  7. 7. Brick bonds Flemish runnin g sailor header rowlock Stretcher soldier rowlock
  8. 8. Brick sizes
  9. 9. Bulldozer A bulldozer is a  crawler with a substantial metal plate, called a blade, used to push soil, stone, etc. on a construction site
  10. 10. Cladding stucco brick Wood shingles Wood shakes Wood panel EIFS stone
  11. 11. Code Requirements - Window A clear opening of a Minimum clear   minimum of 5.0 opening height of 24” square feet Minimum clear Bottom of clear   opening width of 20” opening not more than 44” AFF
  12. 12. Concrete Joints An isolation joint are used to isolate the concrete slab from A control joint is a groove something else, such carved into concrete to as a wall or column. prevent cracking.
  13. 13. Concrete Masonry Unit Concrete masonry units, or CMUs, are concrete blocks designed to be laid in the traditional masonry style. A traditional CMU’s dimensions are 8 x 8 x 16, but the actual dimensions are generally 3/8 inches smaller to allow for mortar joints, but CMU’s do come in different dimensions as well.
  14. 14. Decorative Concrete Masonry ribbed split
  15. 15. Doors Panel door flush transom Top rail stile panel Lock rail Bottom rail sidelight
  16. 16. Electrical Components Power pole with transformer Service head Service panel Duplex meter receptacl
  17. 17. Framing Elements 1 of 2 1. Anchor bolt 7. Top plate 3. Floor joist 4. subflooring 6. stud 2. Sill plate 5. Sole plate
  18. 18. Framing Elements 2 of 2 11. sheathing 10. Roof decking 8. Ceiling joist 9. rafter 12. stringer
  19. 19. Front End Loader A front end loader is  a piece of heavy equipment with an articulating bucket used to load material onto another piece of equipment, such as a dump truck.
  20. 20. Gypsum Board Gypsum board is  made of a layer of gypsum between two thick sheets of paper, and then kiln dried. Gypsum board is  also known as drywall, sheetrock, plasterboard, or simply board.
  21. 21. Heat Pump An advantage of  heat pumps is that it keeps the humidity Air handling unit compressor level more comfortable in winter, not too dry. A disadvantage is  the inability to operate well at low- temperatures.
  22. 22. Insulation The purpose of insulation is mainly to help control the temperature in the house, but can also be used for acoustics as well as fire protection. Rigid board Batt/blanket
  23. 23. Lintel A lintel is used to  support a structure located over openings in a bearing wall created by windows and doors. It is help up at both ends by two vertical posts.
  24. 24. Mortar Raked, tooled Extruded, not tooled or troweled. 3/8 inch joint 3/8 inch joint Store front exterior Residential exterior Probably Type-N Probably Type-O
  25. 25. Oriented Strand Board Oriented strand  board, also called OSB, is made by layering flakes of wood in specific orientations. It is a non-veneered panel product.
  26. 26. Plumbing Water closet lavatory
  27. 27. Plywood Plywood is a type of  engineered board made from thin sheets of wood or veneers glued together. Veneer refers to thin  slices of wood usually thinner than 3 millimeters.
  28. 28. Radiant Barrier Radiant barriers are  used to inhibit heat transfer by thermal radiation.
  29. 29. Rebar This rebar is ½ inch in diameter and would be referred to as a #4 bar. The deformations on the rebar are designed to bind the rebar mechanically to the surrounding concrete.
  30. 30. Steep Roof Drainage gutter A gutter is a narrow channel which collects rainwater from the roof of a building and diverts it away from the structure, typically into a drain. A downspout directs water from the roof to the ground without the water running down the side of the building. A splashblock is used to keep water downspo from pooling at the bottom of the ut downspout by forcing it outward away from the building and down an angle. splashbloc
  31. 31. Steep Roof Materials
  32. 32. Steep Roof Shapes gable hip mansard gambrel
  33. 33. Steep Roof Terms
  34. 34. Stone
  35. 35. Vapor Retarder
  36. 36. Waterproofing
  37. 37. Weephole
  38. 38. Welded Wire Fabric
  39. 39. Windows out swinging sliding