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Delta Air Lines Shares Best Practices for Becoming a Top Performing Website

Delta Air Lines Shares Best Practices for Becoming a Top Performing Website



Delivering a fast and reliable website is critical to achieving business results. Research shows that a one second delay in website load time decreases conversions by 7%. That is quite significant ...

Delivering a fast and reliable website is critical to achieving business results. Research shows that a one second delay in website load time decreases conversions by 7%. That is quite significant when you are Delta Air Lines.

What You Will Learn:
Our featured speaker, Faiz Ahmad, Director of eCommerce Channels at Delta Air Lines, will share Delta's best practices for maintaining a top performing website that achieves their business goals

Join Delta's Ahmad and Compuware's performance expert, Matt Poepsel, to learn:

* About the impact of web performance on customer experience and business goals

* How Delta Air Lines integrates performance metrics to overall website success metrics

* How marketing and IT at Delta work together to optimize customer experience

* Best practices for improving your own customer experience without slowing down your site



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    Delta Air Lines Shares Best Practices for Becoming a Top Performing Website Delta Air Lines Shares Best Practices for Becoming a Top Performing Website Presentation Transcript

    • Bob Kupbens , VP of eCommerce at Delta Air LinesMatt Poepsel, VP Performance Strategies, Compuware If you are unable to listen via your PC speakers please call-- Dial in : (866) 323-2725 Conf ID: 81592764
    • DELTA.COM PERFORMANCECompuware Webinar
    • DIGITAL CHANNELS OVERVIEW DELTA.COM 450+ million visitors annually 1+ million flight searches daily 5+ million online check-ins annually MOBILE mobile.delta.com – 1+ million visits monthly Mobile Apps – iPhone, Android, Blackberry 1.8 million unique downloads
    • DELTA.COM: STATSACTION RESPONSE TIMEHomepage Download 3.3 SecondsFlight Search 5.3 SecondsFlight Selection 0.6 SecondsTrip Summary 0.6 Seconds
    • HOW FAST IS FAST ENOUGH?AMAZON100 ms of extra load time led to a 1% drop in sales(Source: Greg Linden, Amazon)GOOGLE500 ms of extra load time caused 20% fewersearches (Source: Marrissa Mayer, Google)Trimming page size by 30% resulted in 30% moremap requests (Source: Marrissa Mayer, Google)YAHOO!400 ms of extra load time caused a 5 to 9% increasein the number of people that clicked "back" beforethe page even loaded (Source: Nicole Sullivan, Yahoo!) 6
    • WHY PERFORMANCE MATTERSCUSTOMERS DEMAND IT (Source – Forrester) 79% percent of unhappy online shoppers will likely not shop your site again 46% are more likely to develop a negative perception of your company 44% will tell their friends and family about the experienceMOBILE COMMERCE AND EXPECTATIONS ARE ON THE RISE In 2015, mCommerce will equate to11% of total retail e-commerce sales1 85% of customers expect the mobile experience to equal the online experience2 43% of mobile customers who run into purchase problems will abandon the mobile transaction2 1 eMarketer 2 Harris Interactive 7
    • DELTA.COM CASE STUDYIn August 2010, the Delta.com homepage wasupdatedWHAT CHANGED New look and feel Streamlined navigation Update to global site elementsMAJOR CONSIDERATIONS Image size Download time Personalization Browser compatibility 8
    • DELTA.COM CASE STUDYACTIONS TAKEN Image size standardization. Despite size requirements, page size did increase and was closely monitored Edge caching was implemented for style sheets and static images Reduction in the amount of data retrieved to generate personalized experiences Some experience updates were compromised to ensure older browser compatibilityRESULTS Consistent performance pre and post launch 10% lift in online check-in initiation 1% lift in flight search initiation 9
    • WEB PERFORMANCE GOALSTop tier position for speed and reliability, beyondtravel industryExceed customer expectations for functionality,support and services without sacrificing performanceMaintain a consistent experience and superiorperformance across all digital touch points 10
    • KEY METRICS FOR MEASUREMENTSpeed and availability of website,mobile site and mobile appCustomer satisfactionOnline salesOnline check-ins 11
    • LEVERAGING GOMEZ BENCHMARKSContinuous measurement of site performance,availability and consistencyInsights into performance metrics of directcompetitors and beyondIncentive to exceed industry standards for topperformance 12
    • BUSINESS AND IT TOGETHERShare metrics and goals across Business andTechnology teamsEngage technical teams early to understandexperience trade-offsEmploy continuous measurement and analysis toidentify and correct performance bottlenecksCo-author solutions that will be successful for yourcustomers, the business and digital performance 14
    • Performance Essentials:5 Keys to Collective SuccessMatt Poepsel, VP Performance Strategies, Compuware
    • Customer Experience Drives Profits
    • The Business Impact of Poor Website PerformanceAverage impact of 1 second delay in response time for Web users Customer 0% Page Views Conversions Satisfaction -2% -4% -6% -8% -7% -10% -12% -11% -14% • Lost revenues* -16% • Brand damage -16% -18% • More support calls • Increase costs • LOB dissatisfaction with IT *Online business doing $100K/day = $2.5M/year in lost revenue
    • Conversation Rate Increases When Page Load Time Drops*Source: Gomez real user monitoring data, 33 major retailers, 3 million page views, search transaction
    • Customer Expectations Change Over Time*Source: Equation Research, July 2011
    • What it Takes to Provide “an Excellent Experience to Every User, Every Time” The Application Delivery Chain • Resource contention • Capacity issues Cloud • Slow bursting Customers Private Public Browsers Local Data Center • Inconsistent geo performance ISP • Bad performance under load 3rd Party/ Virtual/Physical Environment • Blocking content delivery Cloud Services • Poorly performing DB App Web Load • Network JavaScriptMainframe Servers Servers Servers Balancers Major peering • Browser/ ISP problems device • Poorly performing • Network incompatibility Java or .NET problems • Bandwidth methods throttling • Pages too big • Bandwidth • Network • Slow • Inconsistent • Low cache Storage SQL or Web services contention • Improper load peering connectivity hit rate transactions Network problems Content balancing • Outages • Server performance Delivery Networks Web Mobile WAN Services Components Optimization Mobile • Configuration issues • Oversubscribed POP Carrier • Poor routing optimization Devices Employees Employees • Low cache hit rate • Network resource shortage • Faulty content transcoding • SMS routing / latency issues
    • Gap: Not Considering End User Experience from the Last Mile Top Retailer Response Time • Last Mile: 8 sec • Internet Backbone: 2 secTop Retailer - BackboneTop Retailer – Last MileBackbone Last Mile• Clean room • End user desktops environment • Measured using local• Measured using global ISP and end user Internet Backbone location
    • Gap: Not Recognizing Performance Differences Across Browsers PAGE LOAD TIME PERCEIVED RENDER TIME 7 6 5 Load Time (sec.) 4 3 2 1 0 Chrome Chrome Chrome Firefox 3 Firefox 4 Firefox 5 Safari 4 Safari 5 Internet Internet Internet 10 11 12 Explorer Explorer Explorer 7 8 9Source: Gomez Real-User Monitoring • Real users around the world • Broadband connections only • 1.86 billion page measurements • US Only • 200+ sites
    • Gap: Not Recognizing Performance Differences Across Devices Load Time (Sec) Perceived Render Time (sec) 18.00 16.00 14.00 12.00 10.00 8.00 6.00 4.00 2.00 0.00Source: Gomez Real-User Monitoring • Real users around the world • ~200,000,000 mobile page measurements
    • Performance Essentials for Non-Technical andTechnical People: Five Tips for Collective Success
    • 1. Represent the “Voice” of the Customer Customers Browsers Local ISP Your Datacenter Mobile Carrier Devices Employees
    • 2. Realize the Impact of Promotion and Design onPerformance 300 250 200 150 Old Site 100 New Site 50 0 Size (MB)
    • 3. Benchmark to Ensure Customer Expectations areBeing Met Your homepage currently downloads in 5 seconds on average. How do you feel about that? Before some recent hardware upgrades, it downloaded in 7 seconds on average. Now how do you feel? Your competitors’ homepages all download in 3 seconds on average. Now how do you feel? 0 2 4 6 8 Context provides a basis for decision- making and prioritization. Homepage Response Time in Seconds
    • 4. Establish Shared Goals, Metrics, and Actions Fully realized potential End-Users Business Technology Owners Owners
    • 5. Aim for Continuous Improvement LEVEL 5 P E RVA S I V E LEVEL 4 • Active OPTIMIZED management LEVEL 3 of the application • Broad EUE visibility EFFECTIVE and deep dive delivery chain LEVEL 2 diagnostics across • Real-time • EUE & transaction AWARE app delivery chain visibility used to visibility across theLEVEL 1 • Automation of orchestrate • Basic awareness of app delivery chainREACTIVE problem analysis service delivery EUE app • Accelerated performance and diagnosis • Leverage problem resolution• Limited awareness of • Initiatives “collective • Can identify via deep-dive end-user experience prioritized based intelligence” problems, but diagnostics (EUE) app on business impact across the root-cause analysis • Problems performance with deep root internet takes too long prioritized by• Reactive problem cause insight • Performance business impact resolution and baselined and Business frequent war rooms trends tracked Agility and• Technology-centric, Optimize Competitive element-level Prioritize App & IT Edge visibility by Business Performance EUE Impact Visibility
    • Performance Essentials:5 Keys to Collective Success• Represent the “voice” of the customer• Realize the impact of promotion and design on performance• Benchmark to ensure customer expectations are being met• Establish shared goals, metrics, and actions• Aim for continuous improvement
    • Questions? • Increased revenue 25% • Reduced revenue loss by 92% and $737,251 annually • Reduced home page load time from 11.3 seconds to 3.4 seconds • Saved 50%+ in staff and fees • Reduced downtime 45% • Improved first-hour problem resolution rate to 80% • Improved annual troubleshooting efficiency by 97%, saving $784,000 • Reduced SAP license costs by $475,000 per year