David C. Hedlund<br />C.P.M., CPIM<br />Global Sourcing, <br />Management Consulting,<br />Systems Engineering,<br />Navy ...
Summary:<br />Experienced Supply Chain Professional seeking a position with manufacturing or service-company, <br />where ...
Employment History:<br />2009 – Present,  Professional Business Consulting,  DC Hedlund and Associates<br />2008 – 2009, P...
Training and support of Lean Manufacturing requirements.
Training and implementation of a 6S system
Strategic and tacticalprocurement of materials, construction, services and product.
Mergers and acquisitions of manufacturing companies in hydraulics, axles and transmissions providing complementary advanta...
 Support and consulting of our President, Vice President
Coordination with China’s manufacturing
Logistics, Inventory and Production control and support.</li></ul>2007 – 2008, Purchasing Manager, TUG Technologies Corpor...
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David Hedlund Resume


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Purchasing Professional, Author, Materials Management Professional

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David Hedlund Resume

  1. 1. David C. Hedlund<br />C.P.M., CPIM<br />Global Sourcing, <br />Management Consulting,<br />Systems Engineering,<br />Navy Veteran<br />
  2. 2. Summary:<br />Experienced Supply Chain Professional seeking a position with manufacturing or service-company, <br />where I can continue to exercise my skill, experience and good judgment to the benefit of the company, <br />its stockholders and personnel. Strong tactical, strategic and technical experience with record of success <br />in the development and implementation of business systems and strategies; solid background in the <br />purchase of electronic components, computers, software, hardware and communication devices; <br />raw materials, metal stampings, forgings, castings and fasteners; plastic molding (injection, blow and rotational); <br />packaging and paper goods; and capital equipment including construction. Development and implementation <br />of Supply Chain people, processes and systems, providing leadership, organizational development, <br />re-engineering and systems implementation domestic and global; Good communicator, developer and trainer; <br />Author of business processes, policies and procedures, contracts, training programs. <br />
  3. 3. Employment History:<br />2009 – Present, Professional Business Consulting, DC Hedlund and Associates<br />2008 – 2009, Purchasing, Acquisitions & Mergers Manager, Sany America Inc., Peachtree City, Georgia<br />Sany America Inc. is a division of Sany Heavy Industry of Changsha, China and engaged in the manufacture of heavy vehicles for the construction industry of North and South America. In March of 2009 Sany was forced to put their manufacturing facility on hold and have since pursued an R&D acumen.<br /><ul><li> My responsibilities included establishing, initiating a Purchasing Department for North and South American.
  4. 4. Training and support of Lean Manufacturing requirements.
  5. 5. Training and implementation of a 6S system
  6. 6. Strategic and tacticalprocurement of materials, construction, services and product.
  7. 7. Mergers and acquisitions of manufacturing companies in hydraulics, axles and transmissions providing complementary advantages to Sany America’s products.
  8. 8. Support and consulting of our President, Vice President
  9. 9. Coordination with China’s manufacturing
  10. 10. Logistics, Inventory and Production control and support.</li></ul>2007 – 2008, Purchasing Manager, TUG Technologies Corporation, Marietta, Georgia<br />TUG Technologies is the manufacturer of ground support equipment used by airlines and airports nationally and internationally. TUG has approximately 80% of the U.S. Market. They also provide equipment to the DOD. In 2008 TUG became strapped for cash and was forced to begin laying off personnel. This problem continues today.<br /><ul><li> Responsible for and initiated training in buying of Sheet Metal, metal fabrication, mechanical and electrical commodities to all buying staff.
  11. 11. Established Supplier Quality Program, Initiating supplier reviews and the use of purchasing agreements. Line responsibility of sheet metal commodities.
  12. 12. Responsible for the rebuilding of TUG’s Purchasing Department from the ground up, MRP and Scheduling system clean-up and operations
  13. 13. Responsible to Lean Manufacturing Purchasing initiatives, policies and procedures, work instructions and training of staff.
  14. 14. Responsible for reduction in shortages and quality defects through communication and implementation of purchasing and supplier strategies, including clean-up and</li></ul> establishment of lead-time goals and measurements, system maintenance etc.<br /><ul><li> Responsible for $500,000 reduction in processing time through the use of Kaizen techniques and system changes. </li></li></ul><li>Employment History (Continued):<br />2004-2007, Senior Sourcing/Commodity Mgr/New Product Introduction, Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation, Newnan, GA<br />Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation manufactures 4-wheel Off Road Vehicles, Golf Carts, Water Vehicles and the Rhino in Newnan, Georgia.<br /><ul><li> Responsible for the sourcing and purchase of various commodities and services to support the design and production of All Terrain Vehicles, Golf Cars and Water Vehicles</li></ul> in a lean manufacturing environment. <br /><ul><li> Work hand in hand with plastic resin suppliers, correct supply problems and validate suppliers.
  15. 15. Procurement of Custom made plastic parts and materials including TPO, PP, and ABS; procurement of castings, forgings and various metal commodities.
  16. 16. Source new models and assist SQA and ASQA.
  17. 17. Deal with overseas export houses in Taiwan and China on supplier selection and design.
  18. 18. Utilized 5S lean manufacturing techniques.</li></ul>2001-2004, Global Purchasing Manager, Cabot Corporation, Alpharetta, GA<br />Cabot Corporation is a producer of Carbon Black used in the making of automobile tires, Ink and other chemical and mineral products.<br /><ul><li> Chemical Manufacturing of Carbon Black.
  19. 19. Responsible for all corporate contracts, agreements and purchases in support of global IT initiatives.
  20. 20. Global Business Process Manager - Management team member in Circle of Excellence responsible for developing best practices, methodologies, procedures and services</li></ul> for the design, configuration, support and fulfillment of global JD Edwards One World implementation. <br /><ul><li> Source and review suppliers, to include computers, MRO items etc.
  21. 21. Use Kanban and lean manufacturing techniques.
  22. 22. Developed corporate wide internal customer relationship management strategy for the implementation of the global ERP network, Purchasing, policies, procedures and work</li></ul> instructions in support of Sarbanes-Oxley initiatives. <br /><ul><li> Winner of Samuel Bodman Excellence Award. </li></li></ul><li>Employment History (Continued):<br />1997-2001, Senior Consultant, Purchasing Systems and Strategies Inc, Newnan, GA<br />Business Consulting Group working with clients on systems and purchasing related issues, including inventory control, quality, cost containment and reduction.<br /><ul><li> Consultant for supply chain, purchasing, materials management, IT business re-engineering, systems, implementation of ERP/MRP, product and component sourcing </li></ul>(domestic and global), process improvement for optimum results and Supplier Quality related programs. <br /><ul><li> Source and purchase materials, assist in cost reduction programs, quality, and cost containment.
  23. 23. Assist companies in meeting ISO certification.</li></ul>1994-1997, Senior Business Consultant, American Software, Atlanta, GA<br />Developer of ERP systems with clients such as Sprint, UPS, Phillips, Molson Brewery and other manufacturers.<br /><ul><li> Responsible for client support on mainframe, mid-range (AS-400) and pc platform ERP systems configuration, implementation, training and ongoing support. Supported </li></ul> various clients such as Harley-Davidson, Phillips, Bosch & Lomb, Molson and others.<br />1992-1994, Global Purchasing/Materials Manager, Goody Products, Inc, Manchester, GA<br />Manufacturer and distributor of hair care products<br /><ul><li> Purchase resins, sheet metal fabricated parts as line buyer and supervisor.
  24. 24. Purchasing and inventory responsibility of $50 million in annual purchases.
  25. 25. Purchased raw materials, plastic resins, steel, textiles packaging and production capital equipment from suppliers such as Phillips, Huntsman, and Washington Penn.
  26. 26. Worked with Sarbanes-Oxley program to ensure that company was ISOP compliant.
  27. 27. Developed and implemented supplier quality initiatives; contracts and contract negotiations, cost reductions lead times and partnership agreements.
  28. 28. Reduced inventory levels by $16 million in 12 months, support cost reductions totaling $4 million during first year. </li></ul>1992-1992, Government Contractor/Purchasing Agent, Martin Marietta Inc, Fort Hood, TX<br />Supported the United States Army at Fort Hood, Texas in the purchase of various required products and services<br /><ul><li> Responsible for supporting Martin Marietta's contract and service requirements for the U.S. Army's Computer Center. Primarily responsible for support of contracts at</li></ul> Fort Hood Texas.<br />
  29. 29. Employment History (Continued):<br />1989-1992, Purchasing Manager/Materials Manager, BTI Systems Inc, Oklahoma City, OK<br />Manufacturer of high speed camera devices and other products geared toward the banking industry.<br /><ul><li> Responsible for all purchasing, cost down programs, supplier quality initiatives, contracts, supplier relationships; material and production control of all manufacturing.
  30. 30. Reduced cycle and lead times, cut cost by almost 50%, and eliminated safety stock by implementing reduced cycle time measurements and supplier agreements
  31. 31. President's Club Award winner 1991 and 1992. </li></ul>1981-1984 Materials Manager, Detex Corporation, New Braunfels, TX <br />Manufacturer of Safety and Security Devices. Originally located at three sites in Chicago, relocated to 1 manufacturing site in New Braunfels, Texas.<br /><ul><li> Responsible for all facets of Materials, and Purchasing, including line and staff responsibility of buying Sheet metal fabricated items, all mechanical and electrical </li></ul>inventory purchases and support.<br /><ul><li> Responsible for relocating business from Chicago, IL to New Braunfels, Texas.
  32. 32. Implemented Planning Systems and Materials/Logistics control.
  33. 33. Responsible for key changes that produced significant cost savings yearly.
  34. 34. First years cost savings in excess of $1.5 million.</li></ul>1976-1989 Commodity Sourcing Manager, Motorola Inc, Automotive and Industrial Electronics Group, Seguin, TX<br />Manufacturer of electronic assemblies for Ford, Chrysler, GM, Volkswagen, International Freightliner and others.<br /><ul><li> Engineering and sourcing lead for all new products in a Design-For-Manufacturability environment.
  35. 35. First winner of the coveted Malcolm Balderidge Award for Excellence in Manufacturing
  36. 36. Responsible for sourcing and purchase of Electronic components, cables and harnesses, MRO items and all services in support of new products.
  37. 37. Member of Motorola’s Corporate Purchasing Council
  38. 38. Winner of Motorola's Quality Achievement Award. </li></li></ul><li>EDUCATION: <br /><ul><li>1988, Total Quality Management, Rockhurst College, Birmingham, Alabama
  39. 39. Wm. Rainy Harper College, Palatine, Illinois , Part-Time Student studying Business Law
  40. 40. Wright Junior College, Chicago, Illinois, Business Administration Courses
  41. 41. Analytical Methods for Improved Purchasing Performance - University of Alabama, 1994;
  42. 42. MRP - MADIC-COMPUFACT, 1990;
  43. 43. Participative Management, Successful Negotiations, Effective Presentations, Influence Management, Interactive Management, Manufacturing Cycle Time, Quality</li></ul> Management, Statistical Process Control 1 & 2, Total Cost, Dealing with Difficult People, Applied Purchasing Techniques, Doing Business with the Government –<br /> Motorola; <br /><ul><li> Human Relations and Public Speaking - Dale Carnegie, 1999
  44. 44. QMI ISO Lead Auditor Training </li></ul>CERTIFICATIONS: <br /><ul><li> Certified in Purchasing Management, Institute of Supply Management Lifetime
  45. 45. Vice President - Communications and Affiliate Support (NAPM 2005 & 2006)
  46. 46. Project Management Institute, Member CPIM,
  47. 47. American Production and Inventory Control Society
  48. 48. Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Senior Member
  49. 49. Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Senior Member
  50. 50. CASA - Society of Computer Professionals </li></ul>SKILLS: <br /><ul><li> AS/400, Mainframe and PC Server based systems (AMAPS, BPICS, COMPUFACT, Fourth Shift and JD Edwards One World)
  51. 51. Expert in Microsoft programs including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and others
  52. 52. Well experienced in Business Process Re-Engineering and Project Management.
  53. 53. Experienced in using fork lift trucks and other material handling equipment.
  54. 54. Thorough knowledge of Blueprint reading, metal fabrication, electrical equipment and parts
  55. 55. Knowledge in and author of legal contracts and agreements, Policies and Procedures and various business articles.
  56. 56. Experienced in Lean Manufacturing and 6S programs.</li></ul>MILITARY SERVICE: <br /><ul><li> U.S. Navy - Honorably Discharged</li></li></ul><li>Recommendations<br />Sr. Purchasing Manager of the America's at SANY AMERICA INC. <br />“David Hedlund is one of the finest individuals that I have ever come in contact with. I've been fortunate to work with many individuals over the years in the purchasing and procurement environment and David is by far the best. Not just from his ability to solidify a win-win solution for his company and the vendor but from a Management and a Leadership standpoint. David brings a calming leadership style wherever he goes and has a unique ability to see all sides and be able to bring parties together. I strongly recommend him for any enterprise, regardless of the capacity.” August 11, 2009 <br />Kirk Preiser, North American Marketing Manager , Sany America worked directly with David at SANY AMERICA INC. <br />“David effectively manages business needs and communicates them in a professional manner accordingly. Glad to have David as part of our team.” January 5, 2009 <br />Paul Pruett, Project Manager of Excavators , Sany America Inc. worked with David at SANY AMERICA INC. <br />“David Hedlund is a very exceptional individual that I currently work with at Sany America. Mr. Hedlund has the ability too manage any Purchasing Department very professionally and effectively. I personally support and will always welcome the opportunity to work with David because of his practical approach too business. David also earns the respect of everyone that is in his circle because he is understanding and very intelligent.” January 5, 2009 <br />Tyrone Dowery, Corporate Recruiter , Sany America worked with David at SANY AMERICA INC. <br />“David is a detail oriented Manager that knows how to get the best from his employees. He can work well with all levels of management planning strategies that will improve productivity and lower costs. David has a unsurpassed knowledge of the purchasing profession and would be an asset to any organization.” September 15, 2008 <br />Chatman Carruthers, Senior Buyer , Tug Technologies reported to David at Tug Technologies <br />“David was a detailed and knowledgeable co-worker who was willing to get the job done. A good friend and team player.” September 5, 2008 <br />Sidney Oakes, VP Government Programs , Tug Technologies managed David indirectly at Tug Technologies <br />“David is detail oriented and was very instrumental in defining and testing new business procedures that helped my department to implement and or correct JD Edwards processing issues to support the organization. David's understanding of the corporate buying process helped to implement the JD Edwards MRP process.” September 4, 2008 <br />Curtis Davis, IT Manager/ JD Edwards development/ BA/ SQL Development / series development , Tug Technologies worked with David at Tug Technologies <br />
  57. 57. “David Hedlund's expertise and knowledge in the Manufacturing/Purchasing field is very impressive. David's skills as a highly effective manager are evident in the way that the people around him conduct themselves and perform their duties. David is a straight shooter, a person of high integrity and a pleasure to work with.” June 10, 2008 <br />Frank Stephens, Branch Manager , Royal Brass and Hose was a consultant or contractor to David at TUG Technologies Corporation <br />“David was a pleasure to work with. He would always listen to new suggestions and ideas, and he was a professional at all times. He had an easy-going demeanor which also commanded respect.” June 10, 2008 <br />Kristen White, Office Manager , Graphic Applications, Inc. was a consultant or contractor to David at TUG Technologies Corporation <br />“I am writing this recommendation hoping it does not appear to be disingenuous. I write the following with complete sincerity. Dave is undoubtedly one of the finest gentlemen I have ever met. He never appears harried, communicates with precision and follows through on his promises. I hope I have an opportunity to get to know him better because every interaction this far has been exceptional.” June 10, 2008 <br />Stephen Saunders, General Manager , O'Neal Steel was a consultant or contractor to David at TUG Technologies Corporation <br />Senior Sourcing Commodity Manager at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation <br />“David and I have worked together for several years. He is a consummate professional with high levels of expertise and ethics and an asset to any organization.” April 20, 2009 <br />Miki Puett, Sales & Marketing Manager , Locust Plastics, Inc. was a consultant or contractor to David at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation <br />“I had the distinct pleasure of working with David during his tenure as the leader of the Sourcing and Purchasing team at his last assignment. He is a gentleman and a man of honor and integrity. He did what he said he would do in all instances. His exceptional standards made an immediate impression upon the supply chain for the company he served. As a Vendor we felt compelled to go beyond our best in service, quality and performance because of his leadership and direction. It is rare to meet a person of such high character.” August 11, 2008 <br />Clint Emerson, Owner , Cable Quest was a consultant or contractor to David at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation <br />“I worked with David while we both were a t Cabot. We had shared responsibilities in implementing J D Edwards One World ERP system at global plant sites. David was implemental in the system processes and programming for the global plant operations.” July 3, 2008 <br />David Lister, Purchasing Manager , Intelligent Switchgear Organization LLC worked directly with David at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation <br />“After managing a connected division to David's I can comfortably state that I found him to be very knowledgeable and a strong asset while at Yamaha. He showed the ability to grasp the scope of a concept and lead the activity to indentify and source the best possible option. He is/was always open to supporting outside groups & others whenever requested and never shied away from taking on the tasks nobody else wanted.” June 11, 2008 <br />Tom Overstreet, Manager, Production Control , Yamaha Motor Manufacturing managed David indirectly at Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation <br />
  58. 58. Contact Information<br />David Hedlund<br />47 Coggins Corner Drive<br />Newnan, Georgia 30265<br />Home Phone: (678) 633-5524<br />Cell Phone: (678) 416-8203<br />