Connector - The future of retail 2014


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Future & Trends in retail industry in 2014

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Connector - The future of retail 2014

  1. 1. 2014
  2. 2. Connector is a specialist agency helping businesses merge digital, social and mobile to perfect their business strategy. Positioned at the forefront of the digital arena, we recognise emerging trends in business and marketing. In this study, we would like to share our expertise and advice on the future of retail by looking at areas such as convenience stores, pharmacies & fashion. CONNECTOR & RETAIL
  3. 3. The retail industry is experiencing a dramatic shift with huge implications for retailers. eCommerce now represents a larger share of sales than ever before. The old retail model is dying and shoppers are going online more and more, with eCommerce and mobile commerce gaining market share fast. To face this changing environment retailers need to adapt their strategy and follow digital trends by mixing physical and digital retail. Social Media, mobile and customer experience are the retail trends of the moment and now, retail is about offering people the products or services they want on the devices and media they use most. KEY TRENDS
  4. 4. ONLINE & OFFLINE MERGE C&A BRAZIL LIKES Retailer C&A has started a social media campaign in Brazil marrying digital and real life. The principle is simple: when someone ‘likes’ a clothing item online, the thumbs-up icon appears on a screen on clothes hangers on the physical store.
  5. 5. ONLINE OFFLINE MERGE NORDSTORM - PINSPIRATION NordStorm was an early adopter of Pinterest, adding a ‘Pin It’ button to their website so customers can easily add their favorite items to their profile. In store, they bring Pinterest to life by putting their red logo on their ‘Most Pinned’ items.
  6. 6. SOCIAL COMMERCE #AMAZONCART Amazon and Twitter launched an initiative that enables consumers to add items to their Amazon shopping basket by using the hashtag #AmazonCart to a tweet an Amazon product link.
  7. 7. SOCIAL CURRENCY URBAN HILTON WEINER South African retailer Urban Hilton Weiner took advantage of the selfie craze by creating their ‘Pay with a Selfie’ campaign. Every customer posting a selfie wearing an Urban Hilton Weiner dress to @UrbanSelfie using #urbanselfie received $10 towards their purchase.
  8. 8. SOCIAL NETWORK STORES KEEP : SHOPPABLE INSTAGRAM Keep created an entire page on its website for ‘Instagram Shop’. The company selected a list of more than 100 Instagram fashionistas and helped customers to find and buy the items that these women wore in their photos online.
  9. 9. VIRTUAL STORES AVENUE IMPERIAL Avenue Imperial created an innovative virtual shopping experience in partnership with two designer fashion stores - Start London and The Corner Berlin. Their virtual store allowed customers to navigate the store using panoramic photography and take snapshots of products they were interested in to have more informations or to purchase online.
  10. 10. DIGITAL STOREFRONTS KATE SPADE & EBAY Kate Spade and eBay have partnered to create a digital storefront. The virtual storefront includes a touchscreen that enables customers to order goods and have them delivered in under an hour.
  11. 11. WEB TV SHOWS DVF – #SHOPTHEHANGOUTS Google Hangouts are a popular tool used by many business people for webinars and chat sessions. Diane Von Furstenberg is one such lady who uses Google Hangouts to chat and shop simultaneously. The concept seamlessly combines social video with shopping tools to create engagement between retailers and consumers.
  12. 12. PERSONALISATION CVS - MYWEEKLYAD CVS Caremark retailer and health care company launched a digital marketing initiative - ‘MyWeeklyAd’. They deliver a personalised e- newsletter based on individual customers past purchases and preferences to every member of their ExtraCare program registered on
  13. 13. CONVENIENCE STORES GROWTH Technology, additional services, food-to-go and a greater community focus are all factors that will continue to play a major role in this channel’s development. The rise in the number of convenience stores (c-stores) is set to continue next year. 85% of shoppers now use them every month. With so many stores popping up, c-stores have to ask themselves “How do we differentiate, if everyone else is doing it?” Build relationships – by highlighting local suppliers, engaging shoppers and differentiating yourself from competitors. Use digital solutions - to interact with shoppers online, on social media or via a phone app. Provide additional services - such as selling tickets for events or even something as original as Karaoke. Give people an extra reason to come into the store. Use unique designs and graphics – make your logo and signage stand out, like 7eleven.
  14. 14. • Understand your shoppers and adapt your merchandise to their needs. • Take advantage of impulse shoppers by converting every product interaction into a purchase opportunity. • Deliver more than products or services; deliver emotions and unique customer experience. • Integrate social and environmental programs into the brand. SOME TIPS FOR RETAILERS
  18. 18. SERVICES
  19. 19. CLIENTS
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