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Outlines all details regarding blogging with connector.TV

Outlines all details regarding blogging with connector.TV

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  • 1. Connector Bloggers Info Pack Conor Lynch – May 2011 © Connector TV Ltd. Your Social Media Partner / 1
  • 2. Connector Bloggers Info PackMany thanks for your interest in blogging on The followingoutlines a brief description about, what we are looking forand the advantages of blogging with us.Introductionconnector.TV was set up by Conor Lynch and is the follow up to hissuccessful personal blog which has 500+ blog posts. Nowwe are successfully building a bloggers network, operating across Irelandand are always on the lookout for talented new bloggers! We areinterested in collaborating with people who have a desire and passion forsharing their experiences and stories with others.At we are looking to expand our blogger network. Our aim issimple: we want to connect new bloggers across Ireland through themulti-user blog on At present our network operates inDublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast.We are looking for new bloggers to blog about featured news and storiesrelated to interesting people, communities and events around Ireland.We include and encourage blog posts with digital content such as videointerviews with featured interesting stories from the worlds of business,technology, sport and culture including entrepreneurs, musicians, artists,designers and more. © Connector TV Ltd. Your Social Media Partner / 2
  • 3. Connector Blogger HighlightsWe regularly get special invites to private events such as Jameson FilmFestival, Taste of Christmas, Guinness 250 party, Smirnoff NightlifeExchange, Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival etc.Our founder Conor Lynch’s blogging has given him the opportunity tomeet interesting people such as Irish President Mary McAleese, ex-Taoiseach Brian Cowen & John Bruton, celebrity chef Gino D´Acampo, TheRubberbandits, Des Bishop, George Lee, Roseanne Davison, RonnieWhelan, Michael O’Muircheartaigh and many more. Who would you liketo interview?Connector Blogger AdvantagesBlogging on is not only fun, but also has its advantages andgives you access to the world of social media! - You don’t need to develop your own blog or pay someone to do it for you – we can set you up with a username and password within minutes. - We have opportunities to get you free access to various events and launches that you wish to blog about. - By blogging on you will have a chance to build your name and credibility, interact with other likeminded people and build a great network of contacts. - Recent graduates, blogging on, will gain access to a platform providing employment opportunities in various areas such as journalism, marketing etc. as it will expose you to invaluable experience that employers seek. - If needed, we will provide support and mentoring related to blogging and social media. It is also possible for us to promote your blog work to our business connections. © Connector TV Ltd. Your Social Media Partner / 3
  • 4. - Experienced Connector Team will be happy to provide you with career guidance. - You will receive free training on how to use popular blogging tool Wordpress as well as gain knowledge in ever growing social media industry (i.e. social media strategy, community management etc.) from our partners - Although currently this is unpaid experience, we are in the process of implementing incentive and rewards scheme for bloggers. Free meals, concert tickets or cinema tickets are some of the presently used incentives.Connector Blogger Guidelines• All submitted blogposts should be about one of three areas connector.TV focuses on: people, events and communities• Bloggers should aim for expressing a viewpoint through their blogposts and encourage readers to contribute. Ask their opinion. Encourage to leave comments.• connector.TV will assist bloggers in posting blogposts and familiarizing themselves with Wordpress. However connector.TV aims for bloggers to become independent and use Wordpress on their own.• The ideal length of a blogpost is between 300 and 500 words• All bloggers should include photos from events or pictures that liven up the blogpost and make the reading of the blogpost more pleasant for the visitors of the connector.TV site.• All photos/pictures should not be larger than 250 kilobytes• Link to sources for facts or statements you reference. All bloggers should post internet links to various venues, sites, people they include in the blogpost. Make sure links are working. © Connector TV Ltd. Your Social Media Partner / 4
  • 5. • Respond to comments. And do it as soon as possible. A short thank you is sufficient to show your readers that you’ve read what they wrote. However creating a discussion will keep your reader engaged and attract others to share their opinion, which will build a sense of community and acknowledge reader’s contribution.• Blogposts must not contain profanities or any hateful sexist, religious or racial content. Know who you’re communicating with. Consider your audience and remember you’re representing yourself and Connector.• Each blogger is fully accountable for the grammar and content of the blogpost he/she submits. Poor grammar / spelling will impact your credibility.• Write original articles. Do not plagiarize/steal/copy someone else’s content or ideas. If you can’t think of something to write about, don’t publish until you do.Connector Blogger SupportOur promise to You: The Connector team will support you as much aswe possibly can. We will give you access to the emailaddress, twitter account, business cards, t-shirts, badges and any othermaterial you might require in order for you to get your desiredinformation to blog about.We will help you with our existing connections and aim to get your nameout there!If you have any further questions that you would like to ask, please get intouch by email or call +353 87 1 22 11 24Happy Blogging! © Connector TV Ltd. Your Social Media Partner / 5
  • 6. Connector Blogger TestimonialHere’s one of the testimonials written by one of our bloggers, MeganSpecia - “Blogging for has been an amazingly positive experience for me. As a recent graduate with a degree in journalism, I found taking my first steps into my field (especially in a different country) pretty daunting. However, when I first started covering cultural events in and around Dublin, I quickly realized how good this experience would be for me. As I work full time, I was able to cover events in my spare time and self edit and self publish. I had complete creative control over the posts that I did, and found the freedom both challenging and interesting. On another note, working with the experienced team at Connector certainly opened a few doors for me. Conor was especially supportive and helpful in guiding me to new opportunities for work. He was also able to secure passes/invitations to events that I was interested in covering. Being involved in such a dynamic and innovative company also looks great on my CV! I would definitely recommend blogging for Connector as a beneficial step for anyone looking to broaden their horizon.” © Connector TV Ltd. Your Social Media Partner / 6