Electronic media publishing


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Electronic media publishing

  1. 1. Electronic media publishing Peter Nemšák, Jakub Ondrušek
  2. 2. Who are we and where do we take get the nerve to talk about ePublishing
  3. 3. “In the digital area, our eContentbusiness continues to scale quicklysuch that we now sell twice as manyeBooks as we do physical books …” William Lynch CEO, Barnes & Noble, Inc. 2010 Q3 financial results press release
  4. 4. Ebook sales - USAQ3 2009 $46 mil Q3 2010 $119.7 mil Source: http://idpf.org/about-us/industry-statistics#Additional_Global_eBook_Sales_Figures
  5. 5. Mobile platform shares portals visitor count (%)3530 33,4 Android25 26,8 iPhone 18 Symbian2015 12 iPad10 2,6 iPod5 7,2 other0
  6. 6. A brief history of information publishing
  7. 7. Chiseled rock tabletstough to write on, heavyweight, bulky
  8. 8. Leather and papyruslightweight, multiple options of ink, storability
  9. 9. And finally - papertodays most used publishing material
  10. 10. Ooops, once again - papertodays most used publishing material
  11. 11. Gutenbergs printing pressprinting of multiple copies at once, rise of books
  12. 12. Newspapersfaster presses, mechanization, daily issuance
  13. 13. Books and storageno issue with a few books at home
  14. 14. Books and storagea BIG problem with tens or hundreds
  15. 15. Journey to electronic publishing1970 first “personal” computers1985-90 first “real” notebooks1990 “opening” of internet to public1990-2000 netbooks, enhanced phones, readers, smartphones2000 first tablets, no big boom2010 iPad – dawn of the new era
  16. 16. Bad start of Amazons Kindledelivery channel, text display, no extra value
  17. 17. Apples iPhone revolutiondisplay resolution, intuitiveness, web-friendly
  18. 18. IPad – another bold movebig iPhone. prepared to view rich media and text
  19. 19. Current situation● what are the end user devices?● what are their possibilities?● how big is their share in total visitor counts?● what systems are the top ones?
  20. 20. Portal visitors mobile and smart devicesmedia and business portals technological portals 0.6% 2.7%
  21. 21. Current biggest playersA sea of Android and iOS with a touch of others
  22. 22. Plethora of end devicesdont panic, optimize only for the most used v
  23. 23. Global tablet OS deliveriesQ4 2010 in mil. - iOS wins, Android catching up 7.3 iOS 2.1 Android 0.3 Ostatné Mil
  24. 24. Come on! Thats complete chaos! How can I make money in this?
  25. 25. From eBooks to paper books Unknown author st 1 novel as eBook for Kindle Kindle user forums promotion, sharing in communities Result: Contract for 2 “real” books with a big publisher
  26. 26. iPad as another marketThe Wall Street Journal way of ePublishing already had online subscribers After iPad app release - 6400 new and active accounts $17.99 monthly subscription Content published outside AppStore = clear profit
  27. 27. Rich men in days fun little games, big earningsTap Tap Revenge1 mil. free downloads in first week, together withsequels - cca 15 mil. downloads, advertisementincome, later also paid downloadsRolandomore than 700.000 downloads for $2.99 - in 3months Source: www.wired.com, www.dailymail.co.uk
  28. 28. Careful with the pricemore users lower price, or the other way around Source: www.moondaynote.com
  29. 29. Interactive part