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We all know how difficult it is to find a job and in the current climate it's even more challenging. It's easy to get disenchanted with the whole process and get distracted by social media. But did you know that these days, social media might be one of the keys to getting your next job?

In this case study, we'll show you how you can leverage social media to your advantage, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Read on to learn the tips and tricks to improve your social media network.

Learn how to make the best use of LinkedIn to impress recruiters, how you can find your dream job on Twitter with hashtags and even how to inject your personality into your work.

Check out the best examples of innovative and creative CV's – digital & paper – which are bound to catch the eye of potential employers and learn the best blogging tips to make your professional profile stronger (tip one: blogging isn't as scary as it seems!)

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Connector - Social Media for Jobseekers

  1. 1. Connector July 2014 ©
  2. 2. Connector July 2014 © Social media is key to job searches today You’re not just judged on your résumé anymore. Your social media profiles give employers a fuller picture of who you are. Social media offers job seekers the opportunity to learn about companies, connect with current and past employees and hear about job openings first. INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. Connector July 2014 © LinkedIn for Jobseekers
  4. 4. Connector July 2014 © LINKEDIN FOR JOBSEEKERS LinkedIn is the premier professional networking site where you can make connections and even find your next job.
  5. 5. Connector July 2014 © FIGURES & INFOGRAPHICS LinkedIn has 300 million members in 200 countries There are 1.9 million LinkedIn Groups It has 3 million company pages 65% of it’s users are mostly in the 35-44 age category 63% of users live in The US, India, The UK and Brazil It’s available in 19 languages
  6. 6. Connector July 2014 © Connect Connect with as many people as you can to create networking opportunities for yourself and learn as much as you can from connections. Add people who: - Work in industries you’d like to work in - Are experts and influencers in their industries - Who produce useful articles and content Not sure about it? Check out these member stories where users share their success stories about networking through the site. LINKEDIN TIPS
  7. 7. Connector July 2014 © Search for jobs Looking for jobs online? Try LinkedIn Job Search. All you have to do is: 1.Click ‘Jobs’ in the top bar of the LinkedIn homepage 2.Search for jobs by job title, keyword or company name LinkedIn Job Search will return a whole list of job vacancies with your desired job title making it easy to find jobs you want and easily apply with your LinkedIn résumé . You can even save jobs and apply later! LINKEDIN TIPS
  8. 8. Connector July 2014 © Endorsements and recommendations If someone says you did a great job, ask them for these. They act as online recommendations and you should get as many as you can. Share great content Sharing great content with your network significantly boosts your chances of being contacted by a recruiter. When you share content, it proves your knowledge in the industry. Fully fill in your work experience Your profile is 12 times more likely to be viewed by a hiring manager if you have a detailed list of work experience. The more robust your profile is, the more experienced and hirable you look. LINKEDIN TIPS
  9. 9. Connector July 2014 © Fully fill in your profile Doing so shows you’re experienced and passionate about your career. Choose a suitable photo Choose a clear, friendly, professional image – no selfies or party pics! Fill in your summary This section is often overlooked but very important. Make it 3–5 short paragraphs long and talk about work passions, key skills and qualifications. LINKEDIN TIPS
  10. 10. Connector July 2014 © Prove your skills Include statistics, figures, numbers and case studies that prove what you say you’ve achieved. Get personal Your LinkedIn profile is a chance to show off your personality – be yourself. Show off Done something awesome that you’re really proud of? Show it off in the Honors & Awards section. Include a current job title Even if you’re unemployed, use keywords related to what you do in your job description to help potential employers find your profile. LINKEDIN TIPS
  11. 11. Connector July 2014 © Update your status Update it regularly with professional updates e.g. with industry news, interesting articles and inspiring updates from others in your industry. Become an author or add your blog LinkedIn allow users to write and publish articles on the platform – why not use it to write about what’s going on in your field or share your personal blog on your profile. Make sure people can find you Don’t forget to add your email address and other contact information to your profile. LINKEDIN TIPS
  12. 12. Connector July 2014 © Add multimedia to your profile Instead of just talking about your work, you can upload examples of your work in slideshows, static images, reports and much more. Add projects, volunteer experience and languages Adding these extra profile features is a great way to showcase skills and experiences that help you stand out from the crowd. LINKEDIN TIPS
  13. 13. Connector July 2014 © Potential PR opportunities Potential readers of industry news e.g. radio marketing & sales groups Potential PR editorials e.g. blogger groups More specific industry groups You can join up to 50 groups There are many uses for LinkedIn Groups LINKEDIN GROUPS
  14. 14. Connector July 2014 ©  A Job Needed – A Job Posted  Career Change Central  CareerLink Network  Corporate Recruiters  Executive Suite  Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections  Jobs Alert  Linked:HR  Personal Branding Network  Positive Thinkers GROUPS FOR JOBSEEKERS
  15. 15. Connector July 2014 © Social Media for Jobseekers
  16. 16. Connector July 2014 © Social media networks are having a dramatic impact on how candidates find new job opportunities. Potential ways to find new jobs include: - Searching hashtags on Twitter e.g. #jobfairy in Ireland - Liking a company on Facebook or LinkedIn - Creating and linking to unique CV’s on Pinterest - Making a video résumé on YouTube SOCIAL MEDIA FOR JOBSEEKERS
  17. 17. Connector July 2014 © FOR JOBSEEKERS Search Use the search bar to search for terms like ‘jobs’, ‘hiring’ and other terms that apply to your desired field and location. Use #hashtags Searching #jobs and #hiring will result in a plethora of tweets from those seeking employees. Tweet often Tweeting great content, great insights, retweeting others and interacting with your followers is a great way to network with people in your profession. Follow people and businesses This is important for networking. Go to the search bar and search 'jobs,' then click ‘people’ on the left- hand side. You'll soon see all the Twitter accounts with 'jobs' in the username.
  18. 18. Connector July 2014 © SOCIAL M FOR JOBSEEKERS Like relevant companies By doing this you’ll get daily updates on their activity and maybe even info on job openings. Private/Public Make sure you know what can be seen publicly on your profile. You might want to hide the party pics, but keep your work info and education public. Update your profile Make sure all of your work and education info is up to date and reflects your current position and past experience. Add Professional Skills Professional Skills is new to the about section. Underneath work and education, add skills you've acquired to increase your professional appeal.
  19. 19. Connector July 2014 © FOR JOBSEEKERS Search tags Similar to searching for jobs on Twitter, use the search bar to find plenty of cool companies advertising open jobs on Tumblr. Start Tumbling This is especially important for creative types. A Tumblr account showcasing your interests and original content automatically increases your appeal.
  20. 20. Connector July 2014 © FOR JOBSEEKERS Pin your résumé Make it creative, unique and eye catching. Using Pinterest to pin your résumé allows you to display your skills in an interesting way. Try highlighting certain aspects of your experience and add photos and links. Follow these seven career Pinterest boards.
  21. 21. Connector July 2014 © Blogging for Jobseekers
  22. 22. Connector July 2014 © Keep it interesting Blog about industry news, your view on trends and developments and demonstrate your areas of expertise. Build a blog network They may become your professional network too. Advertise yourself Blogging is kind of like advertising yourself. Make sure to include links to your résumé and social media profiles so employers know where to find you. BLOGGING TIPS
  23. 23. Connector July 2014 © Know your stuff If you’re going to blog about a subject, you need to know your stuff. Research, cross reference, ask questions, then write. Good blogs take time. Reality vs. expectation In today’s world, blogging is the expectation and reality of many entry-level jobs. It’s often a necessary skill and practice makes perfect, so get started! BLOGGING TIPS
  24. 24. Connector July 2014 © Creative CVs & Interviews
  25. 25. Connector July 2014 © CREATIVE PAPER CVS
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