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Africa 6A
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Africa 6A






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    Africa 6A Africa 6A Presentation Transcript

    • Africa
    • Africa`sHistory:
      If the history of South Africa is in large part one of increasing racial divisiveness, today it can also be seen as the story of - eventually - a journey through massive obstacles towards the creation, from tremendous diversity, of a single nation whose dream of unity and common purpose is now capable of realisation.
    • Africa`sHistory:
      .The earliest representatives of South Africa's diversity - at least the earliest we can name - were the San and Khoekhoepeoples. Both were resident in the southern tip of the continent for thousands of years before its written history began with the arrival of European seafarers.
    • Africa
    • AfricanArts and Crafts
      The vast continent of Africa is so rich and diverse in it's culture with it not only changing from one country to another but within an individual country many different cultures can be found.
    • AfricanLanguages and Clothing.
      It's estimated that there are between 2000 and 3000 languages spoken on the Africa continent, with possibly as 8000 dialects.
      African clothing: the traditional clothing, often vibrantly colored, worn by the indigenous of Africa
    • AFRICAThe geography of Africa
    • Geography
      Africa is a continent comprising 62 political territories, representing the largest of the great southward projections from the main mass of Earth`s surfaces it includes, within its remarkably regular outline, an area of 30,368,609 Km2 including adjacent islands.
    • ThecontinentsclosesttoAfrica
      Africa is separated from Europe by the Mediterranean Sea and from much of Asia by the Red Sea.
      Africa is joined to Asia at its northeast extremity by the Isthmus of Suez.
    • Rivers and deserts of Africa
      Rivers: The Nile River is the largest river in Africa besides being considered the longest in the world until 2007 and now is the Amazon.
      Deserts: The Sahara desert is the warmest and biggest in the world with about 9,065,000km2.Is located in the North of Africa. Have more than 2,5 millions of ages.
    • TheEnd
      And these are to me, all the important things of the geography of Africa. This is Africa seen from space.
    • Famous Places
      Thetwo temples at Abu SimbelEgipt are thebestknownfortworeasons: theirdazzlingmagnificence, and theirhistoricrelocationfromtheir original cliff.
      These monumental temples wereoriginallycarvedout of a sandstonecliffnearRiverNileoverthreemillenniumsago, duringthereign of thegreatPharaoh –Ramessesll.The temples werededicatedtotheEgiptiangods and toPharaohRamesses ll.
    • Abu Simbel In Egipt
      DuringEgipt`s Old Kingdom(time line), thepharaohsestablished a stable central goverment in thefertile a NileValley.Perhapsthegreatesttestamentstotheirpowerwerethepyramids and othertombsbuilttoshelterthem in theafterlife.
    • Kings Of TheDead
      AncientEgyptiansbelievedthatwhenthepharaohdied , he became Osiris ,king of thedead.The new pharaohbecame Horus, god of theheavens and protector of thesungod.Thiscyclewassymbolizedbytherising and setting of thesun.
    • final            AFRICA
    • Foods in Africa are few and poor.
    • People in africa are very poor and eat very little food every day.
       Africa have a famous desert the Sahara.Sahara is the world's largest hot desert. At over 9,400,000 square kilometres , it covers most of Northern Africa, making it almost as large as Europe or theUnited States. The only larger desert in the world is Antarctica, classified as such because of very low precipitation rates. The Sahara stretches from the Red Sea, including parts of the Mediterranean coasts, to the outskirts of the Atlantic Ocean. To the south, it is delimited by the Sahel, a belt of semi-arid tropical savanna that comprises the northern region of central and western Sub-Saharan Africa.
    • A beautifulfamous place.
      This is a famous place
      In Africa .
      Itis a lovely place togo
      And visit.
    • Lovelybeaches
      This is a beach in thecoast of East of Africa.
      This isone of thebestbeaches in AfricatheMombasa.
    • People and animals in Africa
    • Thebest place in Africa
      Victoria Falls:Victoria Falls are beautiful:
    • Africa`sWorls Cup:
      In 2010 Africawaschosenfortheworldfootball cup.
      Shakira sang a songcalledWakaWakafortheWorld Cup.
      And K`naansang a songforAfrica.
    • Africa History-Video.
      YouTube - Neglected African History - Lost Kingdoms of Africa Nubia - BBC4 Highlight
      YouTube - WakaWaka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA ...
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