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Ed tech powerpoint 101
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Ed tech powerpoint 101


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This is a PowerPoint on the Dos and Don'ts of how to make a good presentation.

This is a PowerPoint on the Dos and Don'ts of how to make a good presentation.

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  • 1. Yays and Naysof PowerpointsBy: Marissa Santos
  • 2. Bullets: Nay Bullets are difficult to read when going anydirection other then left to right. It is just plain confusing for everyone Also, it’s important to keep bullets consistento Tabbing only when necessary Group Things together if It is not a list
  • 3. Bullets: Yay Keep bullets as the way we read Left to right Tab only when necessary Group things together Avoid unnecessary lists
  • 4. Background: Nay This background is so distracting youprobably can’t even read what this says. The background is also totally not relevantto the topic.
  • 5. Background: Yay Keep it simple! Stick to one Be consistent Relevant to information
  • 6. Contrast and Color: Nay Mixing light backgrounds with light fonts makes itdifficult to read Mixing dark backgrounds with dark fonts makes itdifficult to read
  • 7. Contrast and Color: Yay• Light backgrounds with dark fontscompliment each other• Dark backgrounds with light fontscompliment each other• Most professional presentations use darkbackgrounds with light fonts
  • 8. Graphics: Nay Distracting: Overloading pictures Irrelevant Farm Animals Horse Cow Sheep Pig
  • 9. Graphics: Yay Keep pictures relevant to content Farm Animals Sheep Horse Cow Pig
  • 10. Rule of 4: Nay It is important to focus on no more than 4 items at a time. Animals Farm Pig Chicken Sheep Safari Giraffe Zebra Ranch Cow Horse Goat Marine Whale Shark Fish Insects Flies Mosqitoes
  • 11. Rule of 4: Yay Keep audiences’ focus on 4 topics at a time Animals Farm Safari Ranch Marine You can then break each bullet down onseparate slides.
  • 12. Proximity: Nay Library  Education Building
  • 13. Proximity: Yay Keep graphics organized with content Library Education Building
  • 14. Fonts: Nay Small fonts Curly and distracting fonts Fonts that change in color and style ALL CAPS Underlined and Bolded
  • 15. Fonts: Yay Stay consistent Use large, easy-to-read fonts Do not bold, underline, or use all caps
  • 16. Perceptual Differences: Nay Blue Yellow Red Green
  • 17. Perceptual Differences: Yay Blue Yellow Red Green