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Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés
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Presentación Corporativa CM Inglés


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Presentación Corporativa ComunidadMujer. Noviembre 2011. Versión inglés.

Presentación Corporativa ComunidadMujer. Noviembre 2011. Versión inglés.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1.  
  • 2. About us
    • ComunidadMujer is an independent and inclusive organization, leader in debate and research on gender issues. We actively propose the creation of public policies that promote women´s participation in the labor and political spheres, strengthening work-life integration and family and social corresponsibility.
  • 3.
    • ComunidadMujer has a board of directors and an advisory council integrated by 57 women leaders from the academic, business, public service, political, culture, arts and media worlds. Michelle Bachelet, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women and ex President of Chile is one of our most distinguished members.
    • Our organization counts with the support of a team of high level professionals and collaborators who ensure that the four areas of development are aligned with our mission. These areas are research, social capital, leadership and business & entrepreneurship. .
    • Our work is enhanced by an important group of collaborators and members that share our vision and participate in our initiatives aimed at generating new initiatives to create opportunities that favor women’s participation in the labor and public spheres.
    • ComunidadMujer is a generator of networks. Our collaborators since 2002 include international organisms, the Chilean government, universities, think tanks, non government organizations, research centers, and civil society organizations and private companies, amongst others.
    About us
  • 4. Our mission
    • “ To facilitate women’s participation in the labor world in equal conditions and promote a harmonious work-life integration together with family and social corresponsibility in children’s care and upbringing”.
    • We want a country that provides equal opportunities for men and women from childhood, and that makes them jointly responsible for the well being of their families and as regards social commitment, civil participation and public life. This is our vision for Chile.
  • 5. Our objectives Carry out research and diagnoses, and design proposals for action and public and corporate policies aimed at eliminating discrimination against women and diminishing social, cultural, economic and legal barriers that impede the integration of women under equal conditions in the labor and public spheres. Support the development of women in the labor market, and their economic independence and entrepreneurial initiatives through training, mentoring and development programs. Strengthen women´s leadership and participation in public institutions, professional associations and private enterprises. Promote social capital by identifying, supporting and ensuring a higher visibility of women’s organizations that promote social capital as a development resource for their communities. Establish permanent activities such as consultancies, workshops and programs aimed at promoting work-life integration in today’s organizations, strengthening women’s leadership and promoting training and personal and professional development for women workers.
  • 6. Areas of Development Research Business and Entrepreneurship Center Leadership Center Social Capital Public Issues
  • 7.
    • Through our research we aim to promote policies that favor higher levels of participation of women in the labor market under equal conditions. We do research, generate proposals and relevant information about the marketplace for women and the aspects of social and personal life that affect them.
    • This department counts with a series of tools , such as the Women’s Voice Longitudinal Survey, the Women & Work Barometer, policy briefs and working papers, amongst others, that enable us to place these issues on the public agenda through opinion columns, participation as speaker in seminars and many other areas of public debate, amongst others.
  • 8.
    • Women’s Voice Survey 2012 (A longitudinal survey of Chilean women’s opinions on women and work). ComunidadMujer will launch this national longitudinal survey of Chilean women in 2012, with funding from the IADB. Microdatos will carry out the field work to reach 3000 women in Chile. This longitudinal survey tackles de dynamics of Chilean women’s employment in 2009 and 2011 and how it relates to individual, family, social and cultural factors.
    • Policy briefs: Reports on the different issues related to women’s incorporation into the labor market // UNDP, Ministry of Work, ComunidadMujer.
    Research How does being a young mother affect work performance? ComunidadMujer Policy Brief ComunidadMujer poster advertising Women´s Voice Survey
  • 9. Social Capital With the aim of integrating women from different socioeconomic realities we facilitate the use of resources that ComunidadMujer offers such as seminars, workshops and talks by experts. We also publicly announce all efforts carried out by women to help their community members combat poverty. Independent Workers and Women Fishers, Algae and Shellfish Gatherers Union, Pichilemu. Winners of third prize, CM Award 2009.
  • 10.
    • Acknowledgment and support to grass roots organizations led by women :
    • ComunidadMujer Award : Unique in Chile, this award has, since 2006, distinguished grass roots organizations led by women that successfully carry out activities aimed at helping their communities to combat poverty and motivate other social organizations towards reaching this same objective. This generates and strengthens the social capital and transforms them into leadership models.
    • Training and development of social leaders : Strengthening of leadership and social capital of women leaders of grass roots organizations aimed at enhancing their capacity to carry our collective actions with a common benefit at a local and regional level.
    Social Capital Poster inviting women to participate in the ComunidadMujer Award 2010.
  • 11.
    • Our permanent objective at ComunidadMujer has been to promote the full development of leadership potential in women, in both the public and private spheres, through seminars, workshops, programs and mentoring.
    • These experiences are consolidated today in the Leadership Center whose objective is to precisely, boost and strengthen women’s leadership and women’s participation in politics, public institutions, professional associations and private enterprises in an inclusive context.
    • We understand women’s leadership to be a conscious attitude in women aimed at assuming a protagonist role in their personal, professional and social development together with the capacity to encourage and commit others to reach common objectives and aims.
    Leadership Center
  • 12.
    • A guide or mentor is assigned to a woman who is a professional, an entrepreneur or a social leader, to guide and enable women to deploy their capacities and identify their needs and competencies that they wish to develop according to their aims and objectives.
    • In the nine years since this program was set up, 335 women have participated, with 94% success in reaching objectives set. We also a have a stable network of very high profile mentors.
    Mentoring program
  • 13. Mentoring program “ Being a mentor is a great opportunity to give back what I have learnt over the years”. Juan Pedro Pinochet, Executive Director, Un Techo Para Chile: Mentor “ This program has given me the tools to make my dreams come true”. Mª Paz Briseño, Artist and Businesswoman: Mentee “ I have met admirable women who can take that brave leap towards improving what they are”. Andrea Rotman, Marketing Manager, LAN: Mentor “ This is such a positive experience that I don´t know who gets more out of it: mentor or mentee”. Alejandro Ferreiro, Lawyer, Ex Minister of Economy: Mentor “ I learnt that the strength to develop my projects is within me”. Carolina Hiriart, Architect: Mentee “ It is a marvelous experience that involves accompanying others towards new horizons”. Germaine Fresard, Commercial Manager, Clínica Las Condes: Mentor
  • 14. Political Leadership Program
    • Activities:
    • Strengthening of leadership capacities in women
    • Political development of women
    • Exercise of political influence to favor equal participation of women and men in public life: political lobby, surveys, seminars, etc.
    • Generation of knowledge and technical proposals.
    • Advisors to members of parliament and other political and social actors.
    • Areas of specialization :
    • Electoral systems
    • Positive discrimination measures: Gender quotas
    • Soft leadership capacities
    • Gender perspective and human rights for women.
    The objective of this program is to promote women’s leadership and the participation of women in politics, public institutions, professional associations and labor unions.
  • 15.
    • Professional unit specialized in services for business development, whose aim is to generate businesses led by women that are innovative, competitive, sustainable and socially responsible.
    • Business development
    • Talks and seminars aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and business development, organizational leadership and empowerment.
    • Entrepreneurship training workshops.
    • Business management workshops.
    • Entrepreneurship and business development
    • Innovative entrepreneurship
    • Pro competitive
    • Pro creative
    • Partnership and business ecosystems
    • Pro partnership
    • Ecosystems
    Business and Entrepreneurship Center/ OTEC (Technical Training Organism)
  • 16. Public-private dialogue We create proposals for actions and public policies aimed at eliminating discrimination against women and diminishing social, cultural, economical and legal barriers that limit the inclusion of women under equal conditions in the labor and public spheres. Public Issues
  • 17. Milestones: Impact on public agenda and public policies.
    • Impact on public agenda and public policies.
    • Publications: In alliance with the Ministry of Work, University of Chile, UNDP, IADB and ILO.
    • Women´s Voice Survey
    • Women and Work Barometer
    • Policy briefs ComunidadMujer: Women and Work
    • Book: The Earthquake after the Earthquake. Trauma and resilience.
    • Participation as an advisory board for high profile government and international organizations
    • Social security reform (2006)
    • Work and equity (2007)
    • Women, work and maternity (2010)
    • Advisory board for The UNDP Human Development Report,
    • Advisory board for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
    • Mining Gender Committee
    • We have carried out a systematic and permanent work plan through our spokespersons to bear influence and place the most relevant issues for the advancement of women on the public agenda.
    • Parliamentary work
    • Dialogue with government authorities
    • Interviews and articles
    • Opinion columns
    • Seminars
  • 18. Press
    • 2011 to October .
    Public Issues
  • 19. Social networks Twitter: 2.522 followers// 924 followed Facebook: 2.190 friends
  • 20. Funding
  • 21. Alliances
  • 22. Address: Bustamante 26, piso 3 - Providencia. Tel: (56-2) 222 31 30 Fax: (56-2) 222 53 57 Santiago //