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connector360 Top 10 Marketing Trends in Shelflife Magazine


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connector360 Top 10 Marketing Trends in Shelflife Magazine

  1. 1. T o readers who are used to the term fast moving consumer goods, we introduce even faster moving consumer marketing! Staying up-to-date in the rapidly changing digital landscape is a huge challenge, so here are some tips on how to use the latest digital marketing trends to grow your business in 2014. With so many digital media options and innovative technologies, one thing always remains the same – the need to create strong strategic messages to engage the consumer, solve a problem or just make us smile. 1-Digitalstrategy While it may seem obvious that you should have a digital strategy, many organisations are only now creating their own digital strategy for the first time to include digital, social and mobile communication channels and integrate with offline marketing. A digital strategy encompasses every aspect of a company’s digital presence and allows it to streamline communications and send coherent messages across multiple digital channels. A digital strategy is a must for all businesses! 2-Real-timemarketing Real-time marketing aims to reach consumers at the best possible time and place. It is a form of marketing that seeks the best and most appropriate message for a marketing opportunity. With real-time marketing, you immediately give customers something they want, need or desire by being at the right place at the right time. For example, using social media during events allows brands to engage a receptive public by sending them relevant messages. 3-Socialmediavisualcontent Social media allows people to upload user generated content and share it with their network of friends. Pinterest and Instagram are being used by an increasing number of people because us humans love visuals and text is proven to be less effective on its own. These two social media platforms are free and a company can use them to lead wonderful campaigns generating large amounts of interaction from consumers. 4-Socialnetworkingapplications In order to get maximum impact on social networks you should utilise bespoke applications for platforms like Facebook and Twitter supported by social networking advertising. Social networking applications are only limited by your creativity and will offer a tailored experience to your customers - and are great for consumer engagement and data capture. 5-Mobilewebsites Mobile websites - or responsive websites - are designed to work on desktops, laptops and also on smaller devices such as smartphones or tablets. As 50% of Google searches now happen on mobile devices, it is imperative to have a mobile ready website to satisfy busy and nomadic consumers always connected to their mobile devices. 6-Mobileapps Mobile apps are a great medium for brands to truly engage customers and are the next step in creating deeply engaging experiences with their smartphone. Since most people are connected 24/7 via their smartphone, mobile apps offer a wide variety of functionalities and can be efficiently used to engage customers. 7-iBeacon-Indoormobile communication iBeacon is an indoor positioning system that extends location services in Apple devices. iBeacon can alert smartphone users when they approach or leave a location with iBeacon. Retail stores are adopting iBeacon to provide customers with product information and the best deals. This technology is fast, easy to use and also speeds up the checkout process with a completely contactless payment system. 8-Digitalvideo Thanks to video technology we can record messages, ads, interviews and make short movies using only a digital camera or smartphone. They are handy, simple to make and very easy to share online on social media. Video is one of the best ways to present content to the public in an attractive way. Several brands have taken the leap and use their marketing budgets to utilise video, sometimes getting great results on a low budget. 9-Onlineshopping Nowadays with our busy lives we want to minimise time wasted each day so that we can do more things in our spare time. Saving time is a key reason for the growth in online shopping which is a form of digital buying from an online store often using mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. 10-Digitallistening Digital listening is the observation and analysis of discussions that occur anywhere online. We can now monitor the internet for the keywords you have chosen that are being discussed by individuals and communities and report to you on what people are saying and whether it expresses a positive or negative sentiment. Digital listening can also be used as a tool to understand competitor activities, identify influencers and online communities. To have a successful business you have to keep up with these trends and we hope you have success using some of our top 10 trends for 2014. I 34 ShelfLife April 2014FEATURE :: Connector360 is a marketing agency with award-winning expertise in digital, mobile and social media marketing integrated with offline marketing. The company works with brands from retail, FMCG, education, pharmaceuticals, energy and financial services. For more information see www.connector360.net. Conor Lynch, CEO of Connector360 offers some tips on how to use digital marketing to enhance your business in the year ahead Conor Lynch, CEO, Connector360 Top 10 trends for digital, social and mobile marketing in 2014 34 Digital listening feature_ShelfLife 2008 14/04/2014 15:29 Page 2