Advanced Ecommerce Solutions (Conative Business)


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Sophisticated Ecommerce solutions for online retailers. Wonderful shopping Experience for buyers. Optimized for fast loading & performance. Enhanced web security.

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Advanced Ecommerce Solutions (Conative Business)

  1. 1. Upgrading Your Ecommerce Site Convert Visitors into Frequent Customers Mike Le - President Conative Business Inc. (CBI)
  2. 2. The Old Ecommerce Formula• Good Products + Basic Shopping cart + Online Advertising + Email List = automatic moneyThose days are gone…
  3. 3. Ecommerce World Today• Buyers are more educated – Expert bloggers write detailed reviews – Customers share usage experiences – Shopping comparison sites promote the lowest prices available• Buyers are overwhelmed with buying choices – 16,000 new food products in 2008 – 4,230 new cosmetics, 2,793 new skincare items, 1,259 new hair care products in 2008• New trends in ecommerce: Social Media, Mobile, Local – Shopping behavior changes quickly
  4. 4. Ecommerce Strategies• Build a large base of repeat customers – Enhance shopping experience – Provide great customer service• Increase order volume – Cross-sell, Up-sell – Smart shopping suggestions
  5. 5. Ecommerce Strategies• Turn window shoppers into buyers (increase conversion rate) – Add more value & promotion – Study shopping behavior (analytics) & get feedback• Drive new potential customers – Search Engine Optimization – Social Media referrals – Online Advertising
  6. 6. Ecommerce Must-Haves• Ecommerce Website: deliver WOW experience• Email Communication: stay in touch & cross-sell• Promotion Campaigns: motivate buyers• Web Analytics: enhance conversion rate• Search Engine Optimization: get new customers• Blog/Social Media Integration: spread the word• Mobile version/app: mobile shopping
  7. 7. The Ecommerce Site• The ultimate goal of an ecommerce website is to convert visitors into frequent customers by creating credibility and delivering a wonderful shopping experience.
  8. 8. CBI Ecommerce - Product Zooming
  9. 9. Smart Search & Suggestion
  10. 10. Cross-sell & Up-sell
  11. 11. Easy checkout
  12. 12. Recurring Orders
  13. 13. Reward Points
  14. 14. Quizzes & Exit Surveys
  15. 15. CBI - Ecommerce Solutions• Product Features – Advanced Product Search: Auto-keyword suggestion, sort by price, best match, best- rated, bestseller – Rate, Review, Share: Rate, review, email to friend, Facebook “Like”, save to wish list – Product Capability: Zooming, multiple product images (up to 6), auto-resize, image watermark, product size & color, SKU, inventory tracking – Up-sell, cross-sell: Related products
  16. 16. CBI - Ecommerce Solutions• Shopping Cart & Order Processing – Recurring orders, flex-pay, taxes – Order status, invoices, wrap as a gift, price match• Shipping – free shipping with minimum order, shipping methods (ground, expedite), tracking notification – International shipping, integrated with Fedex, UPS, USPS – Calculate shipping by order total, order weight, zip code, fixed shipping cost per item
  17. 17. CBI - Ecommerce Solutions• Promotion – Coupons by %, by $ amount, order based, customer based, product-based coupons – Free shipping coupons, one-time coupons, first-time order discount, Facebook “Like” $1 coupon – Reward points, sweepstakes, gifts, quizzes & polls• Customer – Order history, Reward points, Wish list – Segmentation Lists: Repeat/new/abandon cart/unhappy customers
  18. 18. CBI - Ecommerce Solutions• Web Security – SSL support, IP address log, source code encryption, password encryption, image login check, server configuration check, security threats check (SQL injection, cross site scripting, and more)• Performance – Critical for ecommerce sites with over 10,000 products – Advanced technologies applied: parallel database access, optimized database queries, memcached, AJAX load for images, minimize scripts, css, js, gzip, etc
  19. 19. CBI – Mobile ShoppingMobile version, mobile apps (iPhone, Android)
  20. 20. Case Studies• Case Studies – – – –
  21. 21. CBI - Search Engine Optimization• In ecommerce, organic search traffic has the highest conversion rate among all traffic sources, because “people are searching for what they need when they need it”• CBI SEO services help – Your website gains 1st page rankings for thousands of relevant keywords that buyers are searching for – Make search traffic the major traffic source for your website
  22. 22. CBI - Search Engine OptimizationJBeautyBrands ranks #1 for “Japanese cosmetics”, higher than Shiseido
  23. 23. CBI - Search Engine OptimizationJBEAUTYBRANDS.COM55% of online sales comes from organic searchRank #1 for the keyword "Japanese cosmetics“Rank #2 for "Japanese beauty products"Rank #1 for "Japanese beauty brands“ and over 3,500 other keywordsIn just 03 months!References:
  24. 24. CBI - Search Engine OptimizationWOMENSLIPPER.COM• 81% of traffic comes from search engines – “Leather slippers for women” rank #2 in Google over Amazon, NextTag, etc – “slippers for ladies” rank #1 on Google over 15,400,000 results – “Slippers Store” rank #5 on Google over 46,200,000 million results – “ladies leather slippers” rank #3 on Google –
  25. 25. CBI – Email Marketing• “Email, in a consumer’s mind, is not about marketing; it is about personal relevance. Personal and business messages are combined inside an inbox and fight for attention based on how effectively they can positively impact the reader’s life” (Email Marketing-An hour a day)• “People who are registered to receive email marketing messages from your company will purchase an average of 167 percent more than those people in your marketing database who are not receiving email” (Source: Ogilvy)
  26. 26. CBI – Email MarketingCBI Email Marketing services help• Setup automatic email notifications – Order confirmation & thank you note – New buyers welcome message – Tracking notification – Cart abandonment follow up email – Product review follow up email• Run campaigns to grow email list – Sweepstakes, contests, co-signup, etc
  27. 27. CBI – Email Marketing• Run weekly/holiday promotion emails – Design the newsletter – Write newsletter copy – Setup tracking link via Google Analytics – Schedule to send emails out – Track clicks & sales• Manage & segment the customer list – Link with List Manager e.g. Constant Contact via APIs – Repeat buyers, first-time buyers, unhappy buyers, etc
  28. 28. CBI - Web Analytics• Web Analytics help: – Increase revenue – Reduce cost – Improve customer satisfaction/loyalty• How? By failing faster. Failing online is cheap and fast.  Continuously test new improvement ideas
  29. 29. CBI - Web AnalyticsCBI Web Analytics services include:• Google Analytics setup• Weekly tracking – Web traffic tracking: Visits, visitors, sources, etc – User engagement tracking: Time on site, Page Views, Bounce Rate – Ecommerce goals/sale funnel tracking – Campaign tracking: Email/Social media/Advertising•  create new improvement ideas quickly
  30. 30. CBI - Web Analytics• Website Optimizer setup – Landing page testing – New feature testing – New design/layout testingRun experiments live on your site with various ideas and let your customers tell you what work best.• Performance tracking – Loading speed testing – Down-time checking – Spam content checking
  31. 31. Blog & Social
  32. 32. Facebook Shop
  33. 33. Other Notes• Your Ecommerce website should be aligned with Internet Marketing efforts to drive optimum results• Develop your own Community – Email List + Blog RSS subscribers +Social Media fans/followers + On-site engagement• Listen to your customers – Web Analytics & Online Surveys are critical
  34. 34. We look forward to helping you grow your Ecommerce business! Conative Business Inc. 72-49 Loubet Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375 Tel: 646-688-4899 Fax: 646-216-9789 Email: Website:
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