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  • 1. S us taining de ve lo pme nt in s mall s tate s in a turbule nt g lo bal e c o no my 6-7th July, 2009 Marlborough House
  • 2. Obje c tive s o f the s e s s io n  Overviewof Hum developm an ent issues and STPD response  Exam the im ine pact of the global economic and financial crisis on financial indicators  Present a reviewof the progress and constraints of sm states in achieving M all DG and proposed m easures 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 2
  • 3. S o c ial Trans fo rmatio n Pro g ramme s Divis io n Educ atio n - He alth - Ge nde r  The division leads and implements the Secretariat’ s agenda w regard to Hum Developm ith an ent, w orking w governm ith ents and other stakeholders to address issues and challenges in education and health, and for a world w here w en and m are equal om en partners, w equal opportunities and equality of ith outcom es. 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 3
  • 4. S o c ial De ve lo pme nt: MDGs  Goal 1: Eradicate extrem poverty and hunger e  Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education  Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empow w en er om  Goal 4: Reduce child mortality  Goal 5: Improve maternal health  Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases  Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability  Goal 8: Develop a Global Partnership for Development 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 4
  • 5. MDGs  synthesise, in a single package, m any of the m im ost portant com itm m ents made separately at the international conferences and sum its of the 1990s; m  recognise explicitly the interdependence between grow poverty reduction and th, sustainable developm ent;  acknow ledge that developm rests on the foundations of dem ent ocratic governance, the rule of law respect for hum rights and peace and security; , an  are based on tim e-bound and measurable targets accompanied by indicators for m onitoring progress; and  eighth Goal, the responsibilities of developing countries w those of developed ith countries 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 5
  • 6. Impac t o n MDGs  Lack of progress and regression  Countries impacted by global markets/recession  Food security  Public sector impacted  by reduction in GDP of ow country n  Reduction in GDP of partner countries  Currency fluctuations  Aid remittances  Emphasis on econom indices ic  Luxury of gender and equity issues 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 6
  • 7. MDGs  M than half of all developing countries could experience a rise in num of extrem ore ber e poor in 2009  The financial crisis w result in up to 400,000 additional infant deaths a year from ill 2009-2015  The global unem ploym rate for w en w rise m than for m –22 m ent om ill ore en illion w en w om ill be plunged into unem ployment  Total aid com itm dropping m ent  200 million m in poverty, m ore alnourishment, hunger and deprivation  700 million adults to rem illiterate by 2015 ain  World’ progress tow s ards MDGs could be set back by three years  In over 50 countries m than half of all children w not com ore ill plete prim schooling cycle ary  Gender parity goal already missed in 113 countries in 2005  Current trends predict that only 18 countries w m prim and secnday level full ill eet ary enrolment 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 7
  • 8. Inte rre latio ns hip o f re c e s s io n o n public s e c to r and g e nde r implic atio ns Hum developm is social, econom political, cultural, technological developm an ent ic, ent  Health  M alnourishment  Reduction of safety nets  Im pact on maternal and child mortality  NCDs  Clim change ate  Education  Drop in enrolm ent  Gender im plications  Unem ploym ent  Low achievem ent  Social unrest 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 8
  • 9. Inte rre latio ns hip o f re c e s s io n o n public s e c to r and g e nde r implic atio ns Gender  Impact of social sector cuts  Malaise/frustration m im ay pact negatively  Loss of jobs –manufacturing, and services  School enrolm ent/com pletion  Maternal health  HIV and AIDS  Prostitution 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 9
  • 10. Is s ue o f human re s o urc e s Migration –loss of hum capital an  Increased mortality (w en & children) om  Diminished capacities  Loss of revenue  Food Insecurity 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 10
  • 11. CHMM  Noted that current global crisis w threatening health as gains, because of impact on public and household expenditure  Focus program e draw on com m ing parative advantage, resource base, capacity, and in partnership  Heightened need for more efficient and effective use of resources and for evidenced based policy/action 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 11
  • 12. CHMM - planning  Endorsed focus on health related MDGs – maternal and infant mortality  Financial resources  Hum resourcing and Code of Practice an continuing priority  Lifestyles and diets  Noted the importance to support Governments in addressing clim change im ate pact on health 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 12
  • 13. 17 CCEM Co mmuniqué fo c us  Noted w concern the effect of the global econom dow ith ic nturn on social sectors, particularly in the poorer countries and small states.  Ministers recognized that education provides a fundamental tool for self improvem and national developm and is a basic ent ent hum right an  It also helps countries to prepare for recovery by helping people re tool and develop the necessary skills to m the future needs eet of the econom y  The need to m both the quantity and flowof resources and ain aid com itm m ents w noted and for national governm as ents and international com unity to w together to m m ork itigate the risks 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 13
  • 14. CCEM fo rward planning  Need to prioritise to take account of global trends  Advancing education in sm states all  Continuing w on Teacher Protocol ork  School leadership  Gender related w and boys underachievem ork ent  Education for sustainable developm –clim change ent ate  Enhancing the delivery of multi-grade  Strengthening HIV and AIDS education  Emphasised importance of respect and understanding  CSFP  Access to students of smaller states to higher education in the CW  Developing and utilising partnership w a range of stakeholders ith 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 14
  • 15. Ge nde r 2010 - WAMM  Look at impact of global crisis –w already in Uganda ork  Transferable and non transferable skills  Climate change –gender dimensions  Continued emphasis on four critical areas  Gender, democracy, peace and conflict  Gender, hum rights, and law an  Gender, poverty eradication  Gender and HIV and AIDS  M term reviewof Plan of Action id 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 15
  • 16. Ac tio n  Given our comparative advantage in term of s sm states, convening pow dealing w all er, ith inequities, STPD w focus m on sm ill ore all states from CCEM m andate, w be looking at ill m igration and its im pact and w orking to support specific areas of gender and conflict, w be focusing on partnership ill 13/07/09 Com onw m ealth Secretariat 16
  • 17. Ac tio n  M aintain a pro-poor focus on inequities in education, health expenditures, and gender equity  Maintain focus on MDGs and their interrelationship  Maintain strong advocacy  Add value through know ledge increase - targeted research in niche areas, and interpretation re Com onw m ealth and policy implications  Add value through partnership and clearly defined areas and ways of working  Division and across division Multi-sectoral responses  M igration  Gender  Sm states specific all  Working w Hum rights and Youth ith an  Working w other divisions ith Com onw m ealth Secretariat 17