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  • Key Message: Google Apps helps address the challenges workers are facing today. Talking Points: GMail -  Google's wordclass email client with 25GB of storage per user. Google Talk -  Real time communication across text, audio, and video right in your inbox.   Google Calendar -  Enterprise calendering system.   Google Groups  -  Simple, user-managed, searchable, distribution and sharing lists. Google Docs  - Word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation built to enhance collaboration and productivity. Google Sites -  Web site creation tool that doesn't involve IT.    Allow users to easily create sites for themselves, their teams, their projects.  Google Video for Business -  Upload and share video within your business, to enhance communication and collaboration.    These are  next-generation, web-based tools designed for the way we communicate and collaborate today Transition: We built Google Apps on a new computing model called cloud computing.
  • Key Message: Google has a solid plan for expanding our Enterprise offerings and is fully committed to this vision. Talking Points:  Google Apps today.  We have our offering of Google Apps today that we have been discussing.  This runs in the Google cloud.  We are working to expand Google Apps in 2 ways.  First, deepening the functionality of our existing applications.  This means better formatting in Google Docs, more capabilities in Sites, better collaboration across the products, etc.  We are also working to expand our archiving and discovery capabilities to cover all of our offerings in order to provide a complete compliance and discovery solution. Your Apps - Building the platform.   Google App Engine is a platform for you to build and deploy your own applications on top of Google's infrastructure, integrated with your Google Apps accounts.  This will be a continued value for our customers. Other Apps - Apps Marketplace.   This forum allows customers to easily purchase additional applications for Google Apps that are integrated with the product.  They all have single sign-on integration, and many support integration with email, calendar, and documents as well. APIs for integration.   We understand that some systems will remain on premise for a while, so we have built robust APIs to make sure that you can integrate your systems with ours.  We will continue to invest in deepening those capabilities. Improving access technologies.   Our vision of web applications relies on solid web access capabilities.  That is why we are investing in Android, Chrome, and Chrome OS.   We think this direction provides a powerful model for enterprise technology in the years to come.   We are building a better way to do Enterprise technology. Transition: I always like to finish up by talking about experiences from real customers.
  • Google Apps Connector  integrates the Google Apps messaging suite with BlackBerry Enterprise Server, giving mobile users the ability to use built-in BlackBerry applications to access their Google Apps email, calendar, and contacts. Administrators use the same BlackBerry tools they already know for securing and managing BlackBerry devices. This quarter we launched an updated version of the connector adding: simple auditing support for read, spam, trash, delete operations. Support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.2. Support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express. Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 SP2. Improved Dynamic GAL synchronization. Improvements to some calendar synchronization components to provide enhanced robustness and accuracy.
  • - IT systems are slow to evolve   - Cloud computing provides the opportunity to build a whole new set of apps that cycle faster with IT and integrate info in ways that could never be done before
  • Parting the Cloud - Loughborough University

    1. 1. Parting the Cloud: Some Blue Sky Thinking :-) Martin Hamilton @martin_hamilton These slides:
    2. 2. Cloud = Internet
    3. 3. What's in a name? <ul><li>Augmenting the power of your laptop, phone, tablet, ... </li></ul><ul><li>...and thereby extending your reach as an individual </li></ul>
    4. 4. e.g.
    5. 5. e.g. #2
    6. 6. Disclosure Diagram credit: Andy Powell et al
    7. 7. Disclosure #2
    8. 8. Google Apps in UK HE
    9. 9. What's in The Box? Gmail   Huge inbox with search: keep and find everything. Talk   Business class IM and VC as easy as email. Groups   Let users easily create and work in teams. Calendar   Make sharing calendars and schedules easy. Docs   Makes collaborating as easy as creating Sites   Allow users to manage their own sites. Video   Unlock the power of video within your business. Postini   Security and compliance solutions. Marketplace  Extend the functionality of Google Apps Slide credit: Ross Mahon, Google
    10. 10. Google's Enterprise Vision Slide credit: Ross Mahon, Google
    11. 11. Extending Google Apps Google Confidential and Proprietary Slide credit: Ross Mahon, Google
    12. 12. Continuous Innovation 2010 2011 Priority  Inbox 218 feature releases 95 so far… 60+ new  Apps   Docs  Mobile Editing Chrome for Business  Cloud  Connect 4 Office Chrome books Discussions in Docs Apps for   Apps Chrome Browser Slide credit: Ross Mahon, Google
    13. 13. Going Google at Loughborough:   Hassle free transition with only around 100 Service Desk cases for 17,000 users £250K saving on hardware/cooling/power Enabling new services - 95% uptake of Google Calendar and 70% uptake of Google Docs Retention of the student's digital identity on graduation (used by over 5,000 students)
    14. 14. Stats: App Takeup
    15. 15. Stats: Document Types
    16. 16. Stats: Docs Takeup
    17. 17. Stats: Student Collaboration
    18. 18. Stats: Staff Collaboration
    19. 19. Where's The Value Add?
    20. 20. A Contrary Viewpoint <ul><li>&quot;If you use a proprietary program or </li></ul><ul><li>somebody else's web server, you're </li></ul><ul><li>defenceless. You're putty in the hands of </li></ul><ul><li>whoever developed that software.&quot; </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul>Photo licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License , from angrykeyboarder
    21. 21. But wait, there's more... <ul><li>Photo by   Noah Sussman </li></ul>
    22. 22. Post-PC era is here?
    23. 23. Parting the Cloud: Some Blue Sky Thinking :-) Martin Hamilton @martin_hamilton These slides: