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Going mobile is an indisputable must do for companies who not only want to survive, but thrive. To stand at the forefront of emerging trends and position themselves as innovative, up-to-date and trustworthy, companies must invest in optimising for and advertising on their customer’s constant companion – the smartphone.

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Connector - Mobile Trends & Stats

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  2. 2. connector June 2014 © CUSTOMERS ARE MOBILE •In 2015, over 50% of traffic to all sites will be mobile. •In 2013, Over 50% of all search on Google was on a mobile device. •Over 50% of all Facebook and YouTube visits are on mobile device. •76% of Twitter visits are on mobile.
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  31. 31. connector June 2014 © PERSONALISATION OF MESSAGES This is a trend we saw in 2013 and will continue this year and next, particularly with the introduction of Apple's iBeacon. Opportunities for mobile marketers to personalise and transform the shopping experience will be endless. A shopper with this feature enabled on their phone will have relevant, personalised information delivered to their phone in real time as they walk through the store.
  32. 32. connector June 2014 © GEO-TARGETING Geographically targeting consumers with relevant products to purchase while they are in a specific location will make mobile marketing more relevant and less intrusive. Social media networks will be the main channel for real-time location based marketing, providing the key advertising platforms for businesses looking to target customers with location based offers.
  33. 33. connector June 2014 © NARROWCASTING Narrowcasting allows brands to specifically target small numbers of people who are more qualified leads. With organic reach waning on broader social media channels and the abolition of stereotypical ‘mass markets’, relevant content with context is essential. The main advantage of narrowcasting is that it is more effective and less costly in the long run.
  34. 34. connector June 2014 © RICH MEDIA MESSAGING (RMM) Rich Media Messaging exploded in 2014 and will continue to gain popularity in 2015. RMM optimises content for the specific type of device receiving it. Mobile users receive messages designed for their specific phones with coupons/images/video that perfectly fit the screen.
  35. 35. connector June 2014 © MICRO CONTENT As our attention spans get shorter, so will the content we create and consume, especially when it comes to social media video. In addition to the increased use of Vine, brands are set to tap into the ten second Instagram video and the three second Snapchat photo which disappears after 24 hours, to offer exclusive offers and content to their customers.
  36. 36. connector June 2014 © GAMIFICATION OF MOBILE ADS Gamification involves adding elements of a typical computer game to drive engagement. Introducing gamification to mobile ads brings out peoples competitive side, encouraging them to keep interacting with the ad to win points, badges and bonus content. Gamification is proving to be the hot topic when it comes to mobile marketing and is expected to yield more lifetime value customers than other marketing methods.
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  38. 38. connector June 2014 © MAILCHIMP MailChimp is an email marketing service provider which currently has around 6 million users. The MailChimp app has a number of added features which allow you to optimise your campaigns for mobile. MailChimp also offers mobile- friendly templates for your newsletters, so you can be sure everything looks good with your campaign.
  39. 39. connector June 2014 © RED STAMP Red Stamp is a mobile greeting card company who are netting new clients by sending customized thank you notes as they walk out of meetings, They’re also using the service to share visual, branded, real-time conversations with their social networks and create festive, branded invitations for events and get-togethers.
  40. 40. connector June 2014 © TEXTUS.BIZ A recent Time magazine mobility poll found that 32% of people would rather text than talk if given a choice. With this in mind, TextUs.Biz allows businesses to send and receive texts from customers via their computer or iPad. Small businesses can use the service to send customer appointment reminders or group promotional offers.
  41. 41. connector June 2014 © SHORTSTACK ShortStack allows both programmers and non- programmers to easily build beautiful tabs for their Facebook Pages. With ShortStack, you can either build an app from scratch or make minor edits to a template. It gives you full control and anyone from beginner to expert can use it.
  42. 42. connector June 2014 © YELP Yelp’s mobile app is also used on 9.2 million mobile devices per month and more than 36 million reviews have been written. Having a mobile app allows people to access reviews on businesses and services as they encounter them. You should make sure your business information on Yelp is accurate and up-to-date as well as monitored so you can respond to comments quickly.
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  44. 44. connector June 2014 © FANTOM – DERBY COUNTY APP The purpose of the app is to give fans new way to interact with the players through Derby’s Facebook page. Fans can collect and swap online stickers of the squad, management and Derby legends as well as win rewards including shirts, match day tickets and stadium tours.
  45. 45. connector June 2014 © SHOWMEGOLF APP ShowMeGolf is an app connecting a community of golfers, enabling them to improve their game and share their passion for it. The in app map shows information on other nearby app users who you can interact with in a variety of ways, including through messages, comments and notifications.
  46. 46. connector June 2014 © SOUNDWAVE APP Soundwave tracks what users are listening to in other music apps, including streaming services like Spotify and Rdio. This information appears in the Soundwave feed as it happens, providing a window onto what friends and others that you follow are listening to right now.
  47. 47. connector June 2014 © HUGGITY – FANPICS APP The Huggity Fanpic app lets every fan be a part of the story and lets companies engage sport and music fan after the event. Fanpics takes a panoramic photo of all game/concert goers at the event. Attendees can then download and share their pics with their friends. The result? Event sponsors can extend their brand exposure and interaction with fans, while the fans are happy to be connected with the brand on an emotional level.
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