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Instagallery Proposal

  1. 1. Instagallery is Dublin’s first pop-up Instagram gallery, an event where Instagram users get to exhibit their favourite online images offline and develop real life friendships with Instagram users called ‘Igers’ The Instagallery will take place on 19th September 2013 at No. 5 Dame Lane, Dublin 2. It is a free launch event for the 2013 Instagram Awards, The Instagrammys. We are looking for sponsors for this brand experience campaign which will last four weeks. The Pop Up Gallery
  2. 2. Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables users to capture, edit and share photos and videos seamlessly across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. It generates high levels of interaction and engagement between brands and users. Increase your companies visibility on social platforms. Our Facebook campaign alone has an estimated reach of over 500,000 people. With an expected audience of 100-150 people, this is an excellent opportunity to engage with tech savvy users from your brands target audience. Our Instagallery website will reach over 30,000 people. The Instagallery bridges the online and offline platforms and creates brand awareness across both of these platforms. Our interactive promotional video will receive over 5,000 views. It’s an innovative and fun way to interact with your target audience and generate content for your brand. There will be constant live coverage throughout the event with hundreds viewing on livestream. Why sponsor the Instagallery campaign?
  3. 3.         The week before the event a challenge will be released each day, where participants will be asked to photograph and publish an image in relation to a specific category using taglines and hashtags. These images will be collected and exhibited in our Instagallery and on our company web site. The best images will be awarded with prizes. •  Each category can be sponsored, with taglines and hashtags tailored to suit your brand. •  Categories include but not limited to Drink, Food, Technology, Travel, Science/Education, Beauty, Art/Culture, Health/Well Being, Happiness. •  Example; if you are a Beauty Brand you can ask participants to show what beauty means to them. •  Choose the specific category you wish your brand to be matched with, let us know. •  All prizes and material will also be branded with your company logo. Instachallenge What we offer?
  4. 4. Interactive Wall The interactive wall is an interactive art installation; a living, breathing, moving photo collage that gets projected onto a surface and is constantly updated in real-time with Instagram and Twitter images.   What we Offer •  It can be run with sample imagery provided by the sponsor. •  Sponsors can have a fixed logo placement within the collage. •  A post event analytics platform showing breakdown of: –  Instagram Vs Twitter Vs TwitPic –  Top Users –  Summary of all images tagged during event
  5. 5. Live Broadcast During the event we will have : •  A live streaming (broadcast) online. •  A live Instagram event postings, showing the coolest thing happening on it. •  A Facebook tab aggregator with everything that is posted on social networks about the event. What We Offer: The logo of the sponsors will appear continuously just above the transmission. A photo booth will be in place during the event allowing attendees the opportunity to bring home a printed image of themselves at the event. What We Offer The insertion of the sponsor’s logo on the frames of printed photo Prinstagram
  6. 6. Exclusive Sponsorship Headline Sponsor Negotiable Sole Sponsorship of each category during the campaign Challenge Sponsor €3,000 Interactive Wall Sponsor €2,000 Live Broadcast Sponsor €1,000 Prinstagram Sponsor €600 Shared Sponsorship of categories during the campaign Category Sponsor of Instagram Challenge (5 in total) €500 Interactive Wall Sponsor €550 Live Broadcast Sponsor €450 Prinstagram Sponsor €300 Campaign Sponsorship Opportunities We are offering 3 different ways for you to get involved as a Sponsor:
  7. 7. About us Contact us • • Phone •  Office - 01-9060006 •  Event Coordinator - 086 4140103 Connector 360 is a marketing agency with award winning expertise that connects digital, mobile and social media marketing with offline marketing activities, strategy and planning. We have run over 20 events each year with speakers from companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Daft and Bebo ! Don’t miss your chance to get involved with a unique and engaging online/offline event.