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Social Media Marketing - Hotel and Hospitality Sector


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  • Employing Yahoo’s increasingly noteworthy BOSS search platform , Social Mention. Social Mention distinguishes its results by their variety of source. If you’re looking for items to do with, say, today’s official debut of the T-Mobile G1 device, you can specify that the engine find blog posts, microblog posts, bookmarks, comments, events, images, links from social news websites, or videos.
  • You can get alerts for results from web search, blog search, Google News, Google Groups and now Google Video.
  • Social Media can be used to segment either to specify your target audience or to widen it. (also internationally)
  • Tourism providers can create channels within the app to run their own apps. A number of e-commerce developments are planned for the app, including a more dynamic coupon serving engine that will allow retailers to manage their own coupon delivery and campaigns; dynamic itinerary information; flight information and accommodation; and a booking engine. Dublin Bikes was designed to let the user find the nearest station and the number of available bicycles and spaces at it. A zoom out feature allows you to see all stations in Dublin. The app reached number 3 in the free app download charts and recieved a 4.5 star rating. The main principals behind the development of the application were: User interface with good design and ease of use Fast and accruate data response Enchance the dublinbikes user experience
  • you can either compare hotel results individually or group themed hotels and compare them e.g. Coastal hotels, Urban hotels, or by City. The Tracking tab helps organize all collected reviews from all sources and segment them based on type of review. Users can filter their establishments’ reviews by rating classification and quickly identify negative reviews across all sources and languages. They can also tag specific reviews and therefore organize them on their own accord, as well as track competitor data for proper benchmarking and comparisons.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Your Social Media Partner GETTING STARTED WITH SOCIAL MEDIA Conor Lynch @connector_ie
    • 2. Current Chair of the Irish Internet Association Social Media Working Group Almost 12 years of experience in online marketing with awards including Irish ‘Internet Marketer of the Year’ 2005 Experience working with brands like RaboDirect, Coca-Cola, Meteor, Nokia, Vodafone, Toyota, Guinness, Powerade, Aer Lingus & Glanbia Trained in marketing management with an Honours degree and Post Grad in Marketing (B.Sc.Mgmt & HDMP) CONOR LYNCH
    • 3. CONNECTOR In 2008, Connector started as a social blog with social events before evolving into a social media business in 2010 Our Social Media Partner Programme is customised for the specific needs of each business and organisation We are about to launch our new services on connector.TV was launched in August 2010 as nationwide blogger network writing about people, communities and events
    • 4. Strategy We advise in online marketing and social media strategies Training   Practical workshops, 1-to-1 sessions, webinars & digital videos Production   Create graphics, websites, blogs, videos and Facebook or mobile apps Events Sponsor a Connector business or social networking event Community Help manage your online community Mgmt. WHAT WE DO
    • 5.  
    • 7. Research Research your market incl. analysis of the percentage of sales leads from online channel Plan Plan your social strategy with communities, content & concepts … Create Create social spaces and optimise your web site, email, mobile and offline Execute Launch and promote with bought, owned and earned media Evaluate Test, measure and evaluate your KPIs and adapt as required GETTING STARTED
    • 8.
      • Facebook - World’s largest social network with 500 million users
      • - Can have a Facebook Profile, Group or Page
      • Twitter - Micro-blogging platform with over 100 million users
      • - ‘SMS for the internet’ with max of 140 characters
      • LinkedIn
      • World's leading Social Network for Business Professionals
      • Over 75 million members in over 200 countries with 300,000 Irish users
    • 9. FACEBOOK
    • 10.
      • Set up searches for keywords and #hashtags
      • Use a memorable name like @connector_ie
      • Use new accounts for new web sites e.g. @socialmedia_ie
      • Twitter is dialogue not monologue
      • Use a branded Twitter background & avatar
      • Use an application like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite
      • Share other peoples good content by ‘Retweeting’
      • Link your Twitter updates to your Facebook & LinkedIn
      • Show your Twitter updates on your web site
      • Follow journalists & influencers in your industry
      • Share links to your blog posts on Twitter
    • 11. TOP 10 LINKEDIN TIPS
      • Complete your profile to 100%
      • Use a URL like
      • Add in Twitter, Slideshare, Wordpress plugins
      • Update your status once a day during working week
      • Investigate who your friends are connected to
      • Share your connections with your friends
      • Make personal invitations to connect with people
      • Join relevant groups to build your network
      • Start and join conversations in groups
      • Meet your top online connections offline
      • Ask for recommendations & return the compliment!
    • 12. CONNECTOR MARKETING MIX Connector puts the consumer at the centre of all marketing activities
    • 13. The Connector 10C’s Model is an easy to remember 10 step checklist to help you create strategic plans for digital & social media CONNECTOR 10 Cs MODEL
    • 14. CONNECTOR 10 Cs MODEL
    • 15. What are you trying to promote and what are your objectives, budgets & timelines? Have you carried out any research of the market and your target consumers? Are people talking about your business sector in social media? What is your brand personality and who will be your community managers? 1. CONTEXT
    • 16. 1. CONTEXT
    • 17. 1. CONTEXT
    • 18. 1. CONTEXT
    • 19. 1. CONTEXT Use Tweedeck for automated keyword searched like ‘galway hotels’
    • 20. Social Search Engines such as Social Mention are worth investigating 1. CONTEXT
    • 21. Google Alerts lets you receive email notifications when your keywords appear in new web pages. 1. CONTEXT
    • 22. Do you have many existing customers? Have you segmented the market? Do you really understand your target market’s needs? Who are the early adopters and influencers? Where is the C2C communications happening? 2. CONSUMERS
    • 23. Lowest level of Involvement Highest level of Involvement 2. CONSUMERS Social Media Segments Creators
    • 24. SOCIAL INFLUENCE Social Media is much more influential & trustworthy then traditional media
    • 25. Are your target consumers members of any communities? What are the shared passions or situations that unite them? Are they interested in weddings, golf, business, gaelic football, fishing, walking, line dancing or rugby etc? Have they online communities and groups on Facebook, LinkedIn etc.? 3. COMMUNITIES
    • 26. Shared passions!! Only 8% of hotels in Ireland have multilingual websites. What about Social Media? 3. COMMUNITIES
    • 27. 3. COMMUNITIES Join and support relevant communities
    • 28. 3. COMMUNITIES
    • 29. What concepts will inspire your target audience to take notice of you? Can you win a competitive advantage with innovative ideas? Do you have access to creative resources for creating digital videos or graphics? Have you a calendar of special offers, promotions & competitions? 4. CONCEPTS
    • 30. 4. CONCEPTS
    • 31. 4. CONCEPTS
    • 32. What are the partnerships which will make your business stronger? Could you ever partnered with suppliers, staff or customers? Will your audience co-create concepts & content? Have you talked to relevant communities about supporting their activities? 5. COLLABORATION
    • 33. 5. COLLABORATION Groups are creating content which could mention your business
    • 34. 5. COLLABORATION Joining with platforms to helps to promote your facilities to international customers. – Affiliate Marketing
    • 35. 5. COLLABORATION Affiliate Marketing – Make use of a specialized form of marketing where an advertiser seeks to advertise or sell products or services through an affiliate network
    • 36. What content will get your concept attention among your target market? Will you build a web site or create an app or digital video? Is all your content ‘on brand’ and integrated online & offline? Is your website, social media and email marketing seamlessly integrated? 6. CONTENT
    • 37. 6. CONTENT Post flyer and ads on your profile….
    • 38. 6. CONTENT Tags can provide alternate navigation paths to your content for both humans and search engines. Categories can provide help to indicate the topic about your blog. WordPress: The blog “improves our web presence through search/feeds .
    • 39. 6. CONTENT
    • 40. Webpage 6. CONTENT Regular digital video content is an absolute must for your business.
    • 41. 6. CONTENT Add Qik videos into Facebook, for all your followers to see ...
    • 42. 6. CONTENT Mobile Apps & location based marketing have arrived
    • 43. How do you communicate with your audience online & offline? Have you optimised a mix of bought, owned & earned media? Do you use digital technologies (web & mobile) to strengthen your real world connections? Are you keeping a connections growth report? 7. CONNECTIONS
    • 44. 7. CONNECTIONS
    • 45. 7. CONNECTIONS - BOUGHT An advertiser can target members on Facebook based on their personal profiles, including interests that match up with keywords, targeting both very small communities and very large communities based on those parameters.
    • 46. 7. CONNECTIONS “ AdWords helps connect you with potential customers in the right place, and at precisely the right time by placing relevant ads on the right-hand-side of our search results pages.”
    • 47. 7. CONNECTIONS
    • 48. Are you listening to what people are saying about your market? How do you start a conversation and inspire word of mouth? What will you talk about to keep the conversation going? What is your tone of voice and personality? 8. CONVERSATION
    • 49. 8. CONVERSATION
    • 50. 8. CONVERSATION
    • 51. 8. CONVERSATION
    • 52. 8. CONVERSATION
    • 53. Is your concept & content good enough to spread like a virus? Are you skilled in social media? Is your content portable, shareable and trackable? Is your marketing interesting or ordinary? Are you will to lose a little control? 9. CONTAGIOUS
    • 54. 9. CONTAGIOUS
    • 55. 9. CONTAGIOUS Viral effect: If visitors like content on your webpage, they can repost it on their own social network.
    • 56. How do you measure your activities and success? What is your current web site traffic and conversion rates? What is the breakdown of your sales by channel? What is the ROI on your expenditure and time? What is your net promoter score? 10. CONVERSION
    • 57. 10. CONVERSION Social Media delivers traffic to your web site Compare which Medium brought the most traffic to your page
    • 58. 10. CONVERSION A Hootsuite account can help you manage social outreach campaigns
    • 59. 10. CONVERSION Compare hotel results individually
    • 60. Hotel reputation management service ReviewPro 10. CONVERSION
    • 61. CONNECTOR 10 Cs MODEL
    • 62.
      • 9.
      • 10.
    • 63. THANK YOU! Email - Twitter - @connector_ie Web -