How online video can boost your digital marketing?
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How online video can boost your digital marketing?

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Capturing attention in fifteen seconds or less – sounds impossible, but through the power of online video, modern marketers are making it happen. ...

Capturing attention in fifteen seconds or less – sounds impossible, but through the power of online video, modern marketers are making it happen.

Worldwide, customer’s attention spans are decreasing and companies are facing a smaller and smaller window of time to connect with their customers.

In this case study, we’ll show you how you can use innovative digital video campaigns to capture, connect and co-create with your customers.

Read on to learn how online video can boost your digital marketing.

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  • 3. Connector July 2014 © Good online videos share a few defining factors: They are creative and have a powerful message; many don’t even mention the brand name but the message resonates with the audience, helping them remember the brand They use new social media – like Vine – to their advantage They integrate the video with social media, encouraging people to talk about the video on Twitter with hash tags, or post video responses of their own They are sensitive and responsive to current trends WHAT MAKES A GOOD VIDEO?
  • 4. Connector July 2014 © DOVE – REAL BEAUTY SKETCHES - Campaign went viral on YouTube - Became the most watched video ad of all time - Viewed more than 114 million times - Was uploaded in 25 languages The goal of the campaign was to challenge peoples perception of themselves and help them realise their true beauty.
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