Review test # 1 reading comprehension a letter to a friend 2nd grade answer


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The review for test # 1

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Review test # 1 reading comprehension a letter to a friend 2nd grade answer

  1. 1. Colegio Evangélico Capitán Correa<br />Hatillo, P.R<br />English Program<br />Review Test # 1 Reading Comprehension<br />Bring the review for discuss on August 30, 2010 / Test will be on September 3, 2010<br />Name: _____________________Date: ________________<br /><ul><li>Read the story: A letter to a friend. (This not the story for the test.)
  2. 2. Vocabulary Words: Write the letter that has the Spanish translation in the blank space.
  3. 3. __f___ 1. airplanecasa__i___ 2. together árbol___h__ 3. mothercarro___j__ 4. father nadar___g__ 5. city escuela___a__ 6. house avión___c__ 7. car ciudad___e__ 8. school mamá___b__ 9. tree juntos___d__ 10. swim papá
  4. 4. Vocabulary in context. Pick a word from the box to complete the sentence.
  5. 5. 495300240665toys fatherhouse airplanebrother family mother swimming trees triptoys fatherhouse airplanebrother family mother swimming trees trip
  6. 6. My family is taking a trip.
  7. 7. We start our trip by getting on a big airplane.
  8. 8. Father and mother sat in the row behind us.
  9. 9. The trees were green bumps.
  10. 10. It is a small house with many windows.
  11. 11. My brother brought his toys to use in the sand.
  12. 12. Mother says we can go swimming to.
  13. 13. I’ll tell you about our trip when I see you.
  14. 14. Multiple Choices. Choose the correct answer and write the letter in the blank space.</li></ul>___b___ 1. Where did Mike’s family go on their trip.<br /><ul><li>They went to a forest.
  15. 15. They went to the beach.
  16. 16. They went to the park.</li></ul>___c___ 2. What two ways did Mike’s family travel on their trip.<br /><ul><li>They drove in a car and then swam.
  17. 17. They flew on an airplane and walked.
  18. 18. They flew on an airplane and drove in a car.</li></ul>___b___ 3. Which word best describes Travis and Mike?<br /><ul><li>friends
  19. 19. brothers
  20. 20. parents</li></ul>___b___ 4. Why did the cars look like toys to Mike?<br /><ul><li>The cars were Jack’s toys.
  21. 21. The airplane flew very high.
  22. 22. The ocean was very big.</li></ul>__a____ 5. What looked to Mike like a big cloth on the ground?<br /><ul><li>a large forest
  23. 23. a long beach
  24. 24. the houses and streets</li></ul>___c___ 6. Why did Mike write this letter?<br /><ul><li>to ask Travis to come visit
  25. 25. to teach Jack about the ocean
  26. 26. to tell Travis about his trip</li></ul>___c___ 7. What does Mike want to do?<br /><ul><li>read to his brother
  27. 27. look at the animals
  28. 28. play in the sand</li></ul>___b___ 8. What does Mike want to do when he gets home?<br /><ul><li>play and swim in the ocean
  29. 29. tell Travis about the trip
  30. 30. go back to his school</li></ul>____b__ 9. The airplane was _______________.<br /><ul><li>white
  31. 31. silver
  32. 32. gray</li></ul>___c___ 10. How Mike feels about the trip?<br /><ul><li>sad
  33. 33. angry
  34. 34. happy
  35. 35. Describe the characters. Color with a green crayon the square that best identify the characters from the story.</li></ul>472440066675schoolschool243840066675bearbear20320066675MotherMother<br />4724400233680BrotherBrother2438400233680MikeMike203200233680treetree<br />472440031115FatherFather243840043815toystoys20320031115TravisTravis<br />394138-100<br />-11035912612400<br />